Best WordPress Content Marketing Strategy 2015

How to Rank on Google: The Best WordPress Content Marketing Strategy 2015 Will Ever See!

Next, the content. You can see the content is set up here, it gives people a lot of useful things. I very carefully wrote this for the exact search term to solve a problem. So I wrote this page so that it’s useful no matter how old it is because I dropped a direct search link in on Patreon so people can see the top creators by patrons using these direct links. And then I’ve got a little table down here to make it easier.

So you can see this is a massive post this is a couple thousand words. That’s the next big thing is giving Google enough depth to really know what you’re talking about. So those are the basics of how I did this strategy. Those are the basics of what I’m doing and the key is I’m doing this all the time. Look at my website and see how often I’m doing this.

If you look at the newest post: That’s four new posts. Last week, several new posts. Some of them are buried more down here in the recent posts. You can see, you scroll down to the bottom of the page. The oldest post is June 30th on this page so that’s within the last 6 months. There are more than 50 posts on this page.

That’s why I’m getting this kind of growth because I keep doing it. If you saw in those SEO tips they say create great content, and then keep doing it. So I’m continuing to create great content consistently, and the more I do it, the more Google is starting to understand that the content that I’m making is consistently good and it gives my brand new things I make a higher ranking in search.

And the beauty is it doesn’t matter that my site has a low page rank, all Google cares about is how often people click on it. When I get click through of 70-80%, Google will put me at the very first position nearly all of the time. But the best part is it tells Google that my website overall is good and It starts some of my new things off a little bit higher than they would be otherwise.

So Thank you for following along and I’m going to go into much more depth about how to actually do this and I’m going to show you actually doing all of it.

In the last part, I showed you what I was doing to get traffic on Google and I showed you how consistently I’m growing bigger and bigger day by day. What I try and do is always stay in the green. I always try to stay in the green. The green is growth and that’s what I want is growth. I want to get a little bit bigger every single month.

That’s my goal because, if I grow like this double digit growth in impression and clicks then I know the graph’s going to keep going higher and higher and that free traffic is where I have opportunities to do everything else.

Almost everything good that’s happened to me in the last year has been from organic search traffic. When I was just starting out and I had the zero search traffic and I was using a company website that did awful in organic search everything was direct marketing . It was all direct marketing and that’s frustrating because as soon as you stop direct marketing, the clients stop coming in.

Organic search is incredible almost every good things that happens to me now is organic search. The best part about it is it’s free, but the hardest part with it takes patience.

I started actively putting things on my website around may right here and you can see it’s taken a while to get going, but now that it’s going, I know all I have to do is keep doing this. All I have to do is keep writing these posts. People come to my website and they say I’m overwhelmed. How can you keep writing this much?

The Miracle Discovery of The Best WordPress Content Marketing Strategy 2015!

Well there’s a big huge trick to it and it’s very simple. This has been a miracle discovery of the year. I can write 2000 words an hour, I can talk 10,000 words an hour. So when I make a video, I can talk 10,000 words in an hour, so when you see a post like this it’s a small fraction of the whole video. And here’s what I do, let me show you my recent posts.

I wrote four posts on making money on the internet all based on exact keywords that I see people are looking for. If you notice the same video is at the top of every one of these. That’s because in this one hour video, I said 9000 words.

I hired several people on Odesk to transcribe my videos. Now all I have to do is copy and paste the transcription. Here’s a perfect example. This is one of my shorter videos. All I had to do is put the video up there. Let me take you over to my video watch page you can see.

The video is 11 minutes long and the entire post is transcribed here. So I don’t have any intention of the user actually reading the post most of the time. What I’ve done is just transcribe the text of the video. So Google has everything they need to show everything in search results. Google can see from this exactly what I’m talking about. But the user, in the last part I showed you a lot about what happens when people search .

When the user comes here. The user is more likely to take a look at this video and watch and see exactly what I’m talking about in this video because the video has a lot more depth. I say all of these words in the video but the video shows so much more.

So I’m doing two-fold here. I’m giving Google all of the data Google needs to rank this correctly in search results. I’ve told Google what this page was about, but then for the user, I’ve made a video that gives the user a good experience
So I’m working with the intent behind Google. Google wants a good user experience. The video is set up to make a good user experience. And then I’m working with the practical limitations of the technology. Google can only index text, right now at least, their voice technology is getting better, but Google can only analyze text right now so if you want to show up in search results, text is critical.

If you don’t have text, then you can’t show up very well in search results because Google needs to know what all is on the page. So for example I have words like Photoshop in here that are not actually in the video but if someone searches Canva vs. Photoshop I can come up in those search results because I’ve talked about Photoshop in here. I’ve talked about LinkedIn in here.

I’ve talked about design experience, I’ve talked about a lot of things related to what this video is for. If you just post a video, Google doesn’t know all of the text that’s in that video, even if you have a good description on the video. So this is my strategy that works so well.

And I’ll take you to my website. You can see consistency, the one thing I do very consistently is I post videos at the top of pages. Now here’s another perfect example.

This is one of my transcribers, Joshua that he does an exceptional job with his transcriptions. He makes it into a great blog post by taking screen shots out of the video and that’s an even better way to do it. But some of these like launching your Facebook, the idea is to show up on the exact long term search result.

I want an evergreen article that’s up here all the time. So you can see, on some of these I have put the same or similar video up, but when I have then is unique text.

I have unique text on all of the actual articles with it. What I’m telling Google is I’m writing a ton of unique things on my website and then I’m telling the user I have this awesome video to watch you should stay on this page and not back out and go to another website.

So this is what is working exceptionally well it’s both giving the user a good experience and giving Google the data it needs to correctly index. Like this page, I’m showing up on this already Passive Income playing League of Legends on YouTube and this is part of my YouTube channel strategies. You can see I’ve built a bunch of these.

What I’m planning on is taking those exact searches, but what I’m also doing is hedging my bets. Because if you look at this traffic I have one or two pages here that are counting for a huge portion of my total clicks. This one page accounts for half of my clicks.

This other page that used to be a few months back one of my main pages, This page still accounts for about 20% of my total traffic.

If you’ll notice my home page comes in third here and it accounts for only about 8% of my total clicks. And if you want to get a lot of search traffic, you have to think outside of the home page. You have to think of having a lot of these kind of big pages on your website.

When I was trying to do search results before, all I did was agonize over my home page. As you can see, I get nearly 60% of my traffic, 70% of my traffic I get from two pages that are not my home page. These pages solve problems people have.

On Patreon it’s frustrating to find the top Patreon creators. I created a page that shows the top Patreon creators in great detail. On Facebook, it’s frustrating getting your account disabled. I created a page to show what to do about it. These other pages are the strategy I’ve shown on my website here and some of these have come up very quickly.

Like this one how to get pass the 2000 follower limit, has came up very quickly. I’ve never seen my pages come up and get clicks so fast and so consistently. And that’s what’s exciting that it’s not just one page, it’s a bunch of pages.

And I’ll tell you it took a while to get this page up there. That top Patreon creators page is right here. Now look at the data on this thing Aug 23rd, it’s just now blossoming in search results really well 3 months later, it took 3 months on this page. You can see on some of these other pages it was coming up. The average position on it was 5.2 right there. And then this month it moves up to 2.6. And then on this last month now it’s up to 1.7. And some of these other terms are up to number 1.

It takes a while, but the beauty of this strategy is doing it consistently and bringing all these different pages into the mix. This page I put up very recently. I just put this rank video on YouTube up just last month. Where is that one? That might be so recent I don’t even see it.

The idea is the faster you can put things up, it’s incredible how much more action. Oh yeah, this is incredible. October 20th, I just put this up and it’s already moving up quickly. That’s really exciting.

You can see once you get this strategy going, you then get positive reinforcement from Google. Google will then take your content more seriously. When you’re doing good ranking and getting a good user experience.

Google will then imaging your next article might be better. Wikipedia is a pretty good example on this. Google is pretty sure the content on Wikipedia is really good most of the time. I would bet you Wikipedia article doesn’t come up ranking on the bottom hardly ever. It starts way higher.

The key to ranking high is to start higher. If you start so low that no one can find your article at all, then you’re just screwed because you’re never going to get up high enough to get found unless people find you on that tenth page and click on you.

But the more you are able to figure out what people want, make an article written exactly towards that, and then get a good user experience Google will try your new articles in a higher position. That’s why some of these website like Forbes that have a lot of articles on them when you actually click through and read an article the user experience if often terrible as I showed you before. There’s a pop up ad (annoying) followed by ads all over the page, followed by an often very short article.

But Forbes has a lot of good articles on their website so Google gives them the benefit of the doubt on a lot of their articles that aren’t usually as good and then they have to sink instead of rise. But if you have a website that’s newer you have to rise and you can do that like I’m showing you by creating articles that are specifically aimed at search results. So I’m aimed at a very specific search result.

Here’s a recent example of what I did. So this 10 steps to get your business to $10,000 monthly. This has been doing good in search results. You can see it’s showing up on things related to $10,000 a month. This wasn’t something I set out to do on purpose, I just wrote it and especially when you’re getting started, it’s hard to aim at keywords.

It’s hard to aim at keywords when you don’t know what keywords you should aim at and the bigger a keyword is, the harder it is to aim at because other people are aiming at it too. But now that I’ve seen people are searching for things related to $10,000 a month look what I’ve done.

So I intentionally wrote a post called make $10,000 a month online free and it has a video sharing the exact same information as in this post. Note that this was one of my older posts that didn’t have a video on it but that I can put a video on, but this new post has a video on it, immediately to get people to watch it and I’m intentionally going after these search terms.

Now that I know people are searching for things like make $10,000 a month, I’m intentionally going after those search terms. And there’s a lot more lucrative search terms I don’t even know about such as specific affiliate programs that I can do this with too.

But what I’m doing now is I’m just consistently creating things on what I like to do and then I’m doing positive reinforcement on it. So when I see this article, my number one article was not the first article I wrote on Patreon. One of these was my first article.

Once I saw this article was showing up good, then I wrote this one. Once I saw that one was showing up good and I started trying to figure out what people were searching for, then I realized people want to know about the top Patron creators then I wrote that one.

So my whole system, everything that I’m showing you, is a positive reinforcement loop, it’s the 80-20 principle. I’m trying to find those 20% of articles that get the most search results but you can see this is a 80/20 principle taken down a level because this one articles is accounting for 50% of my clicks and this one article has more than double the next article which has almost three times the next one which has almost three times the one below it, but I didn’t get straight to this one, I made one of these first. So you can see all these new articles I’m doing I’m trying to reach farther up in here by figuring out in here what’s working.

I already make one YouTube marketing strategy post and now I’m figuring out more exactly what people want. Well, the search result in here says YouTube marketing plan instead of strategy, but you can see I’m consistently using these pages here to try and find more of these pages here.

Because in the previous months if it’ll show my data, you can see this page was on the way up then, but it still wasn’t up to the level of this one. You can see I had a lot smaller pages in here, I didn’t have as many of these huge pages.
But now these bigger pages I’ve got a lot more of those. I’m going to now show you exactly how I make one of these posts really quickly.

I hope you enjoyed a review of the Best WordPress Content Marketing Strategy 2015!