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I grew up as the oldest child of two loving parents with my mother in the US Army and my father staying at home with my brother and me.  My dad got sober when I was six years old just as we were leaving Japan and was there every day after school until I graduated high school.  He passed away in January 2014 which has been my greatest loss and growing pain so far in this life. In 2006 I graduated from The University of South Carolina with a criminal justice degree and began risking my life for $20,000 a year as a corrections officer and then a police officer.  When I was not at work, I was drinking vodka, playing video games, and chasing girls.  The pain of my life was so great I often thought about ending it despite having a loving family, a caring group of friends, and employers that consistently treated me well.After giving up my career as a police officer in 2009, I moved home, lost weight, and got into a PHD program for criminology at The University of South Florida.  I met my wife Laura and started a side hustle online in 2011 to help people with video game addiction.  After quickly relapsing into playing video games again, I changed my business to anything that would make money online.  In 2012, I dropped out of my PHD program after graduating with a masters degree to focus on my business full time which at that point had lost about $10,000.

jerry banfield phoenix transformation

For the next two years, my life looked great on the outside but nothing had changed on the inside.  By 2014, I was on the edge of losing my marriage, my business, and my life.  I saw no way out and desperately prayed for help with the biggest problem I could see which was staying sober.  The response to my prayer was a suggestion to go to Alcoholics Anonymous for help which I started doing in April 2014. After about 90 days of AA, I could see how insane I was.  Despite knowing even one more drink would lead to my death, half of me still wanted to get drunk while the other half was desperate to sober.  I felt like I was two people with the only thing we could agree on was fear.  I became teachable and started taking suggestions such as praying, getting a sponsor, reading The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, paying for massages, seeing a counselor, regular exercise, etc. During my first massage, I had a spiritual awakening where the obsession to drink left and I could see that just fully participating in AA would lead to all of my problems being fixed.  When I saw the transformation possible by reading one book and going to a few hours of AA meetings every week, I began to wonder what else I could learn that would make a huge different in my life.

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During the last five years, I have worked hard on every single area of my life including diet, exercise, weight, sex, relationships, health, money, business, speaking, spirituality, and attitude.  The entire time I have shared this experience online for free and in paid courses which has helped me earn millions of dollars and followers.  My life is an absolute miracle today and so is yours! I am so grateful for the transformation in my life that I focus completely on how I can help you achieve the same results.  The best help I offer is available at