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The Complete YouTube Book: What Works for My Channel with 8+ Million Views?

YouTube connected me with a way of living that is awesome. How can you do it? Listen to this book to find out! Making videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and my website is what I do now full time. This book explains each part of the system I use that you can duplicate! I am honored and very lucky that I can start every day off making videos. That’s my full time job now and that’s what I do. I have my own company and I work for myself. I make videos every day to put on my online courses. Then, I put some of those videos as free previews on my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel, Jerry Banfield, has 72,000+ subscribers, more than eight million views, and 922+ videos. I absolutely love it!

What I’m offering you in this book is not a system to do exactly what I’m doing, but an idea of what might work to find your passion for what you want to do. The magic in what I’m doing is that I love doing it! I don’t do it as a means to an end and I’m not trying to go anywhere. I’m happy right where I am, right here, talking to you today. That is the miracle. I’m not trying to use this so I can get somewhere else. I’m not trying to make this into a stepping stone, so then I can do something bigger. This is the big thing I’m doing and I love it! If you want this to be the big thing you are doing, then you have got the basics in this book of exactly what you can do to make that happen. Ultimately, exceptional things through creativity happen when you love what you are doing, you are present when you are doing it and you are not doing it as a means to an end. You can see a lot of online courses and videos everywhere, where it is just a means to and end and where there is no real passion. You often have to struggle really hard to create things like that too because you have to work against your inner self. You have got to fight by making scripts and forcing everything together somehow. I make things nearly effortlessly because it comes from the soul. There is almost no resistance to it and it just comes out. It just explodes out of me into existence online. That’s the power I’m offering you by what I share in this book.

I’ll give you a lot of the technical details on how you can go through and do some of these things. Now, if you want success with it, it is up to you to find an area that you are passionate about. I haven’t seen this covered in other books or online courses. You can do an infinite number of things, but there is only one thing you are going to do right now, that you would be fulfilling your inner purpose, that you would feel it is the right thing to do, and when you match up with that, everything becomes almost effortless. That’s not to say your whole life is perfect, and you don’t have some down times, but your work becomes a flow of creativity and passion. YouTube is a great venue to explore this. By doing webcam videos, screen captures or even just putting other videos together. What I am giving you is a powerful set of tools, where you can use this to work and make videos at home full time. But if you are doing it to try and get somewhere else, it is not going to work. If you want to do this, find your passion in it. That can be scary and you will have to make changes to your life lots of times to get things to work exactly the way you want them to. Listen to this book to take a leap of faith with me in advancing your knowledge and opportunities on YouTube!  Will you please listen on Audible at or read on Amazon with Kindle or paperback at because you will love what you learn and how you feel reading or listening to the book while helping me earn a percentage of the sale on Amazon?  Love, Jerry Banfield

The Complete Google AdWords and YouTube Advertising Book!

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Would you try reading this book today to make your experience with Google AdWords and YouTube advertising easier than mine was? In 2011 when I started using Google AdWords to get clicks to my website and promote my business online, I wasted thousands of dollars getting clicks I did not need and hundreds of hours working with the ads only to get my account suspended as soon as I got a positive ROI. By 2012, I started managing Google AdWords for clients based on my experience failing to do my own ads successfully. Amazingly, client ads were often easier to do than my own and inspired me to try a new approach to AdWords using YouTube advertising also known as Google AdWords for video. YouTube now is my biggest asset online thanks to YouTube advertising and continues to help me build deeper relationships with followers and customers that just watched one video. Four years after I got my first AdWords account suspended, I gained enough courage to try again on advertising my online courses with a new website and new business model. From the beginning, I was getting sales for $20 in ad spend and eventually got down to sales consistently for $5 with display ads and $8 with search ads. When this was combined with the higher ranking on Udemy and the organic search traffic follow up from students sharing the courses, my work on Google AdWords became part of a multimillion dollar sales system selling courses online. That sounded impressive right? Good because I love to try and impress everyone with how smart I am. Let’s enjoy the flight up for a moment before back down to earth again. My Google AdWords advertising system was so good that if you were finding out about Udemy, you were sure to encounter my courses and soon my courses were a dominant presence on Udemy with me having as many as 170,000+ students in my courses. At one point my ad spend was nearly $1,000 per day with around 1,000 clicks to 10,000 per day from nearly every country in the world. I had an affiliate remarketing system setup that was just on the edge of the terms and conditions where if you searched for “Udemy” you would find my instructor course with no affiliate link and then I would show you ads to go back to Udemy with an affiliate link plus buy my courses for $9 using a free coupon that allowed me to work outside the pricing system then in place. With so many students in my courses, I could actually track affiliate conversions in Google AdWords and was continually consuming more of the entire Udemy student base into my courses. In June 2016, Udemy sent me an email out of nowhere banning me from the website based on what felt like to me an excuse to breakup rather than an actual policy violation. I was so consumed with the rules that I knew was was allowed and at the same time was attempting to slide around the spirit of the rules for my benefit in every way technically available especially with Google AdWords. With being banned from Udemy, my entire Google AdWords system collapsed immediately. With no more Udemy courses, all of the thousands of ads I made had to be edited. Those edited ads failed utterly to sell courses directly hosted through my website because the entire system worked together. Now I am starting over again with Google AdWords as I try to teach for free online. This book is based on my “bestselling” Google AdWords course on Udemy which had thousands of students before it was banned. Michel Gerard took hours of his time to transcribe this book into a format that I hope will show you how I setup my Udemy advertising system and help you get through your challenges with more grace than I did with Google AdWords. Today that last part of my system that still works is YouTube remarketing ads which I am continuing to do at scale with my business. Thank you very much for reading this! I hope my honest sharing of what I have learned here with Google AdWords is useful for you today! Sincerely, Jerry Banfield

Start a Freelance Business Today: Freelancing with YouTube, WordPress, Upwork and Fiverr!

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Help my freelance business survive online today when you buy this book! Inside you will discover the tools I use to work full time online as a freelancer online using WordPress, YouTube, Upwork, and Fiverr! After you hear how I setup and run my business online, I hope you will be inspired to continue working on your business today! Freelancing online is the best thing that has ever happened to my career because I now have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime using my WordPress website, YouTube channel, Upwork profile, and Fiverr gigs. When you add this book to your library, you will help me continue to stay here serving you and feel motivated to go forward today in your work!

Use this book to build a complete system that works for you today to get started and advance your work as a freelancer online based on what is working for me today. If you want to get an hourly job you can work online that pays more than what you are doing right now, you might find the Upwork section of the course very helpful. If you immediately want to have something to show for your work online, you might enjoy learning how you can make your first $20 fast using Fiverr gigs. If you want a business system where clients find you and all you have to do is show what you do on your website and on YouTube, the WordPress and YouTube sections will powerfully combine for you the way they do for me!

If you are hiring freelancers to grow your business online or you are serving clients now, you can use this book to build a system for quickly hiring freelancers to help you! I have hired hundreds of people on Upwork and spent $5,000+ on Fiverr buying gigs to allow me to spend more time doing the most valuable work. I have managed hundreds of clients and learned the hard way what works and what does not work to scale a freelancing business online.

Thank you very much for your interest in learning to start a freelance business with me today, and I hope to see you in the book soon!

Speaker Meeting 2017

Speaker Meeting 2017 is my new shocking honest autobiography featuring my life’s biggest challenges and the best of what I have learned about being happy on a daily basis.

Will you read the story of my life through addiction, depression, and loneliness into a beautiful life today in recovery, health, and service? In creating Speaker Meeting 2017, I share my experience, strength, and hope with all my addictions in candid detail which I think will be helpful for you in identifying similar challenges in your life and overcoming them through our combined experience! When reading books like this, I have often been frustrated with authors editing out what I thought were the most interesting parts such as suicide attempts mentioned without any details or shameful habits embedded in code phrases such as seeking lower companionship without explaining further. Today I am grateful because this motivated me to go all in with a complete fifth step disclosed with you in this book which is equivalent to a twelve hour speaker meeting full of exactly what I remember. To begin, I share my life story such as where I grew up and how I live today. Next, I explore my first addiction honestly in sex and porn. This is an intimate journey inside my body shame and problems with sexuality. Given that I started this journey as a child and reference experiences as far back as three years old, I think it is important I be open to sharing this with anyone that needs it regardless of age. My sex problems made me ripe for alcoholism which I then explore in detail including what it was like, what happened, and what life is like now. I go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day which has saved my life and given me the courage to publish this. While drinking, I also got into gambling which felt like the most powerful addiction I ever experienced. Gambling exaggerated my money issues leaving me nearly bankrupt and ready for the end. After experiencing the craziest parts of my life, will you continue learning about the more average addictions and challenges I experience which I think nearly everyone can relate to in some way? Hear my story of video gaming addiction from beginning to end including starting my business to help with it in the middle. Experience how I consistently used food to change how I felt and unconscious eating behavior with a 14-year weight gain and loss journey. Finish with an emotional roller coaster with depression, anxiety, fear, panic attacks, frustration, annoyance, and anger transitioning into a life of peace, joy, and freedom today. Finally, hear about a day and life lived in recovery now with an in-depth view of what I do one day at a time to be free of the forces that guided my life in misery which today help me stay connected with my higher power. Thank you for learning about Speaker Meeting 2017 and I hope you love it!  Would you listen on Audible at or read on Amazon with Kindle or paperback at or watch on Amazon video at because you will love what you learn and how you feel reading and listening to the book while helping me earn a percentage of the sale on Amazon?  Love, Jerry Banfield

42 Secrets 0f Influence

42 Secrets of Influence feels similar to 48 Laws of Power with the difference being a focus on maximizing our influence and contribution especially online each day based on what works for me.  Would you listen on Audible at or read on Amazon with Kindle or paperback at  because you will love learning what works to build influence with us and help me earn a percentage of any sale on Amazon?

Would you listen to this book because inside are 42 secrets of influence helpful for reaching our maximum potential? As we create this book to share with millions of followers online, we are grateful you are here with us today because these strategies have made a fantastic difference in our lives! When we share what we do, we hope that more of us are empowered to claim our gifts and discover the courage to use them! While we listen to this book, we hope that inspiration comes today to give up the meaningless work so many of us call a job and step up into doing what we are excited about every day. We might start blogging and writing books on subjects we have the most passion for. We may be inspired to produce videos online sharing our most powerful stories. We could discover that our mission is to travel the world and connect directly with others. Most of us have found that maximizing our influence is as simple as building deeper relationships with our family, friends, and neighbors. In sharing the 42 ways we think, we help build the necessary faith to start and continue doing what we love while trusting the universe to give us back what we need to in terms of money, power, and respect. Would you please join us in listening to this book because we are excited to begin this journey together in 42 Secrets of Influence? We hope you love it as much as we do! Love, Jerry Banfield and Tomas George

Facebook Marketing and Advertising in 2016: What Works for My Facebook Page with 2 Million Likes?

If you want to be successful with Facebook ads and Facebook marketing, you might love this book! You get principles and strategies that will work for you based on my experience building my Facebook page to more than 2 million likes and finding hundreds of clients for free using Facebook pages. Read this book today to take your next step now in getting your the best results ever on Facebook!

Here questions you can expect to be answered by reading this book! Which to use? Facebook page, group or profile? When is using a Facebook page helpful? How to create a Facebook page and name it for best results? How to make a great Facebook page using videos and making helpful posts? What would you be willing to work on every day for free? What is your purpose of advertising on Facebook? What is a Facebook profile? What is the news feed? What is a Facebook page? What is a Facebook group? What is an event on Facebook? What is an app on Facebook?

If you are like me, you are reading more now because you want to know for sure whether this book is worth reading before you invest your money and time in it. If hundreds of thousands of people before you had not already spent time watching my videos on YouTube and paying to take courses with me online, I would not have been able to work with Michel Gerard to get this book in front of you. Watch you get in this book is the written version of my complete Facebook ads and marketing course online which has been through hundreds of changes and updates to make it the most helpful for you. What you have the chance to read now is the product of hundreds of people working for you to make what I hope is the best book currently available on Facebook ads and marketing!

You can start this book with any level of experience on Facebook and go straight to learning the best of what I have found works today based on my experience being one of the very first users to sign up for Facebook in 2005 and using it nearly every day since then. You can know nothing about Facebook ads and learn very quickly how to create successful ads, lower your cost per click, make recurring income each month, and get as many one million Facebook likes for $0.01 each! You can begin with no knowledge of Facebook marketing and quickly figure out exactly how to use your personal profile to build deep relationships based on trust that can land you a six figure client just by sending one thoughtful message to the right Facebook page for free based on my experience doing exactly this!

When you read this book, you get access to a system hundreds of students have used before you to get Facebook page likes for $0.01 globally and for $0.06 in the USA. You also get a a complete look at how I am getting $0.34 CPM and $0.001 per post engagement in the USA today! You can use my complete system to advertise anything successfully on Facebook by uploading a video to your Facebook page and using the Power Editor to create an ad for post engagement, clicks to website, or website conversions. You might enjoy my methods for generating recurring revenue every month for free with the advanced Facebook marketing strategies I used to build my business into serving hundreds of clients in 20+ countries. The book is filled with tricks for getting a guaranteed return out of Facebook ads and includes a simple system for generating B2B leads using messages from your personal profile to Facebook pages.

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope you enjoy the book!  Will you please listen on Audible at or read on Amazon with Kindle or paperback at because you will love what you learn and how you feel reading the book while helping me earn a percentage of the sale on Amazon?  Love, Jerry Banfield

100 Ways I Made Money Online!

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Would you try reading this book if you are hoping to earn money working online, increase what you already make as a freelancer, or take your business to the next level? You might enjoy reading this book if you would benefit from an honest look into my experience working online for five years. What have I done since I started my business in 2011 that you might like to find out about? I have made over 1.5 million dollars online working full time from home for most of it while being suspended or banned from nearly every website that paid me that money. Reading this book might help you avoid the messy failure stories I created followed by amazing growth and avoid making the same mistakes I did. Unlock courage to go forward in your own business today after seeing the 100 different ways I have been able to make money online. Know that if I can do it, you can do it better!

When you want to make your first $1 or $100 working online, I hope this book will be inspiration for you to get concrete examples of strategies you can test yourself starting today to produce income for you online. In 2004 when I tried to learn to work online, I could not find any honest information about what worked and what did not. Use this book to get a comprehensive list of what has worked for me to make at least $1 online in 100 different ways and look deeper into how I combined all of these methods to produce over a million dollars.

As you build your career freelancing online, you might enjoy adding new strategies to your business and feeling comforted in your failures by knowing that I have had more failures than successes. Get a real look in this book at how many times I have messed things up online from getting my Google AdWords account suspended to Udemy banning me and so many more stories where I did my best only to end up with nothing to show for it except experience which now gives me the power to do even better today.

To take your business to the next level, you might be inspired by the relentless passion I have for helping you achieve your goals today that is translated through this book to you in the stories I tell. You might see a new opportunity based on what I have done that adds a valuable new way for you to grow your business and enjoy it more. Even more likely, you might be motivated to cut out a lot of what you do today that you do not enjoy in an effort to isolate exactly what you love to do and to it best more often. Hearing the laundry list I provide of ways to make money online as an entrepreneur in this book might show you the power of not trying to use every means of making money as a means to an end but to focus on what brings the most value to the customer at the least cost.

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope you enjoy the book!

Jerry Banfield

28 Strategies to Experience Peace and Love in Your Life!

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You can use this book for 28 days of inspirational and motivational meditations focusing on emotional health and practicing the art of mindfulness by living in the now! In my life, I work on these things each day and share my journey for four weeks with you to give you practical tips and confidence in walking your own path. The titles of the 28 chapters of the book will show you exactly what you can hope to find in it!

Day 1: How To Find Love For The Creator Of Life.
Day 2: Forget Leveling Up: How To Enjoy The Present Moment.
Day 3: Revealing The Answers To Life’s Big Questions.
Day 4: How To Get Rid Of Shame And Guilt.
Day 5: Do You Pray To Do A Good Job? You Should.
Day 6: How To Have Negative Thoughts & Choose Positive Actions.
Day 7: Being The Best You By Being Present In Life.
Day 8: Stop Procrastination: How To Go From Distress To Done.
Day 9: How To Understand Your Why And Live With Purpose.
Day 10: Understanding Yourself And Being Yourself This Moment.
Day 11: How Can I love The Most People Every Day Of My Life?
Day 12: Are You Giving Back To Others? You Should.
Day 13: Feeling Down? How To Change Your Mood Around.
Day 14: Time To Take Action: Tips For Continuous Self Improvement.
Day 15: The Art Of Mindfulness: Simple Guide To Appreciating Now.
Day 16: The Hidden Benefits Of A Stronger Relationship With God.
Day 17: Is It Time To Make A Career Change For Happiness?
Day 18: How To Listen With Intent To Understand.
Day 19: Are You Having Trouble Reaching Spiritual Enlightenment?
Day 20: How To Achieve Mindfulness In Intimate Relationships.
Day 21: The #1 Secret To Finding Happiness Every Day.
Day 22: How To Find A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend This Year!
Day 23: Are You Daydreaming? How To Appreciate This Moment.
Day 24: How My Dad Saved My Life, Dealing With His Death, And AA.
Day 25: Frustrated? What To Do To Live In The Moment.
Day 26: How To Beat Pain And Frustration Today!
Day 27: Using Understanding To Make More Friends Than Enemies.
Day 28: Don’t Worry About Leaving A Legacy After Death.

World History Reloaded

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Would you try reading this book today to see world history the way I do in a way that liberates me from the frustrating limitations I learned in school and places me in a world with a deep sense of where I come from and what my purpose today is? My total dissatisfaction with the main stream version of history many of us are given started in anthropology class when I was a student in college. As the professor told us how there was a “missing link” that no one had found which connected apes to us, I saw what appeared to be an obvious lie on the degree of “the world is still flat.” That just made no logical sense. The more the professor lectured, the more I wanted to find a source with better information. I was looking for a source that could see beyond the world being flat.

Years later I found this in the shows on the history channel. My favorite is Ancient Aliens with the idea being that aliens have been visiting earth for a long time and they never stopped. In fact, according to our DNA, we very likely are not from this planet at all. We are the aliens.

The best evidence I have seen of this is is what happens with our body’s circadian rhythm in space. Our circadian rhythm on earth is synced up with a 24 hour earth day where our bodily functions such as sleep become aligned with the hours in each day available to us on this planet. What happens in space? Human bodies in space go out of sync with an earth day circadian rhythm and they go in sync with a 24 hour and 40 minute day. This small fact might seem insignificant until you learn that a day on Mars is the exact same length. Why would our bodies as soon as they leave earth sync up to a day on Mars? Why does my skin act like it is from a place where the sun does not shine as bright? If this body was from this planet, there is no way it would sunburn so easily. On Mars, the sunlight is much less intense. Why is there evidence on Mars that some type of superweapon was used on the surface of the planet? Why do crop circles appear all over the planet with consistency over hundreds if not thousands of years? They all cannot be hoaxes. The same with UFO sightings. With hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings around the planet, including many sightings from trustworthy and experienced sources such as airline pilots and law enforcement, every single one cannot be wrong.

If hundreds of years ago when the main stream theory was that the world was flat, it just took one sailor going around the world to provide proof the world was in fact round. Our place in the universe has been lost for a long time and we are just getting ready to get it back! We are nearly ready to be restored to our rightful place in the universe with the knowledge that we have never been alone and we are part of something bigger the way an ant hill is part of a forest, continent, and solar system. The key is you have to discover this for yourself the way I have and so does every other person on this planet.

Would you join me in discovering this for yourself today by reading this book? Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the book!

Jerry Banfield

Video Game Addiction Stories

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This book is an accumulation of various gaming addiction stories from real people. You might laugh or you might cry when you read lines like this: “By now TK and Keith had full blown World of Warcraft addictions by any definition ranging from telling girlfriends they were going to bed and then staying up ten more hours to game to actually getting their girlfriend to play World of Warcraft with them.” You might laugh or roll your eyes when you read quotes such as “I wondered how many times I could handle failing like this before I just gave up and settled for the first fugly bitch that came along and wanted to get married?” I have compiled these stories to not only help people with gaming addictions but also to bring an understanding to family members and friends of gamers. There are so many aspects of gaming addiction and these stories encompass various people’s walks with playing excessive amounts of addicting games. This book is not a traditional book. You may want to jump around to different chapters in any order to find what stories most relate to you. I have saved my own story for last and would love for you to check it out. Female gamers might get the most out of reading Chapter 4 which is a story written by a nineteen year old female. Chapter 5 is about a high school boy who now has to get dentures because of his gaming habits. He has turned his life around and joined the Army. For anyone who has doubts about gaming addictions please read chapter 8 which includes numerous short stories about gaming addiction and can give you a quick look at what different gamers go through. I encourage you to read all stories and get a better understanding of what gaming addicts go through. The idea with this book is to share stories and to gain a complete perspective on the good, bad, and the ugly of playing too many addicting games. I hope you will submit your story at after you read this story so that future editions of this book will offer even more value than this first edition!