Build a Podcasting Audience to 100 Plays Per Episode Starting with Friends on Facebook

What’s the most basic and effective way to start promoting your podcast? One thing you can do that I did that started giving me a solid foundation on my podcast was to go through my Facebook friends and message friends that I thought would be interested in listening to my podcast.

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Build a Podcasting Audience to 100 Plays Per Episode Starting with Friends on Facebook

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Build a Podcasting Audience to 100 Plays Per Episode Starting with Friends on Facebook

This allowed me to build that foundation, which then keeps listeners coming back, which gets my podcast off the ground.

To find the right friends, what I would do is I would go through the newsfeed, I would see which of my friends were actively posting on Facebook and I would send my friend a thoughtful message like, “Hey, I saw based on what you were talking about, — reference something specifically — , you might be interested in listening to my podcast. In this episode, I talk about that.”

The more thoughtful you can make your messages, the higher rate of conversion you get when you send a message and someone actually listens.

I did some more generic messages also that did get some people to listen, but it also got me some friend removals, which is fine. If someone can’t be asked to listen to my podcast, we are not really friends on Facebook, are we?

Therefore, I recommend the starting place to promote your podcast is to just use your Facebook profile, whatever social media you are on, use what you already have.

Using the relationships you already have is a great place to ask for help, and even if someone doesn’t want to listen themselves, your mom might not want to listen to your podcast, but she might have a friend or another family member to recommend.

Often even the rejections you get, when you make a very specific ask can help direct you in the right place.

I’m amazed how many people have listened to my podcast just from sharing it consistently on Facebook even to the point where I shared some things in my podcast, I forgot that so many of my friends and family were paying attention to my podcast after I had asked so many to go listen to it, and I shared some things that really offended people and this provides very clear proof that when you go through and start with your friends and family, especially on Facebook or via text message, then you have got that initial foundation.

Once you have got the initial foundation, it’s pretty easy to build up and all you really need is a hundred people watching every episode to earn a decent income on your podcast.

Build a Podcasting Audience to 100 Plays Per Episode Starting with Friends on Facebook

You can literally build that foundation with your friends and family and your communities that you are already a part of.

So, start with that.

Don’t expect people you don’t know to come listen to your podcast, ask people you already know, and if you are making a podcast that you don’t want your friends and family to listen to, you might think twice about that because I’ve seen that the hard way.

You make stuff you don’t think your friends and family should listen to, you even tell at the beginning of an episode that if you are friend or family, you might not want to listen to this, but people listen to it anyway.

I encourage doing everything on your podcast that you are proud to share with your friends and family, even if they might potentially get offended at one thing or another.

If you do something that you can’t stand to share with any of your friends or family or coworkers, it’s really hard to promote your podcast and if you can’t promote your podcast and have people listening to it, there is really no point in doing it unless you just enjoy it so much that you don’t care if anyone listens.

In that case then maybe you have got something, if you just want to do it and you are not interested in ever checking the earnings or the listeners, you just want to do it, then go for it.

Most of the time, it’s some kind of collaborative matter. I do my podcast because I love doing it and because I love knowing people listen to it and it helps people. If it’s just me doing it, well I don’t need to do a podcast, I can just sit here and listen to myself talk, right?

Really if you are doing a podcast there has got to be some consideration about people listening to it and if you can’t ask the people you already know to listen to it, it’s certainly ridiculous to expect you are going to try other strategies to get people to actually listen to it, but it’s possible.

Anyway, that’s something I hope is useful for you in getting started with promoting your podcast.

Final words

Build a Podcasting Audience to 100 Plays Per Episode Starting with Friends on Facebook

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Build a Podcasting Audience to 100 Plays Per Episode Starting with Friends on Facebook

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