Quick and Painless Way to Buy and Sell Marketing Services


How ridiculously hard is it for online marketing services to just find what you need? Well, let’s take a look at it in a couple of examples and then I’ll show you an easier way to do it. First, I have three examples here of things I’ve needed at some point working as an online marketing company that both helps people promote their business and then that promotes my own.

I’ve wanted YouTube views before, I’ve wanted app installs before, and I’ve wanted Facebook likes. What do I do in order to find that? The only thing I know how to do unless I know someone is go to Google and do something like search for USA YouTube views. This is assuming I don’t know how to use Google Adwords for video which is possible. I just know what I need. I search for USA YouTube views and I see a search result that says buy targeted views and that sounds good until I look at the page and I immediately think this is not trustworthy at all. I’m just going to be getting scammed here which is probably the truth.

youtube video views

I try another one and it looks similar and does not look trustworthy at all. If I go down the page, I continue to see a lot of the same things and I give up. I say forget it and I don’t even know how to get YouTube views.

Same thing with app installs. I know I need app installs so I go to Google and type in App Installs USA. What do I find? First I find a bunch of articles telling me about app installs, that’s not what I need. I keep going down the search results and find a company that says they do mobile app marketing. I click on services and I see app installs. Then disappointment starts to hit, they have a nice looking website, but I have a budget. I want to pay for an install, I don’t want to sit here and go through a long drawn out process of figuring out what I’m going to get out of my budget.

app installs

Now I have to click contact for and put in contact form and hope they actually respond to me. I say forget it, I’ll just try and do it myself, which is frustrating.

Same thing with Facebook likes, I have a Facebook page I want to promote, how do I do that? I know enough to know I don’t want to get face Facebook likes by just buying likes. I search Facebook likes with Facebook Ads to see if there’s a company that will promise me a certain result with Facebook ads and get Facebook likes. I see there’s ways to get a number of likes but just a blog post, I don’t want that. I keep scrolling down and I’m already getting frustrated so I scroll to the next page and a I see are blog posts. There’s a video tutorial and a Facebook course and a Udemy course but I don’t want to do it myself. I want someone to help me or I would have been searching for this in the first place. What do I do? I say forget all of this and go over to Jungggle.com.


Jungggle allows me to just immediately search for marketing services right away. I’ve heard about that from my friend James who created Jungggle and I thought it can’t possibly be worse that what things already are so I’ll give this a shot. I click all and first I want to go through and see if I can find a YouTube views for the USA. I go to video and I just do that and look, I see right away that company providing YouTube views from YouTube advertising campaigns on Google Adwords. This is awesome. This is what I’m looking for. I’m looking to pay a company to do the work for a fixed result. I don’t want to go through and have to fix my own ads so I go through and see USA view only. I click this one and 10,000 views from a USA for Google Adwords for a campaign, exactly what I want now. 10,000 new USA views from Google Adwords for video. Yes, this is what I want now and I see 10,000 views total. I can see about 1,000 views a day.

Now I can immediately go and buy I don’t have to contact the company and if I want 100,000 views, then I can just put it up to 10,000 and I can buy now and then what I do is I need jungggle account and then I can pay jungggle instead of paying the company directly so that if the company didn’t do a good job or didn’t do what I ordered, then Jungggle can just give me a refund. So much better than what’s available. It’s like using escrow.com for marketing services, it’s very cool.

The same this for app installs, say that same problem I had, I want app installs so I go through and look and what I want are cost per install app installs, I don’t want to have to guess at what I’m going to get so I search and what I find I can see there’s too many results here and I can I scroll down and pick my country USA and there’s a company offering app installs at a guaranteed price. They have user acquisition both engagement campaigns and acquisition pains. Exactly what I’m looking for so I can click on the service, I can take a look at the impressions, the traffic, the type of ads they need, the click through rate. Let’s say I want 10,000 app installs. That will be 25,000 dollars and I can just pay for that. How easy is that? If I want 100 app installs, I can pay $250, it’s easier than what you see you usually have to do to find marketing.

Let’s go back and do the same thing for Facebook likes. I just want Facebook likes and I will put in all, but make it simple. I’ll go to marketing, and then add, and then go to social media. I have 10,000 Facebook likes from Facebook Advertising and click on this.

banwork on jungggle

I see the cost is 1000, but what if I want 100,000 likes? I just put the quantity up to 10 and for 10,000 I can get a guaranteed 100,000 likes on my page from Facebook ads. If I wonder then, what does this service include? I go down here Facebook advertising campaign set up in the BanWork llc account, campaign optimized to get the most global likes for your page. I know exactly what I’m going to get now and that’s what I wanted. I can immediately order it and pay jungggle to do it instead of paying the companies themselves and hoping that I get an actual result out of it. I’m excited that my friend James has launched Jungggle because in the 3.5 years that I’ve been working online, it’s been very hard to buy and sell marketing services. When I started out, every single one of those things I showed you was a big frustration.

It was so frustrating that I went and learned how to do it myself and now I’ve build a giant website and courses teaching 40,000+ students on Udemy how to do all these things yourself because it was that hard to find marketing companies. I literally went into training people how to do it themselves. Now, with Jungggle, it’s much easier to find marketing companies and all you have to do is get your services up listed on Jungggle where I have them now. It’s a great time, there’s a special offer where you can get a deal on buying credit or on creating a service. It’s a great time to get on to Jungggle early before a bunch of other companies figure this out and then all of a sudden you’ve got tons of competition. When you’re always looking for the next big thing, lots of times you can jump on the big thing you’ve already got.

I’m starting to put some services my company will offer up on Jungggle and then what I will do is just go straight from the services page on my website over to Jungggle then because that’s a lot easier than trying to detail them on my website. I appreciate you taking a look at this. I’ve shared this with you because I’ve had the same frustration that Jungggle now solves. I’ve found a great way to solve my frustration with buying and marketing services and I hope whether you sell marketing services or you want to buy marketing services that this is helpful for you or that this is an option to consider instead of going over to google.com and trying to search for what you need and more than likely hitting the I’m feeling lucky button and trying to hope for something. I hope this has been useful for you in your adventure buying and selling marketing services.