Payment Using Cash and Cryptocurrency on Uthena to Buy Udemy and Skillshare Courses

Buy Udemy and Skillshare Courses with Cash and Cryptocurrency on Uthena

You can now buy you to my courses and Skillshare courses with both Cash and Cryptocurrency as both cash and cryptocurrency user myself, I think this is really exciting because online learning is one of the best opportunities to advance your career online.

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You can take video courses that watch the video courses, and then apply those skills to earn more money online especially if you apply a well rounded learning a liberal learning curriculum. You learn how to produce videos, you learn how to code, you learn how to do ethical hacking, you learn all these skills and suddenly you become really valuable because there’s no one in the world that knows the exact set of skills you do.

Now, what happens if you live somewhere where you don’t have credit cards, you don’t have PayPal and you are in buying a course on you to me your Skillshare, you’re out of luck, most of the time.

These are the main payment methods accepted, what if you do have Bitcoin or you have the cash I’ll show you exactly how to buy these here on new Uthena what we do on Uthena

are we bring in you to me instructors and bring in Skillshare instructors and help them get courses uploaded. If you’re using me your Skillshare instructor, you can go to Uthena click on teach and make your application right here

as long as you have a course up and approved on Udemy, you can apply then we also give $20 advances as soon as you upload your course will give you $20 as an immediate advanced payment before you even make sales. Then we bundle all of these into the Uthena university.

We put hundreds of courses and then we make specific subject bundles such as this top seller the ethical hacking forever course bundle, we bundle these together so it’s easier for you to purchase instead of going and deciding on buying 249 different courses, you can get all of them with one purchase for less than $1 per course.

This makes it much better also if you want to pay for cash or cryptocurrency because you probably don’t want to make 100 different purchases by sending cash your cryptocurrency in the mail on Uthena we just launched in February 2019.

We just started accepting new instructors via this application I’ve shown you within the last month we’re adding new courses every single day. And here’s how you can use cash as in cash, you’ve got your wallet

or cryptocurrency almost any cryptocurrency that’s accepted on an exchange we will take it and give you access to the courses I recommend you buy the Uthena University bundle because this is an unlimited bundle you buy it once and we are continuing to add every single course we put on Uthena directly into this bundle, we then pay instructors out based on the number of courses in the bundle.

I recommend Uthena university or by a specific topic because the topics have the same properties. I know as a student, I hate buying something and then you can’t buy it. It goes out of style. The videos become old in it and it’s worthless after a certain amount of time depending on the subject was our intention with these bundles is you buy the bundle once in the bundle continues to get new courses put in it indefinitely rather, we at Uthena are paying to produce the courses and put them into a bundle for you or other instructors have just got their courses on Uthena and they put them in the bundle.

I’ve imagined this being the biggest course bundle in the world. We’re on our way there right now. If let’s use this bundle, as an example. What you do then you pick out exactly what it is you want to buy on Uthena, then you’ll go through everything up and that is the same if you’re using a credit card or PayPal until the very last step, for example, you see this Uthena university

you buy this once you get access for life. Now it skipped over the page where you create an account or sign in you will need to do that first. Once you’ve done that, then you will come to the complete your purchase page right here.

And now you’ll see the price of it and then you’ll see it where you can put your card number or use PayPal.

Now I’ve made this so if you don’t have a credit card or don’t have PayPal, we’ve got a new button on the bottom for you.

You just click on that and I’ll show you how to use this page

you can now buy anything on Uthena with any payment method any one-time purchase.

If there are subscriptions we don’t take repeated cash or cryptocurrency payments for a subscription but anyway one-time purchase, you can pay with cash, crypto or you can even submit a request if you don’t see what you want on this page.

First, let’s look at how to do cash checks or money orders.

This process for cash checks and money orders will allow you to send cash in the mail or send a money order in the mail. In order to buy a video course or video course bundle or service on Uthena what you do is you follow this exact process here.

You start off you choose the course bundle or service you want to again, I recommend you Uthena university because that’s one purchase any I imagine it will have over 10,000 courses one day, meaning you buy it now and it continues to get more and more valuable over time. We may be raising the price as it gets more courses in it so you buy it today. You never have to pay again. So you pick out what you want to buy. If you’re paying in US dollars. you can use cash checks or money orders. Otherwise, if it’s not US dollars, you can just use cash in that what you can do is use this link on Bank of America

to see exactly what you need to pay in each currency. So I’ll go demonstrate this to you now to show you how this works.

What I’ve got a Bank of America down the street where I can exchange your foreign currency foreign to me in the US for US dollars.

So let’s show you an example of how to do this. What you do is you click Add currency, let’s say you’re in Canada, we will add Canadian dollars.

Now what you need to do is figure out how much to send in your currency to get the right US dollar amount and then round it up. So you can see 100 Canadian dollars $.71 to 100 Canadian not quite enough to 50 or almost there to 70 and the answer went over so you could do to a 60 I’m not sure what exact denominations are, but you need to make sure you send bills only know coins in the mail.

So what you can do, for example, let’s say you’re in Canada and all you’ve got Canadian dollars in cash, you can send Canadian dollars in cash in the mail at this exact currency, right you can send to whatever is rounded. I don’t know if there are $5 bills in Canada, but for example, you could send $265 Canadian if there are $1 bills you could send $264 Canadian but whatever you do no coins in the mail.

The bank does not accept coins and coins are not good to be clinking around in an envelope either. So you pick out let’s say there are $5 bills. $265 Canadian now you figured out exactly how much you need to send in order to buy this bundle, which is $189 just round it to the nearest dollar bill. Then you also put a note in the envelope to make sure that we know who’s Canadian dollars those are so we can match them up with the correct account on Uthena.

And that’s the only way we have to know unless you go forward and submit your payment correctly and give us a tracking number.

Then even if you don’t or forget to put a note in it, we can use your tracking number. I’ll show you how to do that in a minute. But I highly recommend put a note in with your payment. And I also recommend sending an envelope with tracking.

I realize it’s a leap of faith to send $265 Canadian or $189 US dollars in the mail. I encourage you to use some kind of a thick manila envelope with tracking or some kind of a standard format envelope that way it is allowing you the best chance for your money to get through and be delivered and be tracked the entire way.

Now you’ve got my address to send this to right here, this is my post office box, you can send this straight here and it will end up and then we will be able to get your payment, put it in the bank, get the money in the bank and then credit your account and roll you in whatever you’ve purchased on Uthena.

Now what I recommend doing I really recommend this once you’ve sent your cash in the mail, then that you submit your payment form.

And the payment form looks like this…

We have a custom payment. You put your name, you put your username email in here now this needs to be the exact one that matches with your account.

In order for us to be able to take your cash and put it in as a payment towards your account. You pick your payment method here so if you selected cash and sent cash in the mail you put that if you did cryptocurrency you put that or if you want to request something that’s not on there, or if you’re using something else hit other.

Then for tracking if you send a package in the mail and it comes with the tracking number, enter your tracking number, you’ve got off your receipt right here.

This will allow you to track the package. And this will allow me to look at the package online. And once I see it’s arrived, then I can go to the post office, instead of continuing to go over and over hoping to find money in my box.

Now the next step you do is you put the exact link to what you wanted to purchase. If you’re buying the Uthena university, the bundle will look just like this.

Finally, you put any comments if you’re trying to request a different payment, put that in the comment.

If you have additional things. For example, if you want to buy two different course bundles, or if you want to buy a service and the course and the bundle, put all those URLs in here, total all of that up and put it in for your payment then you hit submit.

And that will give us the form at this point, you are ready to go with a cash payment you’re done and all it is is a matter of me I get an immediate notification when you’ve completed that form.

I then prepare to go and get your payment and deposit it in the bank and then get you enrolled. And the nice thing with this is especially with the Uthena University, these are the same courses that are on Udemy or on Skillshare now you mean Skillshare doesn’t offer these kinds of payment options when we work directly with the instructors get the instructor on Uthena with the exact same course that’s on Udemy Skillshare, then you can actually buy it here. Now if you want to do plus there are courses that are not on either of these platforms there too. Now you can also pay directly with cryptocurrency. If you’d like to use the cryptocurrency you can make a payment that’s much faster.

And if you’ve already got cryptocurrency, then you don’t need to do any other form of payment with it. We currently have the addresses up here that we are accepting payment with.

Now if you’d like to request us to accept payment with a different cryptocurrency, just go down here, submit the payment form

and then put cryptocurrency on here and then put what you like to purchase then request that we add a specific cryptocurrency to our payment form and what we will do is get a cryptocurrency address

on here for the exact cryptocurrency, you’ve asked for will get the wallet and whatever else needs to go with it and we’ll send you an email saying “Thank you for your request. We’ve added it here.” and it’s ready to go this way I don’t need to go put 200 plus different cryptocurrencies on the website immediately.

If you don’t see the one you want to just put that up there and once you’ve sent your cryptocurrency payment to any of the addresses on here, then what you do is go back and submit the payment for just the same as with the cash payments, you put your name, your theme email, you select cryptocurrency,

now instead of putting a tracking number in the mail, you put in the tracking for cryptocurrency, you put your return whatever address you sent from,

for example, if you sent Bitcoin you put the Bitcoin address you sent from into the tracking, then when we see a transaction come in from that address, we know it’s from you.

Same thing as the cash you put in your link right here

to purchase whatever you want to purchase again with cryptocurrency, same as cash I recommend just get the Uthena University bundle because then it’s one purchase you’ve got it forever and you don’t have to buy anything else and to have a video course library that grows and grows.

I intend to get 10’s of thousands of video courses from Udemy and Skillshare on Uthena all of them will be in this Uthena University bundle thus when you buy it once then your library can continue to grow and grow without having to pay again.

I’m really excited about this because I understand that websites like you to me like Skillshare, forget about people that can’t pay with credit cards and PayPal out of either necessity or convenience. And yet there’s a huge percentage of people in the world who only operating cash who don’t have bank accounts, or who don’t have a working bank account or PayPal or credit card.

And then what do you do when you want to get an online education? If you see a specific course you’d like that’s on Udemy or Skillshare that is not included. If you browse around, for example, you go through the Uthena University here

and you browse around on it you say, “Man, I wish this course was included in Uthena University” what you can do is you can look through the Uthena university bundle here

to see every single course that’s currently included.

If you don’t see one you want which it’s the platform’s been up for. Now, this is the fourth or so a full month, it’s been up, we’ve just started recruiting instructors, and the last two months just off of my organic traffic, not even actively going about it.

If you don’t see an instructor you want on there, what you can do is get this page click on teaches on, grab this page and you can send the instructor a message.

However, each platform allows you to do it if you’re on Udemy, for example, you could ask them to say “Hey, will you get your course up on this platform, and it’ll be an easy way for you to earn some extra money and then I can watch it.” This way you also can earn $20 for every instructor you bring to the platform.

Thus if you have an instructor you want to watch you can literally make $20 to get them to join us on Uthena.

Thank you very much for learning how you can make cash and cryptocurrency payments to buy access to courses that are on Udemy that are on Skillshare. You can get them I’m Uthena with a cash or cryptocurrency payment today.

Why? Because I love you and you’re awesome and I want you to have an empowered life having valuable skills that you know how to do online.

This makes it easier to earn good money without working as many hours it makes it easier when you can earn good money without working as many hours to be around for your family to have time for charity work to get connected with your community to do some good in the world to achieve your life’s purpose.

And I don’t think whether or not you have a credit card or a PayPal account should eliminate you from accessing the vast amount of courses that are online.

Thus I’ve set this up so that I hope Udemy and Skillshare would take this the motivation to get this available directly on Udemy or directly on Skillshare instead of people coming to Uthena, but at the rate that happens they might add it at about the same time we’ve got 20 or 50,000 courses on Uthena.

And then well, that’s good. Let’s give everyone the best access to education all over the world. All of us benefit from that.

I appreciate you watching this with me and maybe I’ll be seeing your cash payment in the mail or your cryptocurrency transaction soon.


Jerry Banfield