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How to keep calm during a pandemic and be prepared for any disaster!

Would you like to learn how to be prepared for a pandemic or any disaster, not only with physical things, but also mentally, because if you do, you will love reading this blog post?

Can You Say YES 1000 Times Today?

Would you like to say yes 1,000 times with me today because you will see how this can make a huge difference in your life using the power of yes?

5 Minute Pandemic Survival Guide!

Would you like to read this 5 minute pandemic survival guide because I believe this will be very useful for you to be prepared for any disaster?

Intrusive Thoughts Hurt! How Do I Change My Thinking?

Would you like to learn how to get rid of all these unwanted thoughts you might have because I have a solution that worked for me and that will work for you too?

My $656K Debt Story + Exit Strategy — Episode #2

Read about my debt story in this second post for episode #2 of “From $656k Debt to Financial Freedom” here with me, Jerry Banfield. I’ve got myself in the situation I’m in because …

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