Cheapest Online Advertising with High-Quality PPC Network and Placement

Where can we get the highest quality Pay Per Click ads at the lowest cost?

With my experience doing hundreds of thousands of dollars in AD spent, as you can see here, $170,000 spent on Google Ads, $120,000 spent on Facebook ads. As you can imagine, I’m obsessed with finding the best deal in Pay Per Click ads.

I’ve been doing some research, and I’m very excited to show you what I found is the very highest quality Pay Per Click for the lowest cost and it works anywhere in the world. There are lots of impressions available, there’s nothing sketchy to use. It is amazing.

Cheapest Online Advertising with High-Quality PPC Network and Placement

I am spending all of my ad budget doing this form of advertising today.

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I’ve used my experience with paid ads to make millions of dollars online average of $10k plus a month profit for years and this has led me to today present you with what I think is the highest quality Pay Per Click ads for less.

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Let’s take a look at exactly where it is.

You go to see it in Google ads, under YouTube or ads for videos. Let’s show you the results I’m getting today that I’m really happy with.

I get $0.06 a view, as low as $0.02 cents sometimes, but I’m consistently getting six cents per click, and a click that gets an actual view on YouTube. I’m consistently getting $0.06 per view onYouTube ads.

Cheapest Online Advertising with High-Quality PPC Network and Placement

Now these are not in stream ads that are playing in front of videos that people didn’t click on, I’ll show you an example of these ad campaigns.

I just picked this Active Campaign tutorial.


Now what we have here, these are the display ads. If I click on Preview, it’ll show you what the ad looks like.

Cheapest Online Advertising with High-Quality PPC Network and Placement

Now this is a pay per click ad that comes up on YouTube. And someone has to click on it for me to get charged for anything.

This is the cheapest online advertising I’ve seen in the USA on a legit traffic source and it’s even cheaper globally.

This is a preview of what it looks like on mobile, then you can see what it looks like on a desktop. It all comes up either in YouTube search…

Cheapest Online Advertising with High-Quality PPC Network and Placement

… or as a YouTube related ad, it’ll pop up over here here on desktop and it’ll pop up like this on mobile.

related preview

This means if someone’s watching a video, the viewer needs to click on my ad in order for me to get charged for something which means this is true pay per click.

Now you might wonder why these ads are so cheap.

If you do Google Display Network ads, you’ll often pay five plus times as much for basically the same kind of a click from someone in the USA.

I’ll show you the costs I’m paying in my USA campaigns, it’s about $0.05 to $0.07, some of the higher ones are about $0.09 some of the lower ones for example, this one is $0.05 in USA.

Cheapest Online Advertising

Then globally, in my remarketing audience, I’m getting $0.02 per click, which means it’s possible to even get down to $0.01 depending on how you’re targeted.

Cheapest Online Advertising

The view rate, you can see, is what percentage of people are clicking the ad versus seeing it. These are pretty good percentages. They’re not really high, but they’re not really low either. This is about in line with normal Google Display Network ads.

If you get the click through on ads too low, those are almost always accidental clicks.

If you see some of these clicks are significantly over one or close to 1% you’re getting a lot of intentional good quality clicks on there.

High-Quality PPC Network

What is better, YouTube actually, when I link my AdWords account is tracking the Earned views and earn subscribers and earned likes I’m getting and this is a very good indication that I’m getting some quality interactions, especially when you can see I’m driving subscribers to my YouTube channel, I’m getting real subscribers on my channel directly from ads.

High-Quality PPC Network

This has helped me build a lot of subscribers on my channel because the strategy I’m using is to do remarketing ads.

If you’ve already watched one of my videos, all of these ads that I’m running are remarketing ads to get you to come back to my channel because 90% of the people on my YouTube channel have not subscribed to that are watching. Therefore, I have ads running to convert more of the casual viewers into subscribers.

However, you can use any kind of targeting you want from keywords to placements. For example, you can place your ads on a certain channel, you can have all of the Google Ads targeting open to you and you can get the same quality clicks on here.

I’m suggesting that the quality of these clicks is way better than just doing a click on your website, because doing video ads gives you the impression to make a lot more of an impact.

Unlike Facebook ads, when someone clicks on these ads, the volume is whatever they’ve set it at on YouTube. Unlike Facebook, which I’ve grown to dislike Facebook ads, where almost everything you’re paying for someone is quickly watching the first second or two of your video, with the ad muted on these clicks, the volume is on unless someone is watching a video with it muted which is possible.

Cheapest Online Advertising

But the majority of the time the person who’s clicking on this is already watching videos on YouTube and then it has clicked on the ad and is continuing to watch my video now.

This gives me the ability to promote anything directly in a video.

Now I’m wondering why these clicks are so cheap? Because this is the Cheapest Online Advertising and I’ve thought about it.

Let’s consider from Google’s point of view, Google owns YouTube. If you’re advertising on the Google Display Network and you’re sending people over to something you own, they’re not Google is getting anything directly back from that besides the click.

I imagine these clicks are so cheap on YouTube, because you’re paying to send people over to YouTube.

And from Google’s point of view, if you’re paying to send people over to YouTube, that is giving them what they want, as in more viewers on YouTube, more watch time on YouTube, I imagine there’s a huge discount in the cost per view for these YouTube ads versus doing something like an ad on the Google Display Network for your own website. Because Google is getting what it wants also.

When someone’s watching my video, Google’s happy they’re on YouTube, and I’m happy they’re on my video. And that’s why these views are probably so cheap making this the Cheapest Online Advertising. I’ve never seen it. I haven’t seen anything in the last several years that’s provided such good quality clicks for such a low cost since Facebook ads first started.

Cheapest Online Advertising with High-Quality PPC Network and Placement

When Facebook ads first started in the first few years of it, then yes, but this is the best I’ve found so far and I’m putting all of my time and attention into doing YouTube ads now.

I’ll show you another helpful feature over here you can look at when you’re doing your ads, you can go over here, and you can look at how much of the video has been watched.

This is a really good indication of how interested people are in the video after they click on it.

Cheapest Online Advertising with High-Quality PPC Network and Placement

You can see on some of these videos a significant amount of people are getting all the way through the video, which is amazing. considering some of the videos I advertiser are an hour long, someone’s clicking on an ad and watching even if it is one out of 100. That’s a very high likelihood of someone who may go hire me or may become a subscriber on the YouTube channel.

That’s a very high likelihood of a conversion, now you can also track conversions directly in this, the limitation seems to be the conversions are not often tracking because the people are watching on mobile devices, and then going to convert on desktop or on a different computer. In which case, if everything’s not signed in, then the conversion is not tracked.

What’s great about this is you’ve got these viewing metrics, you can see how much the video is played in each of these and based on that you can decide whether to keep the ads running or not.

Cheapest Online Advertising Earned Views

Not only that, but you can see how many earned the views, these are additional views that I’ve gotten for free because of people who watched ads and then watched additional videos. And these earned views are really valuable, especially ones combined over here with the audience.

When you combine these with subscribers. For example, in the last two, whatever time period, I’ve got this set on on the campaigns, I’ve got turned on. I spent $916 I got 595 subscribers, I got 893 likes, I got 2774 earned views.

Cheapest Online Advertising metrics

What’s nice is that all of these metrics are helping my entire channel grow organically in addition to any conversions I’ve got, and what’s really disappointing with most forms of advertising is that you don’t get anything else if the ad doesn’t immediately convert.

These ads are definitely giving me back something when someone subscribes to my YouTube channel, I have people that have ended up paying thousands of dollars with me years after they subscribed on my YouTube channel.

These YouTube subscriptions are extremely valuable and if you’ve got a new channel, this is a great way to build your foundation and then you can do more from there.

If you’d like to see exactly how to create the ads, I’ve got two tutorials showing you in depth exactly how to do this.

If you go to the YouTube channel tutorials by Jerry Banfield, you’ll see all of my YouTube videos in the order that they were released. For example, How to Get sponsored on YouTube, How did I earn $200 YouTube Ad Revenue on Video with Only 8K Views?.

What you want to watch, are these two YouTube ads tutorials I’ve done recently:

If you don’t make YouTube videos, and you’re thinking, well, I can’t use YouTube ads because I don’t make videos. You can easily make a promo video on something like Fiverr or Upwork, you can hire a freelancer to make a video for you and then you can advertise that video to get people to go to your website from there.

I’ve been very successful doing videos that get people to go to my website and that’s how I get 1000+ people a day now, they come to my website off of YouTube videos.

Cheapest Online Advertising with High-Quality PPC Network and Placement

If you’ve got a product to sell, you can hire a beautiful model on Fiverr for a couple hundred dollars to do a short pitch for your product and then you can advertise that on YouTube and I bet you’ll get more sales doing that. Then trying to just run a Google Display Network ad that sends people there are paying a bunch of money for a Google search ad that sends people there.

The great thing is you can get people that share the video also and comment and interact and talk about the video, video is much more powerful than just doing text ads according to my experience that I’ve just shared here with you on my Google ad spend and on my Facebook ad spend video ads are really good.

I appreciate you reading this Cheapest Online Advertising with High-Quality PPC Network and Placement to the end of this I trust if this is helpful you will join us as a subscriber especially if you found this in an ad itself and you watch all of it you know this works and I encourage you to watch more to learn how to do it.

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