It’s A Choice: How To Choose To Love Rather Than Hate

Love and hate are things that we create. That means you choose to love or hate things. That has been an amazing thing for me to discover.  I know that I choose to love or I choose to hate and I can see the choices I’m making in life. I can choose to love everything that happens in my life or I can choose to hate everything that happens in my life. Love and hate are strong words. You can use the word like, dislike, annoyed, angry. You can choose the way you want to react in your life.

I used to have these resentments against other people. I used to go around thinking other people were mad, other people were mean. I thought certain people hurt me and they deserved to be hurt back. I thought certain people were wrong or stupid or selfish. I chose these feelings for them.

I noticed the other day when I had the typical behavior problem most of my life, I noticed the absurdity over it. I noticed that a family member parked their car in a way that made it more challenging for me to park my car. We all could’ve parked our car together, instead I had to park my car in the street. From that, my mind went into the usual pattern of not liking the person. The nice thing is I can see how stupid that is today. I did things like that most of my life. The more aware you are of yourself, you can see that your mind tries to make other people the enemy. You can see where other people being wrong or doing something bad starts to separate you from them. Then you get the strength and idea from you.

With that separation comes suffering because as soon as I decide that person was wrong, then I decide to not like them. I feel the pain of separation like there was this thing between me and them. The next thing I saw was that it was ridiculous and I saw I chose that. I could’ve chose a completely inanimate object. In fact, I did choose a completely inanimate object. I got resentful at how a car was parked.

Most of my life, I would’ve taken something like that in stride. I would’ve added that to my negative narrative. It would’ve been a part of my narrative of why my life wasn’t the way it should be. I see today that I choose to love or hate things. The nice thing is that I can laugh when I see that choice there, then I can make a different choice. I can say it’s okay, it’s not about the car or the person who parked the car. It’s me looking at life and deciding that I don’t like how things are. That’s what it is. It has everything to do with me looking at life and judging life and deciding that’s not how life is supposed to be.

How many opportunities do you see for this in life? Life is full of opportunities to do this. To look at the way your life is and look at the way things are working where you work at home or online. There’s so many opportunities to say this is wrong, I don’t like this. I know people in my country, USA, are big at looking around at how everything is working and saying it’s terrible. It looks to me like we are one of the most sick countries in the world. Yet, we are one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but the people walk around miserable. Most of the people walk around thinking things should be different. Most people aren’t aware they are making the choice to be like that.

I wasn’t aware, I was making the choice to be like that until it got so bad I didn’t want to live anymore. Until I hated life so much that I didn’t even want to be a part of it anymore. Then I was destroying everything around me: relationships, jobs, friendships, places to live. I finally suffered so much that I woke up and realized I’m doing this. Most people are able to get through most of their life by it not being so bad that there’s a motivation to change. If you’re not hating everything, but disliking everything, you often canbecome an old person who’s bitter about life. That seems like such a waste to me. I’m grateful that I don’t have to do that, I’ve suffered enough. I have to keep suffering as long as I see I make all the choices about how I feel.

Yes, life happens and people will do things to you that make life challenging. Life will do things to you that make life challenging. You and I make the choice of how we feel about it. No one can make you feel a certain way about something. That is up to you.

It used to bother me that people pointed out all these reasons why they were held back in life. It used to piss me off to see people saying things like their race, sex, or age or where they lived held them back in life. To me, it was so obvious that it wasn’t the real reason. Those were excuses. Those were a convenience. Those were things to latch on to and say it’s because there’s something inside me. It bothered me because that’s what I was doing. I was doing that all the time. I blamed what I did on everyone else. I was always the victim.

That’s how I looked at life. I didn’t look at what I could actually control. It’s safe to look around at everyone else and talk about what they can do. The people that are the most miserable will not look at what they are doing. It is always about someone else and what they are doing. If you stop to ask them what they are doing, rarely will they talk about what’s going on in themselves.

You’ll be amazed at how fast they change out of what’s going on with them. They will talk for a few seconds about themselves, but then they will talk about how other people’s actions affect their lives. Right then, you will see that in yourself. I know I watch out for that because I can’t afford to live that old way of life. I have a respect that the old way of life is dangerous for me and for the people around me. I remember all the crazy stupid things that I had living in that old life where love and hate are not choices I make. I remember living like that and I have that desperation today to remember and share with you. It helps me to talk about those things. It helps me to practice staying here and taking care of myself today. I make these videos because I love myself and I choose to love you and everyone else. I make this out of love and being okay with how the world is.

I’m not saying anyone else needs to change. Everyone’s just fine how they are. If you want to live a happy life. If you want to have the peace and serenity that I have, all you have to do is do what I do. To be fair, these aren’t things I made up myself. I’ve taken them from what other people are doing. I looked at what they are doing and followed it. Every person in life has the chance to teach me something and I’ve learned from that. What you see is just a product of the people that I am practicing. These videos are inspiration for me to keep practicing. They will give you the opportunity to build and keep practicing and simplify your practice.

I pray that in sharing this video with you, I will remember the choice of love and hate I can make in this moment. Then if I’ve made the choice of love I will practice gratitude for having made that choice. If I have made that choice of hate I will be aware that I made that choice. I will practice prayer to ask to change my choice from hate to love. I will practice gratitude for all the things I have in my life and that will move the choice from hate to love. I pray that sharing this with you is useful for you in your life today.

Thank you for reading this on my blog. I’m honored you continue to spend time with me. You’re one of the few people that have read all the way to the end so thank you. You are the reason I do these each day. I’m the reason I do this every day and there’s no separation between you and I. That’s why I do these. I believe some day I won’t remember that I made these and I hope that I can watch them if I’m struggling and suffering and I want to live a better life. Thank you for being here with me and I hope you have a great day.