How To Maintain Consistency In Daily Life

When I find something that works today. I stick with it. This is helpful for me to remember. A lot of my life I’ve tried things that have worked and have helped me and then I’ve stopped doing them. That is a huge waste. If you find something that works, why would you stop using it before it stops working?

Now, you obviously want to try new things in life. You don’t want to just do the exact same thing all the time. However, most people want to have a happy life each day. You want to have a peaceful, joyful experience. So if find some things that work to help you make a better life, then why wouldn’t you keep using them every day?

For example, Eckhart Tolle helps me. I try to listen to something or practice something from Eckhart Tolle every day if I can. I listen to Eckhart Tolle as often as possible and I’m going to see him speak in person in a couple of days.

There have been periods where I haven’t used anything from Eckhart Tolle for weeks. You might ask why would I do that. There’s other things that work in my life, too. I have a support group that I go to every day that I’m practiced as well on. It helps me every day so why wouldn’t I go every day?

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When I first started going I only went two days a week. I noticed that my problems go on every day. If I don’t get help with my problems every day, the anxiety and frustration I struggle with come up every day. If anything works to help with that, why wouldn’t I do it all the time?

One of the seven deadly faults is laziness. We tend to go back to our default programming in the absence of necessity. If you go to a support group, when your problem is solved you think you don’t need that group anymore.

For example, I’ve seen a meet up for a single’s support group. The idea is that being single can be difficult. You can talk about the struggles of being single so it’s not so lonely. That’s the kind of thing that makes an easy example for what I’m saying now. You go there while you’re single but as soon as you get a significant other, you stop going. You believe you don’t need that support group any more. Meanwhile, does that significant other fulfill all the needs the original support group did? Maybe not.

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Often people stop relying on help they’ve used as soon as their problem disappears. For example, people get into a lot of trouble in their life. They start like I was. They start listening to Eckhart Tolle and thinks it’s helpful. Then things get better and then there’s no more interaction. They feel they don’t need Eckhart Tolle anymore because their life is fine.

It’s easy to get away from doing things that are helpful because the ego likes to say I got this. That is the most dangerous place that I see in my life that comes up today because I’m not willing to keep learning. I’m not willing to accept help.

Every day I focus on the energy I have to make sure I’m doing things that help. In fact, I’m planning on listening to some Eckhart Tolle later. Then, frustrating situations are fairly easy to deal with because I’m in the right state of mind.

If you want to have a healthy life, that’s what it comes down to no matter where you’re at. When things come up you’re not in a position to lose your temper. When something bad happens it’s important that you’re not already in a bad position because then there’s nothing left.  Today, when I have something that works I try to stick with it.

I also try to be something in other people’s lives. I try to be something that works in your life each day so if you find my videos helpful, you can stick with me each day. You can continue watching my videos every day and continue to benefit from learning what I learned about my life.

This gives me a lot of peace in my life. Having things not go well in a video game that you take pride in can be one of the worst things that happen to you. If you can see those spots in your life where the same thing happens, then you can be free of them. You don’t have to keep repeating the same cycle in your life. You don’t have to sit on the edge where if one more thing happens it’s going to set you off. Then you lose it, you don’t want to live anymore and everyone has to help you. That’s not a good place to be.

I’m grateful today I have a peaceful life worth living and a lot of  it is because of exactly what I share here with you. I see the things that help and I do them as often as I can. I do them every day if I can. I realize I have limitations. Occasionally I can’t make it to my support group, but most of the time I make it there.

I was inspired to make this video because one of the guys who’s taking one of my courses. He said he was struggling when he started taking my courses. He didn’t have a job and was frustrated. Then after taking my courses and watching tons of videos I made, he got a job he was really happy with. His whole life was improving. He was excited about it and then he stopped watching and taking my courses.

He decided that he had everything under control and he didn’t need help anymore. Now, he noticed he started to forget a lot of the things that he learned with me. He also noticed that he was starting to forget the things he was improving on before. I’m grateful to see that he was back in the course the other day.

I realize I can only share from the heart and do my best to learn from his experience and see that I go through the same thing. I often will stop doing the things that help me the most. Then I’ll be miserable and frustrated and wonder what happened.

In talking about this with you, I pray that it’s helpful because just remembering this for me is helpful. I often when things are a little more challenging than normal, I try to draw on all the things I know. I try to go for all those daily things I know that help. I hope that I’m a part of that in your life today. Thank you for reading this.

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