How to use consistency in your life to grow your business

What is it that’s most important above all other things for success? You can apply it to having a happy life, to being peaceful and anything else positive you want to say. What is the number one important thing? I’m grateful I received this question in one of my Udemy courses and here’s my answer: consistent attention applied every day. The short answer then is consistency and daily, and attention.

What does that mean? That means to focus on something, to notice it, to spend time with whatever you’re trying to grow and build every single day. Maybe try to take one day off a week, but 6 out of 7 days a week you want to pay attention to it. If you have a relationship, probably 7 days a week. There’s nothing that substitutes attention. When you give something attention, it will tend to grow and build. If you give something good attention, it will continue to grow and build. If you give something negative attention. It will tend to grow and build also. Whatever you consistently pay attention to each day will continue to grow, flower, and prosper.

If you have something that you care about a lot like a relationship, pay attention to it every day. By pay attention, I mean to simply notice it, be with it, see how it’s doing, take a look at it. With the relationship, I’m not saying to force it or have negative attention, although any form of attention will tend to help something grow. Negative forms of attention like controlling and suffocating or constant text messages all day will tend to have it grow in a way you don’t like. For example, my wife and I have been married for a little over two years, I see her in the morning, I notice what she’s doing even if I’m kind of groggy. I say I love you, have a good day at work. Usually one of us will text or give the other a quick call to say hi. I like to call my wife at work sometimes once a day, just a little bit of attention, not smothering her all day constantly but to ask how she is doing and say I love you. Then, when she comes home, I do the same thing. I say hi, how are you doing; that’s attention. Then there will be other days we go to a movie, we go to Disney, that’s a lot of time with each other that day. But it’s the consistent loving attention that keeps the relationship growing and building.

Now some points in our relationship, I wasn’t as healthy and there would be days where we hardly talk at all. I would be playing games and drinking the whole night before she’s come home from work and I’d hardly see her. Then same thing all day at work the next day and you could feel a tiny bit of decay in our relationship just from that inattention.

Now, the same thing applies to myself. The more I pay attention to what is my body doing, where are my feet?  My feet are on the ground, I’m standing on a mat. Where are my hands? Where is my face? What am I looking at? The more I pay attention to my body, the more my body tends to flower and grow and prosper. The less I would pay attention to my body such as the less I would pay attention to the external world all the time such as the things I wanted, things I was hoping for; I ignored my body, it would put on a charade. It would start to get lazy, it would start manifesting illnesses and problems to draw my attention right back into it. Your body is one of the things that demands the most attention and if you stop paying attention to it, it will force you to pay attention to it with illness with pains. If you notice what’s going on in your body ad you pay attention to your body, loving positive attention, even negative attention will work though. if you pay attention to your body, it will be loved and it will be positive, it will take better care of itself.

If you’re trying to grow a business, same thing. If you pay a little bit of attention to your business every day. It would be good to take a day off every week, but if you give loving attention to consistently it will grow and prosper. If you treat your business as an object and you just try and just do it a day or two. You try and do a lot of these negative things with it, then it won’t go anywhere.

If you  put a lot of negative attention into your business like I’ve done with it in the past, if you’re frustrated with it and annoyed with it, you will get more frustration and annoyance out of it. Even that shows you the power of paying attention to your business, even in a negative way will produce more. If you don’t like something, the easiest thing to do is to simply notice it’s there and to not pay further attention to it.

If there’s a person in your life you don’t like, it’s worth finding out why you don’t like them because that will tell you something about yourself. If you continue to pay attention to what is that person doing, what did they say, where are they going, your dislike of them will continue to grow. Anything you pay consistent attention to will grow. Where you have the choice is what you pay attention to. I can choose to pay attention to my Udemy courses each day and I do that. I can choose to pay attention to my YouTube channel, my podcast every day, I can do that. I can choose to pay attention to other things every day. I only have a very small quantity of attention I can put on things every day.

Conscious complete attention. If I ignore my Udemy courses, they will immediately start to decay. I’ve noticed most of the negative reviews I get lately are from when someone posts a question and I don’t get to it in 24 – 48 hours, often then they will end up posing a negative review. If I answer a question, even if someone’s frustrated, that positive attention usually then, will mitigate the need for them to feel they need to leave a negative review because ultimately leaving any kind of review is a quest for attention.

Many people leave positive reviews on my courses, they want me to notice them. Same thing with negative reviews. If you can pay attention to things you can catch a lot of those negative things before they build up into something more. Joseph does these videos and get’s them on YouTube and puts the text in on my podcast. Joseph says people just want someone to talk to in other words, they just want someone to pay attention to them in this world of automation, online especially, it’s very hard to get a hold of a person who will pay attention to you so the number one thing above everything else is consistent attention. Where attention is focused, growth happens, even if it’s negative growth, it still happens. Apathy, ignoring something, that’s where decay and falling apart happens.

I hope this is useful for you today in your life because I know it’s useful in mine and if I want anything in my life to grow all I have to do is notice it, pay attention to it. If I want to enjoy and spend time with my dogs and have a great relationship all it takes is me spending time each day looking at them, petting them, noticing them.  That’s the most valuable thing I can give my dogs is my attention and the most valuable thing  you can give anyone and anything is your attention; to notice them.

I pray today that I will pay attention to the things that are worth giving attention to today. I pray that I will know the right things to give attention to. Things like the divine, the creator of the universe, all like around me, my body, my family, my friends, my Udemy courses, my YouTube channel, my podcast, I pray that sharing this with you gives you the ability to focus your attention on what you want to grow and what you want to be healthy and develop and be a loving and part of your life so thank you for being here with me today. I’m leading by example on this. I make these videos and podcast episodes; I try and do this six out of 7 days in the week; some weeks 5 days, some weeks 7 days. I try and do this by example because that’s how these things grow and I’ve notice everywhere these videos are going are growing. Thank you for being a part of that growth. You can see this works by looking at me doing it. You can now have that consistency in your life for yourself.