How to Continue Consistent Persistence Every Day

Often in life, the effort you make is much more important than the results. Today, I’m making an effort to do an inspirational video in a different format. I’m using the background of me playing a video game instead of the red curtain I usually use.

Here’s the cool thing: I don’t know if this is going to work out or not. I don’t know if you’re going to like this format, but I would know if you tell me that you like this format. You may say that you don’t like it. You can’t let your children watch this video because I’m slaughtering zombies. The nice thing to know in life is it’s the effort you put in to things is much more important than the result. I’m trying to make this and I don’t know whether it will work out, but I do know I will feel good if I give this a shot today.

This was an idea I had to try making a video like this and I’m happy I gave it a shot. Often we focus so much on the result that the effort gets lost in it. But where’s most of the work in anything you do? It’s the effort you have to try and do all these different things. If you’re trying to have a career, you have to try all these different things to get farther ahead in your career. If you want to have a relationship, you have to put in a lot of effort every day to have a happy relationship. If you’re in school and working on a degree, you have to put a lot of effort in to get that degree. What I’ve got out of school, all the effort I got out of school is much more valuable than the actual degree I got. The actual degree I got is worthless.

The effort I got out of school and putting into it, that’s worth a lot. What I learned from putting my energy into  school has given me the skills necessary to be here with you today. I don’t know exactly what I’ll get out of the effort I put into  playing this game, but I’m having fun with it. I’m trying. If I get to a good level out of it, it doesn’t matter. The effort is what counts. They say showing up is 99% of success in life and I’m finding that to be true.

For example, the effort you put to go somewhere or do something could be easy to see in a relationship. With my wife, the effort I put into our relationship is the most important thing. She appreciates the times I think about her. The effort I put into little things, like pick up a drink for her from Starbucks,  is worth it.

With my business it’s the same thing. I’m at least trying to get this video format a shot and it helps me to talk about the parts of it I’m afraid of. I’m afraid I won’t be that good at the game. I’m afraid you won’t like this video format. But I am still out here trying. I’m trying to do something that might be more useful for you. I don’t know what will come out of it, but I’m still putting forth the effort. The beauty is you can put forth effort right now.

The problem is waiting for the results. It’s like working on a degree in school. In this game, I’m on level 14 and  I’ve got to level 39 by myself. You could say well, if you don’t get to 39 you might as well not play at all. Every time I play, I learn a little something. I get a little bit better at the game. That allows me to get a better result out of it. I don’t have to validate my play right now based on the game.

In school, a degree can seem far away. But, if you focus on the effort you’re making, you can see what you’re doing right now that’s worthwhile. You don’t have to wait to get your degree in two years or five years. You can see right now that you’re trying to do this work. You’re learning.

You can get immediate validation when you see how important effort is in life. You will see how much the results depend completely on the effort. Without the effort you will never get the results, but you will be happy and enjoy the fruit of the effort. You don’t have to wait for proof that it was worth your time, you can have fun doing whatever you’re doing. Even if it’s something like school. I did thinking it was boring and not worth my time and energy. I felt like that because I was just focusing on the result.

In 7th grade history class, I just wanted to finish the class, I didn’t care about what we were learning at all. I just wanted to get through the day so I could go home and play basketball or video games or whatever I did for fun. I focused so much on the results all the time even as a kid that I missed out on all the fun that comes along with  life. A lot of the fun that comes from making the effort like I’m sitting here shooting zombies in the game. There’s no real purpose to it and I’m having fun.

In your work, if you aren’t having fun at it, that comes through. If you’re trying to do anything from school work to a career, whatever it is, having fun in it is transparent. You can see I’m having fun in this game and that’s contagious. That energy is the most important part of whatever you’re doing. In other words, the effort you’re making is in fact, much more important than any of the results you can get out of it. There’s no more results I can get out of it that are going to give me anything more than the effort I’m going to put into it. The cool thing is with this new format here I can set myself up in a position so I can try.

If you look at the importance of making an effort in life, you can set yourself up  to make the most amount of effort. Focusing on results gets frustrating because you’re focusing on something that’s far away. You’re believing that salvation is in the future. If you believe salvation is in the future, you feel misery because you can’t have salvation now. You have to work for it, you have to struggle through this moment. It’s pretty miserable to circle through the moment.

If you look at the effort and it’s the most important part, you can set things up to maximize the effort you can make. It’s easy for me to talk while I’m playing and make a video when I feel motivated or inspired. I put myself in a position where I can make the effort. I already play video games. If I feel like talking about something during one of the videos then I’ve set myself up so I can make the effort. When you focus on making the effort then you’ll do things so you can maximize the effort. Things that you couldn’t be able to see if you were just trying to focus on the results.

When I get slapped down by the zombies and lose one of my weapons, it’s not a big deal. I’m having fun here and that’s what matters. Today I pray that I’m willing to focus on effort I’m making first and worry about the results second. I’ve found that as long as I focus on the results, life’s a lot better and I’m having a lot of fun. I pray to keep remembering that the effort is all I need to concern myself with. The effort I’m making is all I can control The effort will happen more if I’m focusing on it and thinking about it. I’m trying harder if I’m aware of how hard I’m trying and I’m thinking about it.

I pray today that you see that I’m making the effort. You’re doing everything that’s important and everything that matters. Just by trying you’re doing it today. Thank you for trying this. I love your feedback on it especially since it’s in this new format and I don’t know whether it’s validated or not. I hope you have a great day today.