Convert YouTubers Into Loyal Spotify Followers In 10 Minutes!

Do you have music, a podcast or anything you’d like YouTubers to listen to? If you’ve already done the hard work to make it, it’s time to get people to listen to it.

I have a 3-step process you will love to Convert YouTubers Into Loyal Spotify Followers that share what you’ve created with their audiences.

Convert YouTubers Into Loyal Spotify Followers In 10 Minutes!

Step #1 Find Your YouTubers

Choose the people you’ve already followed, to begin with, and then you can branch out from there. Once you find YouTubers you want to work with, move to step 2.

Step #2 Offer to Sponsor a Video

This gets the YouTuber’s attention and if they’re a small YouTuber, you can start out with as little as $20 and potentially get a big result. If you’ve got a budget for it and you need to save time, go for the bigger YouTubers and you can get a lot of reach and impressions.

Convert YouTubers Into Loyal Spotify Followers

How do you actually get started?

Click on the description on a YouTuber’s video. Look through the links and contact information they have, for example, I already have a sponsored video package on my page. It makes it super easy to order a sponsored video.

Many YouTubers won’t have this. Go to their About page and click on “View Email Address” and you can email them and ask them to sponsor a video from there.

Step #3 Pay Upfront

Once you’ve made contact and said they’re interested in it, offer to pay immediately using something like PayPal. That way, they know you’re serious and they’ve got the money.

If for some reason it doesn’t work out, you can just do a chargeback and easily get your money back. Then see the results. See how enthusiastic they are and see what kind of reaction happens.

For example, Stephen Allen Music was kind enough to sponsor this post’s video. Thank you, Stephen Allen. I’ve listened to “Do or Die” 30 or 40 times in the last few days since he sponsored this post’s video.

I’ve been watching and listening to it on Spotify all day. This song is stuck in my head. Go listen to it and subscribe to Stephen Allen Music on YouTube.

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Thank you for learning about converting YouTubers into loyal Spotify followers.

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