10 Daily Goals for a Happy and Productive Life!

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If you want to be more productive and have a happy life as an entrepreneurfreelancer, or business owner, you can find an exact blueprint that works for me every single day. This course gives an exact system to live one day at a time by accomplishing 10 simple goals every day!

Most of my life I set long term goals, worked hard to complete them, and then quickly moved onto the next one with very little time to enjoy the results of my hard work. Life was frustrating and painful most days. I was able to escape all that by learning to set the same 10 goals every single day. You have the same opportunity to enjoy life in its fullest each day when you take this course!

As an entrepreneur, I have a lot of freedom that can be difficult to manage effectively. This course is about the 10 goals I aim to accomplish every day which make life worth living and solve the majority of my problems in both my personal life and professional life. With sharing these goals with you and explaining the design for living that supports them, you can gain inspiration for adapting your life into these 10 goals starting today.

Most of the lectures are screencapture videos where I show you how the 10 goals today have given me the chance to have everything I could have ever wanted in life and to leave me feeling for the first time like I am enough. You can finish this course today and get started immediately!

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope to see you in the course soon!

Course Content

Add daily goal setting to your life and remove stress of long term goals.
The benefits of daily goal setting explained.
Problems solved with setting goals each day instead of making long term goals.
Tracking daily goals is essential for learning and consistency.
What are my daily goals and how do I practice them?
Building a life defined by accomplishing daily goals. How do I do it?
Daily goal setting looks easy. What makes it difficult and how to fix it?
Congratulations on completing the course! What next?