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Discover how Facebook live gaming at helps gamers turn a hobby into a career!

How do we play video games with the ability to connect with a global audience on Facebook at FB.GG?

With Facebook trying to join Twitch and YouTube as a top place to watch gamers, those of us that play video games on PC, Xbox, and Playstation have the opportunity to get in early on a big new gaming platform!

This class shows exactly how to get started gaming live on Facebook including the basics of the Level Up creator program, what equipment and software such as OBS is needed, how to set up alerts to trigger the most engagement, where to go for help, and inspiration to get through the dip after streaming for a while and impatience for better results sets in.

The skills we learn together in this course prepare us to be confident in any film production, studio setup, and public speaking! If you want to try gaming on Facebook and deliver the best show for the audience watching, will you please take this class because you will love learning the best of what I have learned in thousands of hours live streaming video games online?

Years of Live Streaming Experience

After 100+ live game streams on Facebook and outstanding earnings from donations, you can see what works best for success and skip the painful learning process I went through to get here!

Simple Ideas, Powerful Results!

Everything in this course is easy to get started with and take action on today!