Love, Dating, and Marriage Success from Single to Happily Ever After!

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If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, finding a great partner in life is the easiest way to do it! Use this course to learn about successful dating, relationships, and marriage based on my experience doing nearly everything you can do wrong for 10 years and then finally doing it right in meeting, dating, and marrying my wife!

I am grateful as of today I have been happily married for almost 8 years and have been dating my wife for more than 9 years after struggling through my teenager and early adult years with dating and relationships more than anything!  My marriage is one of surpreme happiness where we both feel safe talking about anything, enjoy intimacy more frequently than most couples, and are consciously choosing our relationship every day!  After reading so much bad information about dating, I am grateful for the chance to share with you what really works!

You will appreciate this course whether you are single, dating, or in a relationship now because it will continue to expand with new lectures indefinitely. The inspiration you get out of each lecture can be used to know that you are worthy of love right now the way you are. The practical tips included in the first section are great whether you just want to be a better partner for the person you are with or be able to find the person of your dreams!

We begin with a look at the importance of getting our own lives together in order to attract the partner of our dreams!  We review our most important areas such as appearance, spirituality, bad habits, and self love!  We consider that dating may often feel like gambling where the only way to win is to keep playing the game!  We drop any ideas about playing games and simply treat others the way we want to be treated.

Next, we look at how to setup a successful online dating profile and convert interest into messages and an in person meeting.  Once we meet in person, we look at success strategies for the first date.  Our course ends with a few lessons helpful in making a successful relationship for the long term including how to get through tough times!

If you want to have a happy relationship with an amazing partner for the rest of your life, I trust you will take this course today, start watching the videos immediately, and begin applying what you learn!  Thank you for reading this and I hope you love the course!


Jerry Banfield

Course Content

DATING: Get Ready to Attract The Partner Of Your Dreams!
Online Dating Success from Profile to Meeting In Person!
Successful Dating from First Meeting to Relationship!
From New Relationship to Happily Ever After!