How To Become A Millionaire Starting From $0!

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What if you were a millionaire today with over $500,000 cash in the bank, your entire home paid off with no mortgage, and a few hundred thousand dollars of investments? How financially secure would you feel? Where would you spend your day? Which activities you are currently doing would be out of your life? Who would you want to hang out with?

If you are like me, the idea of you actually becoming a millionaire might have seemed out of reach or a fantasy for most of your life. Your day to day reality is probably more like barely paying the bills, juggling debt, and maybe saving a little bit which tends to always find a way to get spent on some unplanned expense.

When you take this course, we are committing to embrace a new life as millionaires with me leading the way by example from start to finish! As I write this on April 16, 2020 the money in my bank accounts is less than $10,000. The mortgage on my home is over $250,000 remaining. Student loan balances are about $200,000 along with credit card debt and business loans bringing in another $200,000 or so for a total net worth of NEGATIVE $300,000+ when including the value of my home which is about $300,000.

As you read this, you might wonder how I can be bold enough to teach a course on becoming a millionaire. Let me explain! I am creating this course because I have a vision of this class being the best in the world for teaching you (and me) how to become millionaires. The starting point is seeing where all current courses are failing. Every course and video I have seen so far is a “how I did it” course which any millionaire can easily make after the reality is available. Often the memory of how things actually were can be a bit distorted and the student is left thinking “That might have worked for you but it will not work for me.”

What you really need to become a millionaire is to see someone take the entire journey from a point you can relate with all the way to the desired goal! That’s what we are doing in this course. I am starting from having a NEGATIVE NET WORTH of more than $300,000 and I am telling you that I MUST become a millionaire.

This course is my path to becoming a millionaire because the best teaching is BY EXAMPLE. When you see that I start ONLY ON FAITH and then manifest the millionaire into a reality, you will know you have the exact same power. When you watch the videos in my course, you will know that no matter what your situation is, you can walk forward into your millionaire lifestyle starting from faith and getting into focused action that helps others.

What can you expect as a student in this course? Each week, I will add one new video until I reach a clearly defined millionaire status. The final video in the course will show the appraised value of my house, the total of all bank accounts my wife and I have, the $0 balance credit report, and the sum of the appraised value of all investment accounts. You can expect the total on this amount to be more than one million dollars.

How long will this course become? That we will discover together! I am filming this course because I asked the question “What is the one course I can film that will make creating all of my other courses easier or unnecessary?” This course is the masterpiece I have been practicing for years to create.

Watching this course will change your life forever because you will know where you need to start, what the path is like on the way to your destination, and exactly what your goal looks like! As a thank you for reading all this way, you can even take this course (or any other on my website) for free (if it is your first course with me) using coupon code MILLIONAIREZERO.

Thank you for reading this and I will see you at the top!


Jerry Banfield

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