The Complete TikTok Course — 0 to 1M Views + Make Stories on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

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Are you ready to learn about TikTok? TikTok is the fastest growing new social media app on iOS and Android with over a billion users already. Meanwhile, the amount of creators compared to users is still relatively low meaning now is the perfect time for creators hoping to build a following with mobile first vertical video to get started!

In my first few months on TikTok, I am grateful my videos were viewed over 2 million times starting from 0 following! In this course, you will see exactly what worked for me which will help you discover a unique content creation strategy that will work for you!

Course Description

You will begin the course by hearing more about why TikTok is worth learning and spending time using compared to other crowded social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube where competition among creators makes growing a following difficult or impossible for most while going viral on TikTok is relatively easy. After seeing the basics of how to use TikTok, I will walk you through how to make your own videos in the video editor. The best part is you will be able to instantly share these videos as engaging stories on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube empowering you to easily create engaging content for those already following you on other social media platforms!

You can depend on my teaching to be effective in helping you grow on TikTok based on my own experience getting millions of views in my first few months on TikTok at as well as being in a mastermind with Joe Parys at who has helped me learn and duplicate what as worked for him to get to almost half a million followers in just 3 months on TikTok! Thank you for reading this and I trust given you are this far in, you will love taking this course!