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Learn what has worked for me to build 291,000+ subscribers at in this complete online video class which includes 11+ hours of HD video tutorials, lifetime access to ask me questions, and updates with everything new I am learning!

What You’ll Learn!

  • A complete system for making viral YouTube videos fast using either screen capture or webcam combined with using Google AdWords for video to rank your videos as high as possible founded upon effective title, description, and tagging practices.
  • Answers to every single question you have about YouTube when you post a new discussion in the course.
  • Feedback on your YouTube videos and YouTube channel from me and from students in the course.
  • Tips for successfully making a title that both ranks well on your keywords and gets people to actually watch the video.
  • Tricks for tagging your video in a way that will bring you the most suggested video views.
  • A system for writing a description on the video that gives a huge SEO boost to your video and encourages people to click on the links you share in the video. I use this system to make hundreds of sales every day on Udemy most of them starting from YouTube.
  • You will appreciate that I have honest proven experience making my own YouTube channel successful making videos I love on everything from Facebook to Google AdWords, gaming, dating, and motivation without using any gimmicks to get traffic that is not relevant to who I am and what I am doing.


You can start this course with any level of experience with YouTube. The more you know to begin, the easier it will be to apply what you learn!

Course Description

If you want to be successful on YouTube, you might love this course! When you take this course now, you lifetime access to principles and strategies responsible for bringing me more than 15 million YouTube views, 290,000+ subscribers, and $1.6 million in sales online! You can apply what you learn in this course to whatever you are doing! Students posting discussions in the course now are mostly using YouTube as a hobby or for business and hoping to eventually make money by uploading videos.

If you are reading more now, you want to be sure that this is the right YouTube course for you. With so many courses to choose from, I have designed this YouTube course to be honest and aimed at helping you do what you are already doing better. You can probably guess that with 10,000+ students taking this course, 10+ hours of HD video, and reviews that are consistently positive, the course is probably a good investment.

While I love data like what I just shared with you, you might prefer simply to be able to ask me any question you have about YouTube. I will answer every question you ask in the course about YouTube and do my best to give you a complete answer that is useful. As a student of other YouTube courses on Udemy, I think the single most helpful thing you get in my course is the ability to have a genuine discussion with me over time as you work on building your channel. I will actually watch your videos and give you feedback when you share with me in the course.

To become a student, find the blue “add to cart” button button above to enroll. You risk no money enrolling because of the 30 day no questions asked refund policy. 98% of students do not request a refund which then just leaves your time. If you still are not sure about taking the course, maybe these stories of what the students before you experienced will be more useful than whatever I can say about this course. Maybe you can see if you identify with where they were when they took the course and what they got out of it.

Best Youtube Course! — Course Review by Raygon Smith.

I am very happy with this course. Jerry (Instructor) teaches all about creating YouTube videos, optimizing it and ranking it to the top. The course is all in one solution if you are looking to know:- How to create a YouTube video? How to do YouTube SEO? How to analyze my competition and make use of their keywords? How to rank first? And Learn to use YouTube Analytics 😀 & Many More. Suggestion : Everything is perfect except the name. Its not bad but not perfect. You should write something like “The Complete YouTube Channel Course: From Creating a Video to Ranking it to the top” 😛 I took few of the YouTube courses in uDemy but by far this is the most exciting and knowledgeable one but its quite long too 😛

Jerry does it again! — Course Review by Ryan Carter.

I took some of Jerry’s other courses before this one, and they were excellent as well. This course will show you all you need to know to be successful on YouTube. I know, because I right now have several videos on the first page and many in the top 5 when I had no idea how to do that before. Jerry is THE marketing wizard you need to get things done and working on YouTube and in other areas of your online business. I’ve enrolled in most of Jerry’s courses and the quality is always top notch. You can’t go wrong here.

These two reviews best summarize what you can expect to gain from taking this course! Anything you want to do on YouTube will be much easier after taking this course!

Who Is This Course For?

  • If you have your own YouTube channel or are thinking about making one and want to build your views, subscribers, and earnings from YouTube, I think you will love this Udemy course! If you are uploading videos about gaming or a hobby, you will find motivation to upload new videos more consistently and get strategies that will work to rank your videos as high as possible.
  • If you are trying to use YouTube to make money, you will find several choices for monetizing your channel that work much better than using AdSense.