How to Create Skillfeed Course and Make Passive Income

Creating a Skillfeed course is something you can do to make money on Skillfeed pretty easily. All you have to do is create a course on Skillfeed using existing video you have and then you get paid every time people watch it. What a sweet system, right?

That’s why I have made a bunch of courses on Skillfeed. I will show you how to make new courses. I’ve got 46 courses published and while they don’t make much individually, on average, every Skillfeed course I upload is worth about $5 a month in passive income. I’ve got 46 courses up right now, you do the math. Of course, I’m going to keep creating more.

Here’s how I create new course. I go up here:

Create a new course on Skillfeed

I’ve already synced my course video file with Dropbox and that’s a big thing you’ll see in this course. I’m taking the video course title copied, I pick the title up there and I’ll put this in web development and then I’ll put expert. I’ll create this course.

Now I need to go down here in the title. Now I need to go down here and I put it in software, Facebook and then I do something like general advertise, advertising, ads, marketing, and put as many marketing tags as possible. I put a couple in here and that’s good to start.

Next, I upload multiple videos from Dropbox. I go into Dropbox and go into my Skillfeed folder and pick the video to upload.

how to upload your course on Skillfeed

The best part is I’ve already uploaded that other video in another course, but so what. I’ll stick it in this one, too. I’ll just put that video as the second one in here because if anyone actually watches through it, I’d like to have the chance that someone watches the second one, too. They’re both part of the same thing so I put both of them there.

If you try to do a video manually from Skillfeed, it takes forever, don’t do it. Just upload your videos to Dropbox and then put your video in directly so Skillfeed can direct process from Dropbox. I used to upload my files individually and it was a nightmare. You want to go in and do it just like that. Watch how fast while I’m doing it these videos process because these videos will literally process while I’m doing this.

Now I need to add some keywords and tags. Keywords are very important so I go start with the general ones. Facebook 2015, Ads, Facebook Ads, Advertising, Ad, CPC, tutorials, cheap, clicks, conversions. I put brute force tags in because when people go in and search I want to have the best chance of coming up so I put training course, demo, things like Power Editor, and then I tag the heck out of it.

I put cost per click because I want to show up in as many results as possible. I put things like Facebook then I can put things directly like Facebook Ads, Facebook Advertising, business, Facebook Ads Tutorial, Facebook 2015, Facebook marketing,  general things like marketing, advertisement. Then I can take course ideas from here so I can use Facebook for Business, Facebook Page, Facebook. These are not necessarily suggested on searches. What I’m trying to do is just get as many things up as possible. Then I can use Tutorial, Conversion, I just want to get up as many as possible. Business skills, what I ultimately want is catch some of those things people are searching for and be the only one in the niche.

I can even use dark posts, dark post, boosted post, boost post, so I’m getting in all kinds of niche opportunities. That’s the beauty of Skillfeed if you can put a little effort into tagging. I can also use FB Ads, FB Ads 2015, FB Advertising, FB Marketing, FB Power Editor so when people type this in search I come up and I’m the only one there.

If you repeat a tag, it won’t let you put it up again. I can even do Facebook Marketing Secrets, Facebook Marketing Content, Facebook Marketing 2015, just getting in as many of these as I can. Even if I double tag on my own videos, I want to be able to have several search results come up in the exact same category and that’s the beauty of this strategy.

I’ve got tons of great tags in here and I want even more so I want things like low, cheap, lowest, method, ways, tips, tricks, just general things people might search for in there so my video comes up all over the place.

It’s sorted on popularity so I need to get it watched more often so it’s especially important to tag really broad on Skillfeed.

I’ve got my tags up and that’s enough because realistically I spend enough time doing that. I just want a basic quick course description, too. The course description’s not featured that much across Skillfeed I just want to get it done: Learn how to get low cost clicks out of Facebook Ads in 2015 using this.

I’ve got the whole description typed out so that’s all I need right there and I’m still waiting on these videos to process, but there’s one more quick step I need. I need the actual image. I don’t actually need the videos to process, I can submit for review before they actually process.

Now I’m going to take you over into Canva as I make a quick image for my course. I want to try and use one of my existing images and I want to do this quick and dirty. I just want a quick little image I can use in order to use for my new tutorial. I can use this one.

How to Create Your Skillfeed Course Image in Canva

I’d rather copy this image into a new one. I click on it and all I have to do is change the title. I’ve got a nice simple title, copy and put that into the name, I change the title in the right hand corner and hit download as an image Canva will start preparing the image. Once my download is ready, I go back to Skillfeed and put it in.

I just downloaded the image and It pops up in my downloads so I drop it in Course Image and now it’s processing. Now I’ve got a little image up that may not be perfect or the best image ever, but it’s functional.

My videos are still processing and that’s okay. I know they’re going to process from Dropbox so all I do now is hit submit for review and I’ve submitted videos for review that were processing.

I hit submit for review and now my course has went right there and it’s submitted for review, so if you want to get started on Skillfeed I’d be honored if you take a look at this real quick.

Skillfeed has a sweet little program for doing referrals. If you use this link you can sign up for Skillfeed and that lets Skillfeed know that I told you about Skillfeed if you don’t want to. I’d be honored if you did go to Skillfeed using this link because whatever you earn, Skillfeed will then give me a bonus of 10%. If you earn $200 a month, Skillfeed will give me $20 a month on top of what you’ve earned so it’s a sweet system where everyone actually makes more money out of it so if we all referred each other we’d all be making more money on Skillfeed.

Thank you for watching this, I hope it’s been helpful for showing you how to use Skillfeed to get your videos created and quickly put up courses that people can then watch.

It’s so simple, you can use any HD video to do it and all you have to do is upload all the videos, get them approved, get your tax information up, and  then leave them up indefinitely and pay you for every minute watched, how sweet is that?

I hope this has been helpful. Thank you for enjoying this with me and I hope to continue sharing more with you soon.