Do You Believe that Crop Circles and Cow Mutilations Exist?

Let’s go out to the farm for a minute or for a long blog post, I should say, out into the countryside where cow mutilations and crop circles are the nice present day reminders of our past history being much deeper than we ever imagined.

Do You Believe that Crop Circles and Cow Mutilations Exist?

Do You Believe that Crop Circles and Cow Mutilations Exist?

Let’s look at crop circles first.

Crop circles, if you have heard anything about them, you probably already know that crop circles are these amazing formations that often happen in fields that can only be seen from the air. If you are walking around on the ground, you may notice that some of the stalks for example on the corn are bent over, and they are certain sections of the field laying down, but the idea with the crop circle is it has to be seen from the air.

Let's look at crop circles first.

Image by Jabberocky (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Whatever it looks like on the ground doesn’t make sense, but when you look at it from the air, it is often a beautiful geometrical formation, something you might see on a Windows Media Player screensaver, at least one of the older versions, or something you might see in math class, in a book, or something that you might work on and draw for years to make a beautiful painting.

You have to see these crop circles for yourself. I can describe them as best as I can, but you will really understand when you do a search and just look at some crop circles if you haven’t seen some already, and you will know what I’m talking about, rather than me taking a thousand more words to describe them.

Let's look at crop circles first.

Image by sirk_nala [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

These crop circles are consistently beautifully formed. That means that they look absolutely perfect from the air, incredible to behold from the air. Now of course, there has been a theory about the crop circles being a hoax and there is no doubt that some crop circles have been man made.

Are crop circles man made?

Yes, it is possible, you can go take a board connected to a couple of ropes and go out in any field — I wouldn’t recommend trespassing on anyone’s field — and use your board, step on whatever is growing out there, and break it down so that it looks like a crop circle.

Skeptics out there say that it is so easy to make a crop circle, that these crop circles are just hoaxes, that all the crop circles are just man made.

Are crop circles man made?

Here is a little data you may or may not have heard before. These crop circles appear all over the world in almost every country, in all different fields, all over the place. Sure you could expect that someone doing a hoax could travel or that people just might find it funny to go take a board out and do a crop circle, and get a big news story about their farm or wherever they are located.

Now the other thing that you may not have heard is the difference between the man-made ones and the real ones. The difference between the ones where someone has taken a board, and then the difference between the real crop circles, it is like the difference between watching a child throw some paint, mess around, and try to paint something like the paintings I used to do in third or fourth grade, versus a master like Michelangelo doing the Sistine Chapel, or Leonardo da Vinci doing the Mona Lisa, whoever you want to use as your master painter.

The difference between the man-made crop circle, hoax-crop circles versus the real ones is that different. Almost any person looking at the crop circle itself is able to notice the absolute perfection of the real crop circles.

Man-made crop circles look very sloppy. The boards that are used to step on a crop circle just push over, bend, and break the whatever type of crop is out there in the field. They tend to just bend it over and break it in a real sloppy fashion, which is very easy to see.

The real crop circles look like it is a shot of plasma or something like that, it lands and everything is absolutely perfectly broken or bent at the exact same angle. The difference if you see the footage they show on “Ancient Aliens” is absolutely clear.

The man-made ones just look halfway done. The real ones look like they have been hit by something that at the same moment pushes everything down in exactly the same fashion. There is just this beautiful perfection you can see about the real crop circles. Even from the air the man-made ones, the angles aren’t all quite smooth. It just doesn’t look the perfection of the real ones.

When you see the real ones from the air, you can see that perfect beauty instantly. The perfectly rounded circles even in the middle of a crop like corn. The perfect triangles, the geometrical formations that you can take straight into a computer and analyze, incredible formations.

Now you might ask, what are the purpose of these crop circles?

Apparently the purpose of these crop circles is communication. It is communication among people who are able to fly over them. Now you might ask, well who would be flying over these, airline pilots?

Yes, but there are all kinds of people and even species, extraterrestrials, who could be seeing these. It appears to be good evidence that there are ancient crop circles as well, that it is a means of communication that has been used for a long time. Who would have been flying more than two hundred years ago and looking at crop circles?

There are lines in Nazca, which is in South America, they are called the Nazca Lines. They are the same kinds of things as crop circles. These are things that can only be seen from the air. There is even one Nazca line that looks like an alien waving, an alien like an ET, the extraterrestrial. There is an ET Nazca line waving and these are things you can only see from the air. You might barely be able to notice the lines on the ground.

Nazca Lines, Human Figure or ET, Peru

Crop circles are communication among the gods you might say, among those with flying ships. Whoever has the advanced technology to use crop circles probably didn’t just start doing it since we started flying back in the 1900s. It looks like, and the theory is that some kind of plasma shot is used to do the crop circles, the plasma shot is fired from somewhere else and when it lands on the crop circle area, then it instantly creates the entire crop circle. As soon as it hits, the whole crop circle just pops out right then.

Now whoever has that kind of technology didn’t just do it because humans could start flying. They are more than likely communicating with the others who have high technology as well, and now us, humans, are able to actually observe these things as well.

What do crop circles say?

It seems that one intergalactic language is math because you can see how math translates across every different language. Math is basically the same regardless of what language you are in. Obviously you count from one, two and three. It doesn’t matter what the actually words for one, two and three are. The intention is still the same. Math is something that goes between, among all different languages so it is likely it goes throughout the galaxy too.

Many of these mathematical formulas then you can see within crop circles. The crop circles are loaded with mathematical information, geometrical shapes. Some of them say simple things like you have seen before.

For example, there is one that looks like a heaven and earth kind, and that one seems to be the “as above, so below.” Then there are so many different crop circles, if you put them all together, it would seem like quite a conversation going on.


The question is who is firing off the responses on our end?

How are these being transmitted across, is it planets, is it the galaxy? How far are these coming from?

I would like to know what’s the lag time on them. How long does it take a crop circle to get made here versus when it was initiated on the other side?

Are these being done over just a few seconds?

Some of these could have been sent hundreds of years ago from across the galaxy.

Now imagine the precision it would take to aim something like that. I would guess these are being communicated on a bit shorter range with shorter lag time. I wouldn’t think you would fire this away from ten thousand light years away, and try to hit the Earth in the exact right spot on Earth from there, but that’s the thing, the technology to do this is higher than what we have today. All we can do is speculate.

It is not possible to make one of those perfect crop circles, the real ones that are all over the world, with boards, or using any technology anyone has publicly available.

Even if you had a big cookie cutter and came down from above and pressed out the cookie cutter, it still wouldn’t look as good as these crop circles do. It still would look like it was done with manual labor.

Between those two facts that the absolute perfection of the crop circles and that they don’t look like they have been manually broken either. It doesn’t look like something has pushed it down from the top. It looks almost like it has been hit, like the force came almost in the middle of the stick of corn for example.

Crop circles 28

The force might have come in the middle to take it down, which you wouldn’t be able to do just pushing anything down. It is amazing to see these and they are everywhere. They go in all different fields. I don’t know if they have ever even been in the same field twice. It is all over the planet on almost every continent. Now I don’t know if there could be any on Antarctica since I’m not sure there are any crops growing on Antarctica, but you get my point.

Long story short, crop circles are some form of intergalactic communication. That’s what it seems like or it could just be intersolar system communication as well. There is some kind of extraterrestrial communication that has been going on for a long time.

The Nazca Lines are a bit different because there is no crops in those areas, and they are really old. We don’t even know how old the Nazca Lines are. The Nazca Lines actually look like there is a long stretch in this one area of communication in binary. There are all these little holes in the ground and it looks like it is a zero-one communication. It looks like it is essentially computer code pressed out on the ground.

Nazca Lines Parrot

By Unukorno (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The fact remains no matter rather it is the hoax ones or not, all of these crop circles are intended to be seen from the air. Why would people even do things designed to be seen from the air?

The hoaxes in fact are copies of the real crop circles. There are so many crop circles all designed to be seen from the air. Even if there was some worldwide crop circle conspiracy, it would involve a whole lot of people. It still begs the question why would people make something that’s intended just to be seen from the air in a field?

You would think if people wanted something to be seen from the air, they would do it in a format that lasted a bit longer. Hence crops are seasonal, the crops grow very quickly and grow through whatever damage was done to them. Now here is another interesting artifact with crop circles. With the man-made ones, they are simply being pressed down so when the crops grow up, there is no lingering evidence that there was a crop circle.

When the crop circles are real, they are done by whoever started doing them and continues doing them. When they are real, there is this little after effect and the current theory is plasma. The plasma leaves a residue on the area of where the crop circle happened.

It is amazing to see how these things like crop circles are just right out in the open and most people know about crop circles, and how easily it is quickly dismissed with something like, “Oh it’s just a hoax.” If you look for the evidence, it will be all in front of you. The main evidence to me is the number of crop circles. The amount of crop circles in the amount of places worldwide is incredible, so take a deeper look if you want to learn more about crop circles.

Let’s look at cow mutilations now.

The same things happen with cow mutilations. Well, at least you could say the same thing is that something weird goes on out in these farmers’ fields with cow mutilations.

Cow mutilations are worldwide just like these crop circles are. The cow mutilations happen in the fields just like the crop circles. Now the difference is, there isn’t some widespread idea that cow mutilations are hoaxes because it takes a pretty sick imagination to go mutilate a cow.

I've heard that cattle mutilations are on the rise

Now obviously it is pretty reasonable to say that anyone anywhere could go step on a board and it is cool to make a crop circle. Hell, I might even want to try making a crop circle sometime, that sounds like fun, if I actually got out of my house and didn’t spend all day on the Internet.

Cow mutilations have a lot of the same properties as crop circles in that they happen out on farms all over the world. They don’t have a clear purpose, reason, or even methodology. We don’t know exactly how crop circles happen. We don’t know exactly how these cow mutilations happen either. There is no way that these are some worldwide hoax though because it would take a whole lot of sick people hacking up cows for no apparent reason all over the globe to make sense of a hoax. That would seem very disturbing.

If you didn’t get the previous description or to reinforce that because it seems to take a lot of repetition in my life to learn something, a cow mutilation is when a cow is mutilated. Obviously this is pretty straightforward.

What do I mean by mutilated?

Usually the cow is dead and this is a cow with an unexplained death. The cow is just out there walking around on a field and all of a sudden the cow is mutilated and dead. It doesn’t look like it is done by an animal. It looks like it is done actually by some advanced technology. Farmers that have seen their cows alive the day before often report some kind of UFO flying around, and then the next day usually just one cow sometimes, but often there are many cows mutilated.

Let's look at cow mutilations now.I say mutilated because that’s what they are called and because things that are done to them don’t make rational sense. For example, half of a cow’s face will be cut off. Then, the rest of the cow is just dead. It looks like the cow’s face was cut off by a laser. What’s often weird is that the other animals often will leave some of these mutilated corpses alone as if they realize something weird was done to them, and they don’t want to mess with them.

The cow mutilations are weird also in that sometimes it is a whole lot of cows at once. Farmers will come out and find that their whole herd has been slaughtered in the middle of the night. They are all mutilated in these weird ways. Sometimes they will all have like a half side of their face cut off. Then, the cow is just dead for no obvious reason. Then other times it may be something weird like there is a leg missing.

What is going on with these cow mutilations?

It doesn’t make any rational sense unless you start thinking about the bigger picture. Maybe there are some species of extraterrestrials who need these cow parts for themselves. Now, it doesn’t appear like the humanoid ones at least that are just like us would necessarily need these parts for themselves, but maybe there are some other species who are using these cow parts for something, or maybe there are some other species who want the cows for their own purpose and is going forward in genetically modifying them for their own purpose.

What is the big cow conspiracy here?

There seems to be something going on.

Even deeper than that, now, as I have started this adventure into what you might call vegan eating based on eating whole plant foods because according to the book “How Not to Die,” which is by a doctor who has researched these things for a lot of his life, it looks like medically the way to prevent the top fifteen diseases and causes of death is to eat a whole plant food based diet. That means things like raw fruits and vegetables, which is half of my diet, and then beans, nuts, spices and whole grains, so a diet strong and filled with those things.

What is going on with these cow mutilations?

When eating this way, I have now suddenly started to ask why is it that cows seem to pervade the supermarket?

Why is milk in almost everything I try and eat?

Why is it almost everything I try and buy has milk in it?

What is the big deal with milk?

Why is milk so pervasive?

Is that just a custom?

I don’t know.

Why is it that so many processed foods are made with milk?

Why does it seem like cows are emphasized in our culture so much when there are all these other things we could eat?

Then we all get fat.

I have been fifty or sixty pounds more overweight than I am right now. I think I’m at a healthy weight right now, I’m 185 at 5’11. I think I’m at a good weight now. Most of life I have been pretty overweight, and most of my life I had a big focus on eating cows and drinking cow’s milk.

Why out of all the things I could eat?

My uncle recommended a movie to me “Cowspiracy,” which I haven’t watched yet, so maybe that will reveal more.

The bottom line with crop circles and cow mutilations.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of unexplainable things going on with the crop circles and cow mutilations. It is just not obvious at all why either of these are going on unless you start putting things in an intergalactic sense, and then it seems pretty logical. The crop circles are for communication. Then, someone has something they are doing with these cows. More than likely it is related to either using them for replacement parts or something, or studying them for food, or even using them to produce climate change or some kind of natural gas.

When you continue to look deeper and deeper in these things, cow mutilations and crop circles, the whole picture either gets clearer that you see you are part of a strange world that is part of a much bigger galaxy, or the picture continues to get more and more mysterious.

What is going on right in our backyards with crop circles and cow mutilations?

I don’t know.

I have presented the best of what I do know. You can learn lots and lots more if you want to become an expert on either of these subjects.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I invite you to learn more in my book:

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World History Reloaded

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