How to Set a Custom Kickstarter Project URL?

How can you set up a custom Kickstarter URL for your project? This is really easy as long as you know how to generate the URL.

What you can do is this simple trick. I’ll show you first how not to do it and then I’ll show you how to get it exactly how you want it.

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When you’re ready to launch your project, click on Promotion. If you haven’t done your project yet and you want some tips check out my post on how to start a Kickstarter project. 

How to Set a Custom Kickstarter Project URL?
Default generated URL

If you want to generate your own custom URL go to Promotion once your project is approved and then click Generate my URL. What you will see by default when you generate your URL is it will be this messy, nasty URL. What it does is it takes your profile name, for me it’s jerrybanfield, -show-season-1. That’s terrible.

So what you do is you just go back, you want a shorter URL in order to give a more shareable URL. Go back to Basic and then redo the title, just for the URL.  What I will do is I cut my title right here and I’ll put it in show1. This is what I want the URL to be on the project. I want it to just be exactly what I will show you in a minute. 

How to Set a Custom Kickstarter Project URL?

Next I go down and hit Save. Obviously I don’t want to launch a project like this but that’s fine. You set that URL up once. Now you go back to Promotion, click on Generate my URL and look at this beautiful URL

How to Set a Custom Kickstarter Project URL?

Doesn’t that look a whole lot better? It would be ideal if Kickstrarter would let you take projects out and just let you put show1 but they don’t. Thus you change your title. Now what I will do is I hit Yes, confirm it. This is my project title.

What I do is I go back to the Basics, paste my last title back in and I hit Save. Now my title has changed but guess what, URL is still the same. Therefore I’ve got my URL set to exactly what I wanted, set at 

I’ve got a nice sure URL here and I’ve got the title of my project back to what I wanted it to be. Therefore, let me repeat it again. Go to Basic, change the title you want for your URL here, go to Promotion, generate the URL and then go and change it back. 

Make sure you didn’t  save during all of that. Note that once you set up your URL you can’t change your URL again, therefore you get one shot at this. Make sure you want to stick with that URL and you can’t just put only the numbers either. I was going to put just /1 in but then forgot to put some letters in there.

Thank you very much for watching, l this I hope this is helpful.

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