10 Daily Goals to Better Yourself and Reach Your Goals

Why do I set daily goals instead of setting long term goals today? Most of my life, I used to set goals like I want to graduate from college, I want to lose a certain amount of weight. I want to have a girlfriend, get married, or have a family.

Today, I set goals I can do in one day. I have 10 goals I set that are the same every single day. Those goals are primary. It’s not that I’m not aware of long terms goals. It’s that my daily goals are primary.

All long term goals must exist within a daily goal. For example, I am interested in being at my idea weight. I could make a goal to be at my ideal weight. Instead, I set up goals to exercise every day, to eat healthy every day and those are what I do every single day. Those are my primary goals. The idea of getting to a certain weight is secondary. It is not as important as doing the work, getting an exercise routine, or having a healthy diet to track what I eat.

The daily goals are what’s primary because I can work on those today. I can’t go and lose a certain amount of weight in one day. I can’t get in the best shape of my life in one day. What I can do is work on the daily portion today. I understand that when I take care of the daily part, the long term goal will  accomplish itself.

It won’t look like I even need any long term goals. When I use my 10 daily goals correctly, there’s no need to set long term goals. For example, I used to set income goals for my business to make 5k or 10k a month. Then when I hit those goals, I would waste the fruits of all that labor. I would go and party. I nearly went bankrupt because I was so happy I made this goal I set. Now I have a goal to do something productive every day.

That eliminates the need for me to set any income goals. There’s no need to set income goals when I have the intention of being healthy and productive in my work every day. It’s a much simpler way of living because I just have to do my ten goals every day.

What are my ten goals?

My first goal is to not cause any pain and suffering and misery on this planet. I like to phrase that through staying sober. To me, that’s a mindset. It’s a way of living where life is peaceful and I’m not making other people or myself miserable. That’s a good way for me to phrase it.

It works in line with the problems I’ve had for most of my life. It allows me to do something simple and to think something simple. Don’t poison myself or anyone else around me and life will be pretty sweet. Life will be pretty good from there. That’s my first goal and that goal allows all the other goals to happen. If I’m not living a healthy life every day then there’s no hope for accomplishing anything else. If I’m not causing pain and suffering every day, then I have the ability to do the other nine goals.

From there, my next goal is to do a little bit of good in every relationship I have every day. That means to be a good husband. That means to be a good father, friend, and video producer here with you. That means to do a good job with whatever roles I’m playing. One of the big things I do in my life is I have relationships with other human beings. One of the biggest parts of my life today is my relationships with other human beings. If I’m messing up my relationships with other human beings, then I’m not going to be able to have a good life. It’s not going to be easy for me to contribute or do any of my other goals.

I start by praying that in the morning. I ask to be a good husband every day first thing in the morning. That gives me the ability to actually do it. That allows me to go through and not do things that sabotage my relationships each day. That’s my second goal to do a little bit of good in my relationships with other human beings every day.

From there comes my third goal to eat healthy every day. I try to eat in a way that leaves me feeling energetic and leaves me feeling good about who I am and how I’m acting. I notice poor eating is one of the biggest sources of bad moods, frustration and anger. I find that when I make an effort to eat healthy, I feel better which makes everything else easier.

It’s not easy to be a good person in a relationship when you’re hungry. It’s like that Snickers commercial. You’re not yourself when you’re hungry. It’s hard to be a good husband and a good father when I’m hungry. The first thing I do every morning when I get out of bed is eat. That allows me to have a much better chance at doing a better job in my relationships each day.

After that, the next step then is exercise. I try to get some exercise every single day because when I exercise I feel good. I’ve noticed I have some friends in their 70’s they are active in their lives. One of the common denominators is that they exercise every single day.

They go to the gym or they walk or move things. They do some kind of exercise every single day. It doesn’t have to be hard exercise. I don’t have to work out at the gym like I used to with all these crazy weight lifting. I do some personal training, but just a little bit whether it’s just taking a walk every day.

Then my next goal is to do something productive. Today, I’ve made some courses of Udemy. To me, that’s productive. That’s enough to fill my productive role. You could count this as productive if you think this is something I’m doing that’s productive.

My next goal is to have fun. It doesn’t matter what I accomplish here. It’s purely for fun. I’m making these videos with you.

Then I try to help someone every single day. I try to do something that’s not just purely selfish, but that’s truly for someone else every day. Maybe making this video fits into that for you. Maybe it’s something else I’m doing for someone else. For example, I called a guy at Apple Financial he’s been calling me to talk to me about my iMac. I called him back today and did something that would help him out a lot to get me off of his books. I also helped my wife and called my mom and be a good brother and a good friend.

If you’re not sure exactly where you have opportunities to help, a support group could be a good place to help. There are a lot of people in a lot of support groups that need help. One of my big motivations to go to a support group in the first place was thinking that I could help someone else. I love helping people and I feel like a big reason we’re here on this Earth is to help other people.

Ultimately, you don’t get anything if you’re just helping yourself. Even these videos help me because they help you. It’s a cycle. I’m helpful to you and feel good about myself and then I have a peaceful life from there. Being helpful to other people as much as I can gives me a lot of peace of mind. It gives me a good life today that’s worth living. That’s a good goal I have.

Another daily goal is to be curious and to not think I know it all. I want to look at life like a baby and see what there is to learn about life. I try to be excited like a child today. That’s something that’s a big part of my life. When you’re know-it-all life’s boring. When you want to find out why things work the way they do, life’s exciting. There’s so much to learn and there’s so much to do all the time and that’s rewarding. That’s what I try to do today.

Then I try to fix up and clean up every single day. I try to clean up the problems in my life. I try to clean up the little messes in my life. That allows me to have a life that’s free of clutter. Then I don’t have to go looking for things. I have a family member that spends a significant portion of every day looking for things because they have so many things in their house. I try to have a life today and a house where it’s easy to find things. I try to live my whole life like that to consistently clean up the things I don’t need so I have the right things in my life.

I try to practice prayer and gratitude every single day. I try to be thankful for the good things in my life that I have. I kneel down every night and I do my best to say thank you. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts of today. Thank you for the chance to live today and have a life that I enjoy. I appreciate that I have a chance to be here and have another day on this Earth. Gratitude and taking time to practice it is a daily goal that’s satisfying.

Today, I’m grateful I have these goals in my life that I do every day. Doing these goals every day makes things simple. I know what I need to do every day. There’s not some mystery to how my life needs to unfold. There’s no waiting. I don’t have to wait until I’ve graduated from college to be happy. I don’t have to wait until some long term goal like getting my summer body or getting my deal happens. I can have everything. I can have all the rewards of good living right here today. Not waiting for anything is an amazing gift and that’s why I’ve taken the time to share this with you.

I pray that I remember the daily goals I’ve set and why I set them. I pray that I will be successful in accomplishing my daily goals. I pray that you have the same chance to accomplish any goals that you are setting in your life. I pray that you live life in its fullest today and not have to wait for anything to be happy. Thank you for reading this. Have a great day.

I have actually just finished making a course on this in Udemy. I’ll include a link where you can take the new course on Udemy. It’s in a more organized form and it has more information. I’ve given you the quick abbreviated version here and if you want to take the full course then you might enjoy it.