The Power of Daily Work: How to Increase Productivity

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How will doing daily work make me more productive?

If you are asking yourself what you can do to be more productive, maybe we can answer this question together.

I think the solution is to do a little bit six days per week on what you most care about.  For me, this means a little bit on my relationships with people that care about me, a little bit on my health and fitness, a little bit on my work, a little bit on my spirituality, a little bit on handling my problems, and a little bit on my fun.

One of the areas I have done well on this already is with exercise.  I try to exercise every single day.  I get some satisfaction every day when I exercise and I have been consistently dropping a small amount of weight at the same time.  This plan does not sound as sexy as a diet or produce results that fast.  At the same time, it takes very little thought and energy for me to do something good for myself every day and the long term result is huge.  I have more energy and balance now than at any other time in my life.

Daily work is not easy.

While I recognize the value of doing a little bit each day on a big project like health and fitness, this has been a lot harder for me to implement with work.

The problem is that getting in the habit of doing a little bit every day does not seem like enough and at the same time seems like too much.  For the last three years of creating my business online, I have consistently struggled with how to do the best work in the least amount of time.  What makes this difficult is that fact that I do not get paid in proximity to the work I do that matters.

For example, some of the best work I have ever done is in making some of my Facebook ads training videos.  Hundreds of thousands of people have watched these videos and most of the new business I get is in some part related to people watching those videos.  The videos themselves collectively took less than a hundred hours to make but were based on a lot more hours of experience with Facebook ads.  The results have been hard for me to see because the videos tend to do a little bit for me each day rather than bring in big payoffs.

Still, a little bit each day is worth a lot more than an occasional wave of traffic and much easier to manage.  I am a numbers guy so let’s take a look at this daily productivity chart to see the power of daily work in numbers.  The first column represents one day out of a four week stretch.  The second and third column represent the number of blog posts written each day with the second column representing a do one each day mindset and the third column representing a do as much as I can each week mindset.

Proof that daily work is best.

Day Daily Sporadic
1 1 2
2 1 0
3 1 0
4 1 0
5 1 0
6 1 0
7 0 3
8 1 0
9 1 0
10 1 0
11 1 4
12 1 0
13 1 0
14 0 0
15 1 0
16 1 1
17 1 0
18 1 0
19 1 0
20 1 1
21 0 0
22 1 0
23 1 0
24 1 2
25 1 0
26 1 0
27 1 0
28 0 0
Total 24 13

For my work, I have typically created most of what I do in the manner you see on the right column.  I try to do a little bit each week.  Some weeks I have days where I do a ton of work like write three or four blog posts in one day.  To relate this to a concrete example, my Facebook advertising Udemy course is the product of two actual days of work where I worked nearly twelve hours each day on the course.  The problem is that most of the rest of the year I did nothing on that course.

Working daily produces nearly double.

Marching 20 miles each day will get you farther on your journey than doing the most you can each day.

As you can see from the table, working daily produces nearly double the amount of overall work as trying to do the most I can each week.  This is the “20 mile march” philosophy companies than perform ten times better than average stock market tend to use to be successful.  The challenge for me and probably for you is that seeing daily progress is simply not as rewarding to get started with and sticking to as a habit compared to the huge leaps.  When I create half of one Udemy course during twelve hours of work one day, I feel ridiculously accomplished.  In fact, the last time I felt so accomplished, I drank most of the next day and spent most of the day after that with a hangover.  By the day after that, I had to catch up on my work and was so sick of the Udemy course that it would be months before I would do any more on it.

Relationships tend to work the same way.

My friend’s wife told him that she wanted to fall in love with him every day.

This frustrated him to no end as he described to me like this:  “When I do something special for her on Saturday, it really pisses me off that by Sunday she already has moved on.  It makes me feel like I should just not do anything special at all if she won’t appreciate it.  She tells me that she wants to fall in love every day and I feel like that is ridiculous to ask.”

I feel the same way with work often and the solution seems to be daily work.  If I don’t start the day off doing something like creating this blog post, I do not feel a good sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.  This work is what I love to do and if I jump straight into answering emails and doing work for clients, I end the day with a dissatisfied feeling.  The problem is that I do not get paid right away for doing this kind of work which has always made it easy to postpone or skip doing the work I really enjoy.  When you have your own company, you cannot afford to turn working for yourself into a situation that feels like a job for someone else.  I know because I have done exactly that so many times and the only good solution I see is starting every day off doing the work I enjoy first.  Then, I can do work for clients without resenting them for getting in the way of the work I really want to do.

My commitment to you.

You can depend on me to give you something valuable once each day.

Given this new mission, I am making this commitment to you each day, six days per week because taking a day off is always a good idea.  If God needed a day to rest, I can probably use one too.  Six days per week, you will have one new creative work from me to enjoy.  What I create is usually based on what I am doing and what is helpful to you.  Since I am studying on how to live my own life the best I can and how to build a successful online presence, what I share with you is likely to have value related to these topics.

The cool part is that I am making a system to put all of this into many formats quickly.  I will usually start with a blog post since it is easy for me to organize my ideas quickly in writing.  Next, I will read that blog post to create an audio version and do a screen capture of it to create a YouTube video.  Then, I will post all of that to my website, my podcast hosting, and YouTube.  Finally, I will share that with you, my audience, via Facebook, email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube subscriber feed.

I don’t expect to get much out of this right away.  In fact, I expect some people will be turned off by going from receiving an occasional update from me to seeing me post every day.  That’s okay and I hope people that are not ready for that level of commitment will bail.  What I want is to connect with you, the person that really understands why I work to serve you and uses what I create in your own life.  When I can give you more, I hope you will be able to benefit more.

Thank you for reading, listening, or watching this!

I look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow!


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