Thank you for learning about DASH with me!

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Most Dash currently is purchased by changing a currency such as USD to Bitcoin and then trading the Bitcoin for Dash. As more exchanges allow for USD to Dash purchases, I will add them below!

Change USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, and more into bitcoin or ethereum with a Coinbase wallet at!

I bought the majority of my Dash for my masternode on Poloniex by first buying Bitcoin on Coinbase and then making a deposit of Bitcoin on Poloniex.  Use bitcoin to buy dash on Poloniex at!

Send bitcoin or ethereum to shapeshift to get DASH at!

Invest in a masternode to earn dividends!

What is a masternode, why set it up, and how much does it pay?

Any wallet with 1,000 dash in it can become a masternode by storing all of the dash on one public key and then setting up the masternode server!  Fortunately, made this easy for me to do by providing step by step instructions to getting my masternode running!  All I had to do was get the 1,000 dash, paste my key, pay my invoice, update my masternode.conf file, and issue the command to start my masternode in my wallet command console.  Dash masternodes get 45% collectively of all dash minded which equals around 7 dash or $100 a month currently in rewards! That is around 1% interest PER MONTH!  Masternodes also get to vote on what to do with the dash budget each month used for development, marketing, and research!  The masternode feature of dash is what I think makes it the cryptocurrency most worth investing in which is why I have my own dash masternode today!  After researching this online and buying my dash, the next step I took was to sign up at which you can do through my link to get a 1+ dash credit towards your masternode hosting!

How to participate in the Dash community?

Thank you for learning about DASH with me!