Prayer: The Ultimate Key to Dealing With Frustration In Life

A day spent depressed angry or frustrated is still a day worth living. I’m sharing this with you on a day where I’ve spent a lot of time depressed, irritable, and annoyed. This is one of the more challenging days I’ve had in month. I’m sharing with you in this video what I do to get through these days and still see that they’re worth living.

Life is okay. Even when I am depressed and frustrated and annoyed, I know things won’t always be like that. I know things at some point will get better and that makes a world of difference today. When I used to get down and frustrated I would think life would not get better. Things will always be that way. This is how it is and the only way things will get better is if I change something and if I do something different. I know today that as long as I don’t make things worse, they will get better.

My wife and I have been talking about some things today. I’m having a bit of a hard time and I’ve not always not made things worse, but most of the time I’ve not made things worse. Most of the time I remember what I’m sharing with you and that’s helped me to have a much better day.

My wife and I have had a lot more challenging days than this. I have had a lot more challenging days than this also. The reason they were more challenging is because I kept making them worse. When I have angry thoughts now I realize I don’t have to say them. Those thoughts don’t have any connection to what I actually do. Those thought actually can help me. When I’m having thoughts that are angry or violent or nasty things I could say. Those thoughts are there to show me how hurt I am how miserable I am and those things motivate me to pray.

If all my thoughts were about flowers, and walking on clouds it’s a lot harder to get motivated to get help and learn. Lots of times the best learning comes out of pain and frustration. When I’m in pain suffering and frustration, it’s a great time to open up and ask for help. Today is a great time to open up and ask for help. Today I talk with people about this. I’m here talking with you about this and believe me I tried to avoid making this video today. Yet, if I avoid doing what I’m doing and having a hard day, then how am I going to share the value of talking about it with you?

You often will get two different results when you talk about having a hard time. You’ll get the result of what’s wrong with you. Then, everyone suffocates you as if you’re not doing good enough. You’re already having a hard time to start with, the last thing you want is to have someone come in and reinforce that with you.

Today, I am able to do a much better job with talking about what I’m doing and accepting that sometimes I’m going to get that kind of result. Another thing that I get afraid of when I share is that if everyone won’t come swoop in and give me too much help that people will actually confirm that the problem I’m struggling with is one that I should be doing better with. If I say I’m struggling with something people will give me negative feedback.

Today I share because I know the overall good result is worth whatever trouble I have on account of it. I go forward courageously because as long as I know I am not making it worse and I’m working on making it better things do get better.

I’m working on playing a game of league of legends here because I try to do the same kind of things on a good day and a bad day. I used to freak out on a bad day. When I’m having a bad day I would listen to certain songs. I would try to numb the pain using alcohol or I’ll go overboard on exercise or work.

Today I try to do the exact same things whether it’s a good day or a bad day. That gives me that peace and serenity that things will get better because I know that things on a good day work to have a good day. If those things work on a good day then on a bad day they work to get back to a good day. In other words, it helps me to not make it worse. Often in my life I would try a bunch of new things on bad days. I would try to switch up and make these epic promises. If I was having a bad day I would schedule my life. I would schedule this new routine and this new diet. I often those choices that were picked out poorly. They were overcompensated choices that were done more out of a bad feeling than a good feeling. I’m going to punish myself with this new diet instead of finding a diet that’s sustainable.

When you’re feeling really good, the bad day can seem really foreign. Why would I do that today when everything’s going so well? Why would I want to do that diet today? I’ve got this, I can handle it, I can eat whatever I want. On a bad day I am so ashamed of myself I need to stick to this diet. Talking about things is central to all that to get perspective. It’s amazing when I think I’m having a bad day that often people around me are having a challenging day too. It’s amazing to find out that if you’re having a bad day, you’re never alone. In fact, in your circle of friends and family, I almost guarantee you almost every day someone’s having a bad day.

It’s not helpful for me to criticize other people and say that’s why I’m having a bad day. The root of my bad days are my reaction to what’s going on. My wife’s not doing anything that is causing me to have a bad day. It’s my reaction to how she’s being and my lack of love and understanding is what’s ended up hurting me today. If I’m loving and understanding then everyone else in the world is welcome to act how ever they want to.

If I love and understand you then you can act however you want to and I’m fine with it. I can accept whatever you do whether you steal things from me, copy things from me, or say something nasty. I’ve had thousands of people say nasty things about me online. When I’m in a loving place I feel good about it. I remember I’ve said nasty things before. I remember that when I was in a position of saying nasty things I needed help and that proves more work for me to do. Now, on a day like today it can be easy to miss and not even notice a day like today is happening when a day is challenging.

In the last year I had so many good days that I’ve gotten this false sense of security that there’s never going to be another day that’s challenging. Some days I remember that it’s all worth doing. There’s nowhere better I have to go. This is the day I’m supposed to have. This is the day I need to have. There’s nowhere better I can go. a good day at the core and at the foundation is just another day alive just like a day that you might say is bad ad full of depression and anxiety, hate, hurt. That helps to see all of life like that. When you can see your good days and your bad days are a part of the same amazing life you have, maybe you can see all the things that go on in the world are also a part of the same amazing life that we all have.

I’m honored to have the chance to chance to share this with you today.  It’s one thing to talk about what I do and it’s another thing to practice it. This League of Legends game is the perfect opportunity to practice what I share with you and to play the game as I normally would. It doesn’t matter what kind of day I think I’m having as far as playing this game.

We just had a little bit of a disaster up top. I tried to help the guy and we had a little bit of a disaster. I’m grateful I’ve been able to maintain a good attitude about it. We’re having fun playing the game. I got through the first disaster without getting a bad attitude. To me, that’s the only thing that needs to be done is just get through everything with a good attitude and a great result comes out of consistently getting through all of the little challenges with a good attitude.

I’m grateful to have learned that after often on a challenging day every little thing that happened was just another reason to flip out so I’m glad I don’t have another reason to flip out right now. I’ve made a lot of ridiculous plays in the game, I bought an item that was wrong so I have a great sense of humor about it. It doesn’t matter, I’m doing my best and every other person on my team is doing our best to win and that’s what matters. we’re having fun right now, we’re playing this game together and things are going alright. Things are going good enough right now. I’m very grateful to be able to not go into a bad day mode all the way today. I’m honored to have a chance to practice these things I talk with you about especially when things happen on top of more things happening.

I’m very grateful even though I played awfully and even though my mom called throughout the game, we still won. It doesn’t matter that we did win or now. Winning in something like this on a bad day is a good indication that things are going good enough. They may not be perfect in the fundamental sense, but things are good enough and I’m really thankful for that today.

I pray today to remember my gratitude for being alive even in the middle of  any mood. I pray today to not make it worse no matter what happens and I hope that you have the same chance today. Thank you very much for reading this and I hope you have a great day today.