How To Focus on Dealing with Physical Pain First

In the course, I start with physical health and then with emotional, then with mental, then with spiritual. It tends to be easier to see physical health problems. I want to give you the easiest things to try first. Physical health things tend to be a little bit easier for you to give it a shot.

For example, I suggested in one lecture that you might want to try an app to track your calories and all the food you eat each day. That’s something you might actually want to try out. When I start suggesting spiritual practices some of that might take a little bit more faith. It might seem a little bit harder to start figuring out these spiritual, mental, and emotional things. There tends to be a lot more baggage, a lot more blocks there.

I’m giving you what I feel like is the easiest thing to get started with – all these physical habits. Then once you’ve build enough trust with me and Jerry and gone forward with the physical habits and tried one or two of them, we will get into the real work in the emotional and mental and spiritual areas.

The physical things are easy enough to see. It gets complicated trying to work with things you can’t see. In some cases you have to see it in other people to see how you’re doing it. Things that you often have to mess up a lot to notice it’s there to start with.

I noticed my that drinking was the worst part of my own health. It was the biggest problem for my physical health. It took a lot of work to see all the emotional problems behind the drinking. It was hard to see all the anxiety, stress, and all those hate, frustrations, and resentments that made a drink seem like a good idea.  Farther in, I saw the mental issues and the baggage that produced all those emotions that led to a drink. I finally saw the spiritual deficiency and spiritual solution to the original problem.

I start you off with physical because those are easiest to see. Then we will work into the areas where you can make the biggest improvements and the biggest changes. I’m honored you’re continuing through with the course. I would love to know what you think at any time.