How To Delegate Work Effectively For Viral Videos

This is the grand finale to how I’ve made my viral videos. As you can see, some of my videos are not made by me.

What you’ll notice if you watch some of this hacking video, you’ll notice it’s not me talking. It’s someone I hired on Upwork.

This is a job posting I have on Upwork right now. I’m offering thousands of dollars to a freelancer who will make me a good Matlab course.

Here’s the catch. They make it and give me copyright to it. That is my video. I pay them so they get a guaranteed result out of it. They take their experience, make me the course and then I give them a percentage of sales from the course also.

The freelancer who often is underpaid looking for more income, looking for a better life. This is awesome  opportunity. For me, it’s an awesome opportunity. I’m established on YouTube, I know a lot of subjects people want like free hacking course. They key is to use freelancing platforms to find people to make the exact kind of videos you need.

It’s a great way to scale up because I’m at capacity. I’m making as many videos as I can, but I can hire a lot more people that are good to make videos for me.

matlab freelancer

You can see, I have spent over $30,000 on Upwork. The hourly rate paid only applies to hourly jobs. Most of the money I have spent in the last year were for fixed projects so they’re not counted in there. I have  hired 228 people and 8 are active right now, but I’m not  just on Upwork.

On, this girl did a great job. She made 2 videos for me that went viral. This video has the most views. She talks about how she doesn’t like guys farting and that went viral for a while and still gets free views today. There was another one she did and it still gets views as well. I found her on Fiverr and you have copyright once you have paid the freelancer.

You can find someone of Fiverr to make the video you need. I did not give her a script, I gave her a question and she answered it . If you set up videos in a way that people can talk about them, you can get some incredible results working with freelancers.

You just have to search and find good freelancers, but you have to do it right.  I have about 50 videos from Fiverr freelancers on my channel that no one will ever watch. If you don’t do it right, you won’t get any views because your existing audience wants a consistent voice from you.

Still, hiring freelancers is an integral part of what I’m doing now. You can use, Fiverr, or Upwork. They are all good for getting freelancers, but I’ve used Upwork the most. That was the key to building the masterpiece that I’ve showed you.