Would you like to know why I deleted my studio because this is a big change in my life that I want to share with you?


I have the craziest update ever for you guys today. I just deleted my whole studio. Seriously. Look, the camera’s gone. The computers are on their way out right now. I’m shipping the computers off today. I’ve killed my studio and you might wonder why did I do that?


I do still have a laptop, this is the only computer I have right now. I’m downgrading my Internet. I’ve sold thousands of dollars of equipment and you might wonder why am I doing that?

The Jerry Banfield Show!

“Jerry, everybody right now is trying to go online. This is the perfect time.”

I’m feeling a pull to move offline.

I’m feeling a strong pull to go offline. I’m so sick of doing my whole life on the Internet. I’ve been on the Internet for 20 years.

I love all of you guys online and I love teaching, and I’ve got to be with people in person. I go to AA every day and we’ve been doing AA meetings on Zoom and I hear people complaining, “All these zoom meetings just aren’t as good as the real thing.”

I’m like, “Yeah, they suck. It’s better to be with people in person.”

I ask myself, “Why? Why am I doing this all day, every day?”

I hate, I refuse to film videos in my studio anymore.

I refuse to film videos by myself when I could be with real people and teach. But this has been a crazy transition for me because I hardly have anybody following me who watches my videos who is local, who actually lives around me.


So I’m starting from scratch and today I took suggestions. I have group calls, I still am available for the group calls at Jerry banfield.com/call. We had a group call today and Tomas and Beck were sharing the value of live streaming.

“Jerry, just get your phone out and at least do an update. I like watching videos like that.”

So, I’m thinking I will just get my phone out, do little updates, tell you what I’m doing and soon I will have some videos filmed from my in-person classes.

I’m grateful for everyone who’s bought the stuff out of my studio. I’ve sold over $5,000 of equipment. I’ve sold my camera here, I sold my cameras up there, and this is the most expensive piece of equipment, the Mac Pro.

I intend to mail this out to my friend Tomas today and the external hard drive.


What the good news is for you, if you want to start making stuff online, just get your phone out and literally do a YouTube live stream or Facebook live stream, and just see what happens with it.

You don’t need to do anything fancy and follow your heart.

I’ve been feeling the pull for a year to stop with all this stuff, get out of my house, go to meet people, hang out, do in person events.

I’ve been feeling the pull to do that and I’ve kept rationalizing, “Well, just be reasonable man. Come on. Just be reasonable dude. Look, you got the studio set up. Just keep using what you already know how to use. Just keep doing that.”

I’ve tried advertising and people say, “Jerry, it’s just really difficult to get people to show up in person.”

Well, it is if you just do stuff online, but if you know people, it’s actually really easy to get people to meet with you in person.

Ali says, “You just got to take a little break.”

Yes, I haven’t uploaded a video in two weeks. This is the longest it’s been since I’ve uploaded a video and I see that since I’m blessed with this iPhone there’s no reason I can’t use this once a day for five minutes to put a little update. Just doing a little live stream for five minutes is a lot better than nothing and I hope I can share something that’s helpful for you here.

Doing a little bit versus nothing at all is a huge difference.


If you live near St Petersburg, Florida, I’m going to make a page in my website called Jerry banfield.com/show where you’re going to be able to see me in person almost every day soon.

I’m being accountable here.

Money Miss says, “You’ve done more for me than you know.”

Thank you and I intend to, I actually thought about deleting my whole channel and my whole online presence, and I realized that was a bit extreme.

That might be a little bit…

There’s a difference between taking a bold action step and just being outright insane.

So, I sold all my studio, I deleted all my studio equipment, but I do intend to keep making videos indefinitely. I do love you. I am grateful to serve you and I think that’s enough for today.

I’ll do one of these live streams every day going forward to keep you updated and soon the videos will, maybe we’ll start having some in-person events.

I’ll get somebody else to hold my phone and they’ll live stream me doing an in-person event.

So I love you. You’re awesome.


This is what I’ve been doing over the last two weeks. I’ve been going through a big change. I’ve been being reborn. This has been a crazy transition.

I’m so grateful I’ve got the courage and I’ll see you tomorrow.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.