Deleting 5 Million YouTube Views

Are you ready to see me delete 5 million YouTube views from my channel?

You might wonder why would I delete 5 million views from my channel, I’m going to delete three different hacking tutorials.

These have been wildly successful on YouTube, getting over 5 million views collectively, and over 100,000 likes. These are in fact two of my top videos on the channel and the third one is also standing out.

I’m deleting these because that YouTube just put this new clarification on their harmful or dangerous content page. It says: “Instructional hacking and phishing videos are no longer allowed“.

Regardless of whether it’s for white hat or black hat, it says:

Showing users how to bypass secure computer systems or steal credentials and personal data is not allowed“.

I’ve put up tutorials that are nothing more than basic Linux tutorials and a few script Kali things where basically you can run certain things online and then maybe you can try and hack something that’s already out there and vulnerable.

Nevertheless, when you’ve got a video that is this popular that has this many views is also likely to be a target as well.

YouTube just added this clarification and I am a full time YouTuber now. If you’d like to keep watching my videos, I trust you to help me by hitting that subscribe button and turn those notifications on because YouTube is what I do full time.

It seems wise to avoid any possible problems with YouTube because YouTube has been an incredibly loving and tolerant platform.

I’ve put all kinds of crap on YouTube, and I avoid doing anything that appears to be a close violation of policy.

For these videos, I’ve put them private already, which is instantly taken like half the views off my YouTube channel and I’ve deleted a bunch of other ones that didn’t have as many views.

It seems the only thing I can do to be certain that there can’t be any issues is to delete these videos. Because from YouTube’s point of view of private video, I could set it public anytime. From a policy enforcement point of view from YouTube, I imagine only a deleted video is something that they wouldn’t care about.

Because a deleted video, you can’t undo deleted videos, you can’t publish a deleted video again. Since I’ve just set these to private, I could publish them again anytime. From YouTube’s point of view, that might be worth doing something about to prevent me from publishing them again.

I’m going to delete all these right now, if you’d like to get all the videos in here you can find this Ethical Hacking Forever course bundle on Uthena.

It’s on you just click on the homepage, find the Ethical Hacking Forever course bundle or look at the video description on YouTube.

I’ve got all the information I’m deleting off of YouTube, including the course that I’ve put up here and a lot more courses. This bundle includes currently 26 video courses, this some of the best hacking information you can get.

So you can’t get it on YouTube now. But you can get it on Uthena.

Are you ready?

After three and a half minutes of foreplay we’re going to actually delete these videos off of YouTube.

This will cost my channel a lot of views…

… It’ll cost it a lot of engagement but such as life, things come and things go.

Here we go, this video with 2.2 million views that was getting thousands of views every single day on youtube for free. We’re gonna hit the delete button on that.

We’ll just delete these one at a time.

Permanently delete this video Start Hacking Today, 2 million views here we go. Goodbye.

I understand that deleting a video is permanent and cannot be undone. This will also remove the 5000 comments from the video.

Are you ready?

My mind is like -this is a mistake, this is a mistake- gotta let go sometimes, just gotta let go.

You’re ready to do this?

Two million views! Is getting 2000 views a day pulling in lots of subscribers! -Bye, gone.

-Deleted it, there goes 2 million views from my channel.

This one hasn’t been getting as many lately but it’s got the single most views of any video on my channel. I spent thousands of dollars to advertise this video. It sold hundreds of thousands on video courses.

We’re going to delete it now.

Same thing applies permanently delete. I uploaded this four years ago -it cannot be undone. I imagine it also can’t be a policy problem.

Bye 3.7 million views or whatever is, gone.

The last one, this one is the last hacking tutorial I haven’t got rid of it as 600,000 views.

I just kept it instead of deleting it so that I could have a video that said 5 million views instead of like 4.98 million.

We’re going to delete this Kali Linux hacking tutorial also…


Just deleted three of the top videos on my channel, all gone now.

Alright, so the only hacking video that remains on my entire channel is where I talk about YouTube banning hacking tutorials and this one is de-monetized for some reason because I put hacking in the video.

I actually deleted the one video was de-monetized wich it is a good indication that there might not be a problem with it.

But from my point of view, a couple thousand views a day on a hacking video that I made three four years ago is not worth potentially having an issue with my entire YouTube channel.

Besides I don’t even know any instructional hacking or phishing myself I have no idea how to do it. Why the hell is that on my channel?

I only put this on my channel to sell a video course and make money before and now it snowballed, I spent $50.000+ getting new hacking tutorials done right before this policy came out.

If you want to help me out with that, you can get the Ethical Hacking Forever course bundle. If not, that’s fine.

We deleted the videos, we’re done here.

If you’d like to work with me and talk with me every month the best way to do that is to be joined me as a partner. I’ve got weekly group coaching calls for full time online entrepreneurs, you can talk with me every month.

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Thank you for helping me to be a full time youtuber here I trust you’ve probably already hit that subscribe button. But if you haven’t, hit it and turn those notifications on if you want to make sure not to miss any more of these incredible videos.

I just deleted 5 million YouTube views! Gotta learn to let go and live!!!

Are you made it all the way then on this one? I bet I’ll see you again in a minute.

Jerry Banfield.

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