Destiny Xbox One Gameplay Video Experiment

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What is Destiny?

Destiny is a new game coming out on xbox one that I beta tested.  I am using the launch of this game to test a YouTube ranking strategy combined with sharing my personal and business story in the commentary.  If you appreciate creativity and mixing a hot topic with helpful information, you might appreciate what I am doing with my xbox one Destiny release day YouTube video today.  You might also think what I am planning is totally crazy.  What I am doing is creating a video of my first time playing Destiny on Xbox One and narrating it with commentary about what I am doing in life and what I have learned.

What is different about my Destiny YouTube video?

At first glance, you might think this is just what other gamers do too.  The difference is I am going to make an hour or two long video where I describe the best of what I have learned in life since I started playing video games including how I grew up, starting my company, and connecting with my spirituality.  My mission in this video is to make it both entertaining in having the raw footage from a first hands on impression and review of a new popular game plus have the commentary loaded with value.  The best part is I will also include how what my company does is relevant to the audience such as promoting YouTube videos, growing online income, and my Udemy courses.

As you might see now, this video will be loaded with value and the question you might have is why would I think this is going to work?  When Wolfenstein was released for Xbox one in May, I made a similar video except I did all stupid commentary instead of meaningful.  You could hear me cussing a lot, making ridiculous comments about the game, and seeming to be utterly confused.  While this video has received the most dislikes of any of my videos this year, it also got over 45 likes and tens of thousands of organic views.  After spending a couple hundred to advertise it on YouTube, it took the top search result for “Wolfenstein xbox one” and similar searches.  Hundreds of people watched it every day and a few of them subscribed to my channel.  This previous video proved that I could use YouTube ads to get a video popular and combine it with commentary people would respond to.

This time I am using my powers more for good both for people watching and for my business.  The Wolfenstein video offered laughs and eye rolls.  It offered my YouTube channel growth and my website traffic.  It made no money and gave very few people lasting happiness.  I hope to change both of those with my Destiny video.  I hope to share many of the same topics I do in other videos on my channel in this video that will more easily get organic traffic.

How will Destiny fans receive my YouTube video?

While I cannot control how the new Destiny video will be received, I will give it the best chance to get noticed by spending at least four times what I did to promote the Wolfenstein video and making it at least twice as long.  YouTube likes longer videos because they have a greater chance of getting people to spend the most minutes on YouTube.  Most of the bigger channels focus on shorter videos because this gets them more views which leads to more ad revenue and subscribers.  While this works great for most channels with existing fans following a topic, new channels get almost no views doing this strategy.

My channel has over a million views and over 2,500 subscribers which means my channel is in the top 20% of YouTube channels.  While this makes me one of the top channels in subjects like Facebook ads, my channel can’t stand up to most of the gaming channels because their audience is so big.  Many of the channels putting out Destiny videos have 10 to 1000 times as many subscribers as I do and will pull hundreds of thousands of organic views in the first few days.  The only chance I have to compete with this is to get more minutes watched on my Destiny video.

For Wolfenstein, this worked outstanding.  My video ranked above videos with several times as many views even though it was only 45 minutes and had ridiculous commentary.  How will my Destiny video fare with a much larger ad budget, at least twice as long, and me now having a bigger YouTube channel?  Will it be enough to get into the top placement where I can get 10 to 100 times more views than being a few listings lower?

If I focus on what I can control, I think I will have the best chance to succeed by providing a video people love to watch.  The more people love the video, the higher it will climb in the rankings.  The most exciting possibility is that this works and I can keep doing it.  I will give it my all and have faith I will learn what I am supposed to out of it.  What I can control is planning a video that will be loaded with practical tips for life, lessons I have learned, and leave the viewer feeling inspired.

What does my Destiny YouTube video include?

To achieve the mission of having an awesome video, I will start it off by sharing what I hope to accomplish right away.  The video will begin with loading Destiny for the first time after it updates and explaining that I hope to provide both a fun video to watch in getting to see Destiny played for the first time and include commentary that I hope leaves the viewer feeling inspired.  I will describe what I plan to talk about, how I was living when I first started playing video games, the struggles I had growing up, and what I have learned recently that has helped me live a life of purpose.  The practical tips I share will cover what I do to be happy every day, how to get YouTube videos ranked high, how to make a full time income from gaming, where to live for the best opportunities, and whatever else I am inspired to speak about.

In the middle of this commentary, I will share what I have created, how people can communicate with me, and why they should support my future creativity.  My video description will have links to my website, Facebook page, Udemy courses, and podcast.  The one percent of views that love my video the most will get all they can handle from me.  The fraction of a percent that have some money to spend will be able to buy my courses and hire me to help them with their marketing challenges online.  Everyone will be encouraged to give me feedback on the video especially if they want me to keep making more or if they have negative feedback to please describe it in detail in a comment.  My video description will also have a link to my Patreon page where I will ask people to support my creativity because I will support the creativity of them if they have a Patreon page or support others if they do not.  My Patreon profile is setup to pay the generosity of others to me forward immediately including a pledge for pledge approach and a promise to support 100 new creators on Patreon when I hit my first goal of $1,000 per video.

This morning I was not sure what I would do when I woke up.  For the last month, I have begun every day by thanking God for my wife, my dogs, my family, my friends, and everything else I could think of to be thankful for.  Then, I pray for the inspiration to do the work that is most helpful for the most people.  Today, the inspiration I received just a few minutes after getting out of bed was to make another gaming video.  I initially had tested the Wolfenstein video to see if I could make a habit of it.  The test was a huge success from a YouTube ranking and traffic perspective but I no longer have the desire to make videos where I comment the way I did in the last video.  There are a lot of people that make great comedy and I figure I should let them continue.  I had decided against doing another gaming video because it did not help anyone.  This morning, I was surprised to discover that I could make a gaming video combining the best of what I have to say with what I know worked to get traffic in Wolfenstein.  I never had this idea before and am thankful to have suddenly thought of it this morning.  Most of my adult life I was an agnostic that thought prayer a waste of time unless I needed to ask for something myself.  This morning is another example of why I am thankful to have discovered my spirituality and to engage with it daily through prayer and meditation.

Thank you for learning about my Destiny YouTube video!

The video is available above on this page!