The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Diet, Staying Sober and Massages!

Would you like to know how diet, staying sober and getting massages works really well for me because this might help you too?

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Diet, Staying Sober and Massages!

I read the whole book “How Not to Die” and immediately started following the directions, which say to eat a whole plant-based diet, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and beans.

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Health - Diet, Staying Sober and Massages!

Some people will debate the grains. Some people will debate the beans or the fruits, but for me, that’s what I’ve eaten the last four years and that works.

That diet alone, along with staying sober, took another 20 to 30 pounds off me and without counting calories, and eating whatever I want to because with whole plant foods, when you eat a fruit, when you eat a vegetable, it’s very filling and it has very little calories.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

Even if you throw a little bit of oil on it and some salt on it, it’s still extremely healthy and filling, and it tastes good. Now you’ve got food in your body that your body really likes and is doing good things to your body.

A lot of us simply don’t get enough good nutrition in our body that our bodies are essentially going around malnourished all the time. When you eat the fruits, the vegetables, the beans, the grains, and the nuts, it fills you up, so you’re not craving food like on the diets I did before.

I’m not hungry. I stuff my face until I’m full, and then I don’t get hungry again until all that’s gone through. I automatically eat the right amount of calories every day on my diet.

I feel better. I think better. I look better.

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Health - Diet, Staying Sober and Massages!

I have almost endless energy.

My thinking is very clear. I rarely get into one of those depressed places because I’m not eating foods that trigger that and I also believe that this works.

In the book, “How Not to Die,” he presents a ton of research that shows this diet prevents all. It prevents and sometimes even reverses all top 15 causes of death, all of them on this one diet.

If you think about it, our ancestors ate well, most of the time they sat around and just grab fruits and vegetables, nuts and raised grains. They didn’t have much, if any meat, a lot of times.

He shows in the book that there are places in the world where they don’t have almost any cancer or any heart disease, because this is how they eat. Their blood pressure never goes up their whole life.

As soon as I started eating this way, I got the results, my blood pressure went down. I went to the doctor a year ago, and she said that biologically my body’s 18, a healthy 18-year old, which is miraculous given all the poisoning I did to my body with alcohol, all the foods I ate.

I used to go buy three or four pounds of deli meat and I’d go home and eat a pound of it straight, like not even making a sandwich. I paid very little attention to eating healthy before, and now I feel good. I look good and I feel good about how I look.

I have a diet that’s easy to follow and I also can dip over. If I want to have a piece of birthday cake, I’ll have a piece of birthday cake. I’m pretty strict on no meat, but I will occasionally dip for a scoop of ice cream with my wife or something.

The first year I was really strict and annoying and preachy about it to everybody. But that diet has been one of the biggest changes I’ve made in my life and it’s been easy to stick with.

It hasn’t been that hard. People say, “Oh, I could never do that.”

I say, “Well, you’d be surprised what you can do.”

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Health - Diet, Staying Sober and Massages!

“When I realized the way I was eating was causing me to think thoughts that I didn’t want to think, and if I ate different, those thoughts would go away and I can prevent heart disease. I can prevent suicide. I can prevent depression. I can prevent hospital errors from not going to the hospital the first place. I can prevent all kinds of cancer just by eating this way. Yes, I will do that.”

This fits into a bigger picture though, which is whatever you believe works, works. I believe this diet works and I love doing it. I’m not suffering wishing I could have a hamburger. If I wanted a hamburger, I’d eat one.

What I’ve actually done is reprogram what I want into a way that works for me. This is stuff any of us can do. Any of us can do this. You can just say, “This is how I want to be,” pray for help with it. I remember when I was five days or so into this diet, going into the grocery store, feeling like I was newly sober, “I don’t know what to buy in here. I have no idea what to buy in here.”

In the grocery store, after it stopped being the beer aisle, it was the meat counter and the sweets, and the frozen section.

I felt like, “I don’t know what to buy.”

I used not to buy fruits and vegetables because I was afraid of them going bad. It seems stupid, but those were two of the best things you can eat that leave your body feeling full and good.

Now that I feel good, that has helped me get into the mental stuff, because without drinking and with eating a diet that makes a huge difference to how the body feels, when the body feels good, it’s harder for the mind to make a story up about what’s wrong.

The third component I’ve found, that’s really helpful is massage, hands on healing. We’ve seen hands on healing for back to the Bible and I’m sure before that, the power of just human touch to heal the body.

Since I’m not a licensed massage therapist, I can tell you that massage absolutely heals the body. The same as going to surgery can heal the body, a massage can heal things that are wrong in the body.

I’ve seen a story of a woman who went to the doctor, her blood count was off. They said, you need a transfusion immediately. She said, “Hold on. I’m going to go get a massage.”

She got a massage. They took her blood count right afterwards and her blood count adjusted itself into normal levels. The doctors were blown away and all she’d done was get a massage.

Massage plus my diet, plus staying sober, the three of these are like a power trio because even with the diet, I still do get some tension. I get some little buildups of discomfort, a little emotion will get wedged in a certain spot of the body.

The Third Jerry Banfield Show – Health - Diet, Staying Sober and Massages!

I had a massage the other day, there was some kind of emotion welled up in the thigh right there and it just came out and I cried and I felt better.

Our body actually stores things like this and the massage therapists can help release those things. I just got a massage yesterday and I often feel high after a massage. I feel just omnipotent. I feel amazing after a massage.

When I got a massage that’s where my sobriety actually started to be comfortable because I was so stressed out like a girl, “I’m going to stay sober, but I can’t drink. I need to relax.”

That’s when I took a suggestion to get my first massage. I walked out of there like, “Ah, life is good. I feel great.”

Then I realized what happened, “Whoa. I went in there all stressed out and anxious, intense and I came out feeling great and relaxed. Wow. I want to do that all the time.”

I get a massage every week and somebody has told me, Tom Brady gets a massage every day, and that’s why he looks so young and is able to play in such a high level.

I get a massage every week and it helps me fantastically.

Now I realize my path is not the same as everybody else’s. Some people don’t get quite the same effect out of a massage, but yoga like really do it for you.

I don’t know what your path is, but for me, the diet staying sober and the massage, these all leave my body feeling really good all the time and these are all preventative measures.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.