The Different Components of a Healthy Lifestyle

My view of complete health includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. That view worked for me. That’s not the be all and end all and master correct idea, there’s all kinds of ways you can try and prove that wrong. The four areas of health help me focus on different aspects that are relevant to what’s going on with me each day.

My physical health is what I talk about in terms of my actual physical body that you see in my videos. That’s what I think of as physical health. The deepest section of the course is physical health. The next part of that is emotional health. I look at emotional health as things I feel. They’re often a reelection of the thoughts and mental problems I’m having. The difference is, my emotional health is felt in the body through fear and anger, jealousy, love, hate, stress, and anxiety. That is what I talk about in terms of emotional health. When I talk about mental health I’m talking about things that go on in the mind. Thought routines, previous memories, expectations on the future. To me, that’s what I think of as mental health. The way I see it emotional and mental health are connected as is everything.

I like to separate emotional and mental health because I look at mental health as centering in the mind. The reflection of my physical health are the emotions I experience through the physical body. Then the emotions experienced in the body are tied to physical health. Then at the top of all that is spirituality. You can look at it like a tree that points downward. The root of everything is the spiritual health. That’s where I ‘m grounded. That’s where I’m connected to all other life forms. That’s where my sense of self disappears. My spiritual health is the foundation of everything in my life. Spiritual health, I can define it by saying yes or no to this moment. There’s lots more things you can put into your spiritual health like meditation. Spiritual health is wide open and to me it’s a foundation.

I see the four areas of health connected this way. Spiritual health is the foundation, the roots of the tree. The whole tree depends on the spiritual health. The whole tree will decay if the spiritual element is not good. If it’s not taken care of, it it’s not healthy, if it’s a relationship of disconnection and hate towards the spiritual element and I’ve experienced that a lot. I’m grateful that within the last year and a half I’ve worked on my spiritual health. Through that grew good spiritual health and practice I get better mental health. I get better thoughts. I get less serious about bad thoughts. I let them go by. I think less to start with. I don’t think as much. When I have better thoughts that are more peaceful and loving then I have better emotions. More loving more caring, more empathetic. Less hateful, less judgmental, less angry. When my spiritual health is good, it flows into good mental health and good mental health turns into goo emotional health. When my emotions are healthy, the physical body is taken care of well. I don’t have that stressful tension I spent most of my life with. I have energy, I’m full of life inside. Life doesn’t feel heavy. I don’t feel pressured and stressed. I’m here doing  what I want to with you. My body is as healthy as it’s ever been and that flows through the things I see. I look at it is a tree and the physical health is the branches and leaves out on the tree that can be seen. The emotions, the mental, and the spiritual can’t be seen. They’re all experienced though the physical body.

This is what works for me. You can combine different things or try it different ways if you want to. This is what works for me. It makes things easier for me to understand. It helps me to know my spiritual work is the foundation of all the other work I do on myself. That helps me a lot. It helps me to see how everything is all related. Thank you for being here with me. I’m honored to have the chance to share the gifts I’ve been given to other people to give them to you.