Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

Are you looking for a graphic designer online because if you are, you have just hit the jackpot?

Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

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Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

I’m Jerry Banfield.

For almost eight years I’ve had a business online, I’ve struggled with graphic design up until I discovered Auret.

Auret is now the exclusive graphic designer I work with. She designs all of the new graphics and thank God, what a relief.

I used to hire graphic designers on Fiverr. I would try to put out the word on my Facebook profile. I got to the point where I got so frustrated with hiring graphic designers and trying to fit my project into their exact gig specifications, and then graphic designers flaking out and not being available to work anymore.

I got so frustrated that I was trying to learn graphic design and do it myself, but I didn’t enjoy doing it and I didn’t produce things that looked good.

Then Auret joined my partner program on and thank God because you can see this thumbnail, the image in the background I have behind me, this is a design by Auret.

Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

It looks exponentially better than all of the thumbnail designs that I did for myself and here is the best part. Getting it done was super easy. I literally copied and pasted or typed the idea for this video really quick into a spreadsheet. It only took me a minute to think of how to do this and to build a system with Auret over time where my ideas can almost instantly turn into graphic designs.

I absolutely love working with Auret, which is why we are here talking about Auret together because I understand you might have struggled like me with graphic design and with other freelancing services, especially things where you need to order.

Let’s take a look at Auret’s gig.

Don’t use the word gig! This isn’t Fiverr.

Auret is offering services.

If you would like to work with Auret, will you please use this link to buy a service with her off of because this is how we work together for service and I love working like this.

Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

As a business owner that’s got a lot to do, that has lots of people I’m working with, this is a really simple system for a reliable graphic designer.

Auret helps create engaging and beautifully designed graphics and PDFs. She has had something like almost a thousand five-star reviews on other freelancing platforms and I’m grateful now she is focusing on offering her services on Uthena because this is a better way to work for her and a better way to work together for me.

What I do with Auret is I order this service over and over again. Here is what we do. I send her payments of $1,000 at once for all kinds of graphic design work. I send it upfront also because as a buyer I have payment protection, which means if something goes wrong, it’s pretty easy for me as a buyer to get my money back.

There is no reason in this day and age where buyers have all the power with third-party platforms like PayPal and Stripe, there is no reason for Auret not to get the money up front for the work she is going to do.

Then I have $1,000 of credit and what Auret does is use the spreadsheet we have made together and she just subtracts each project I ask for.

I will show you this spreadsheet in just a minute. You can get an idea for her prices right here. Her prices are amazing for the quality of work and the turnaround time she offers. You can see $35 for one social media graphic and this is an example. This design here is $35 that we did together.

Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

It literally took me a minute or less to have the idea for this video, to have her do the design and throw it in the spreadsheet. Then if you want something else besides a simple thumbnail or a social media graphic, Auret can do a lot more.

The most recent project I just did with Auret, she went through and did 39 different landing pages on Something that would have taken me hours to do myself and to do at a lower quality than she was able to do it.

That’s what’s awesome with working with Auret. She is able to handle bigger jobs and smaller jobs all without having to figure out exactly what needs to be ordered on my end as a buyer. I just put the idea up there, she puts in how much it’s costing me and I just give her the money and give her the ideas, she gives me back the results.

It’s outstanding.

She did the logo for

This is her logo.

Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

She also did the color scheme for including the black bar at the top and the black bar at the bottom, and the text color. She did all of that. She is outstanding. She can do things like t-shirt designs if desired. She can do landing pages as she has done with her own beautiful landing page here.

All of this is super simple, you just pay the money upfront, and then each service that’s ordered after that, you subtract from it.

I will show you the spreadsheet we have got on my profile. So what I just did, I just downloaded this graphic off of our spreadsheet.

Now, this is the actual spreadsheet we use.

Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

I just put all of these ideas in here and we have got a specific project type called thumbnails, which this is the main thing I tend to need consistently.

I need, like as in the background of this image, I need these thumbnail images for my workflow. Once I have a thumbnail image like this to start with, then all I need to do is film the video, give it to my video editor.

The video editor has got a nice thumbnail image taken just by taking a snapshot of the first frame of the video, I’ve got a nice-looking background and that gives me the ability to easily and quickly make a video instead of taking 20 minutes of my own time doing something I don’t like, trying to design a thumbnail that then doesn’t look good at all, or foregoing the thumbnail completely, and then ending up with a thumbnail that doesn’t get a good click-through rate on YouTube or on Facebook.

Then people don’t watch the video and I’m missing out on a lot of organic reach because I didn’t have a thumbnail that I put any effort or time into.

You will be amazed at how hard I’ve worked to avoid trying to go through the process of finding a great graphic designer.

I’m so happy one was literally given to me in the partner program. You also can get things done like book covers.

Auret did a beautiful book cover for my newest book Officer Banfield,” and you can see the difference with this one I designed myself.

Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

I literally put some text on a generic green background and took a picture of myself.

You can compare that to something like this that Auret did with putting together a whole bunch of photos making a beautiful collage.

My wife actually loves it unlike the custom book covers that I tried to do myself, which she rolled her eyes at.

Some of these other book covers, I paid more than with Auret, and then I’m not able to keep working with the designer because they only were available on one freelancing platform, and they only had a certain type of gig that you could order.

Trying to figure out a hundred different projects is really annoying and placing a hundred different orders is even more annoying.

I’ve spent over four thousand dollars, something like that. Three or four thousand dollars with Auret now in credit on her graphic design. I intend to keep working with her indefinitely. She does a great job, which is why I’ve told you about her here because she just put her service up.

I hope this is an effective testimonial for showing how much I love her work and we have got a system that is really effective for both of us to work together. What we have got in addition to the thumbnails then, we have got design projects on here where we more actively communicate about things.

The thumbnails are kind of the bread and butter of what I need and if it’s something different, then we go over to the design projects tab.

For example, the adjustments to the course landing pages on Uthena. I think that’s a fantastic value. For $250 she went through, designed the course banner. Actually, that was $35 plus the $250 and she adjusted and put it on all the landing pages.

That was so helpful.

Next up we are working on some category thumbnails and I’ve got some ideas for t-shirts we can do and it’s so nice because I just throw these in here and I think I’ve probably reiterated the same point like 15 times now.

If you would like to order, will you please go over and order using this link to Auret’s service on because she has put this up and I’m the first person she has worked with on this new thousand dollar payment credit system.

Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

She is loving it and I imagine you, especially getting all the way to the end of this, might love it as well. You might have some questions, which I can answer for you.

After you click the “Get started now,” you will be getting in communication with Auret about how you get a system set up like we have. A system where you can just put your ideas out there and Auret can do the design with minimal interference.

The Airtable spreadsheet is what she intends to use with you also the same as she uses with me, and this works really well with just paying for credit at once.

If you are thinking about, “Why would I put a thousand dollars into this to start with? Why not just have gigs for $35 individually for each service?”

Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

Auret has already done thousands of those kinds of orders. She is not your beginner level graphic designer. She is also not looking for a bunch of small clients that want a $35 order once a month.

For Auret’s business, it’s much faster for her if she doesn’t have to do all of that small client work. By small client, I mean you have graphic design needs you might only need something $35 once every month or two.

For me, I have thousands of dollars of graphic design work to do every single month because of all these thumbnails, all these videos I need to do, and I can’t be bothered to sit there and try to order 30 or 40 times on some freelancing website every month, that’s annoying.

There are lots of other entrepreneurs I see with these same kinds of graphic design needs and the thousand dollar option verifies for Auret that you are a client with ongoing graphic design needs and you are willing to put some serious money into your graphic design budget.

Then, Auret can work with a smaller number of clients on a very regular basis instead of trying to serve the masses, so to speak. What’s great about Uthena is, we have set it up where you can have this kind of flexibility in offering your services.

Auret wants to work with a smaller number of the very best clients because when you do freelancing and you take a lot of gigs, there is a ton of time and energy that goes into messaging each client back and forth.

It takes a ton of time to serve a brand-new client and get on the same page while like working with me it’s very easy for Auret to earn a thousand dollars doing the same work because we don’t have to have all these back-and-forth conversations that you have to when you are just getting started working with somebody.

This is something she can do because she has already done all those $35 orders for thousands of orders already. She has already got that proven experience and I imagine you will love working with her as much as I do.

If you think you don’t have a thousand dollars worth of work right now, you are thinking, “Well, I’ve just got this one book cover,” I recommend to order this anyway.

Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

When I first started working with Auret, I didn’t see how much design work I had. I knew I needed a book cover and I knew I needed one or two other things. That certainly did not add up to a thousand dollars at the beginning.

Here’s what happened.

Once I got those first couple projects done, I could see all the rest of the help I needed. You might not realize how much more help you need if you are like me and you have been constantly triaging your needs.

Things like graphic design, you are constantly saying, “Okay, what’s urgent? What do I really need help with?”

Once you get those done, you might see the things you really need help with on a regular basis, but you might not be able to see those until you have placed the order and until you have got the most urgent thing done.

You might realize, “Oh, there’s a bunch of other things I could use some regular help with, and then I could stop doing it myself and it would come out better.”

Therefore, I recommend to just put the thousand dollars in because you get a lifetime credit, even if you don’t know when you are going to need something again.

You might realize in a year that you have got something else to do. More than likely though, whatever the first few projects are you want done, you will realize you would love for Auret to handle more of your graphic design, and if you are like me, you will go through that thousand-dollar credit faster than you ever imagined.

When Auret did the first couple of projects and I realized after that how much more help I needed, we have gone through now at least three thousand dollars already since then, and we have worked together maybe a month or two, and all I could see at the beginning was maybe a few hundred dollars for a book cover and maybe one or two other things that I wouldn’t have thought would even add up to a thousand let alone three thousand.

I am very happy with this today because the secret to growing your business is to cut doing those things you don’t do well that you can get help with that other people do better and to work together with others instead of trying to do it all yourself.

The difference between being self-employed and being a real entrepreneur is someone who is self-employed does their whole business by themselves and someone who is an entrepreneur works really well with others.

If you are wondering about the format the source file comes in, Auret can work with you on that. Auret can do a ton of different design work.

Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

In the thousands of orders she has done, she has done a ton of different things and she has decided to offer her services on Uthena because this gives her the full flexibility to design anything.

She doesn’t have to think of a specific service up front in order to offer it. You can work with her to offer things she might not even have thought of and that you might not be able to find another specific service for.

But Auret can do all kinds of things from worksheets, forms, social media graphics, t-shirts, thumbnails, postcards, flyers and presentations.

I’m intending to have Auret make me some PowerPoint presentations for my future videos because this is another huge weak point I’ve identified in my teaching.

I don’t enjoy going through and making PowerPoints and when I make them they don’t look good. Auret can do that. She can also do things like webpage makeovers like she has done with Uthena, course landing design, she can even design a template for you.

If you have got more than a thousand dollars’ worth of design work here’s the awesome thing. You invoice and work directly with Auret on that. All we do on Uthena is take the first payment, the one that gets you in the door.

Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

Once you have paid Auret already and you want to keep working with her, there is no reason for Uthena to be in the middle. There is no reason for us to be awkwardly trying to take the payment.

You work straight with Auret to invoice.

Then, this means that there is no worry about having some kind of interference from a third party. As we have seen the hard way, when you work on third-party platforms, you can have your relationships be terminated by a third party.

I just hired a freelancer on Upwork who was doing a great job, and then he got banned from Upwork, and I haven’t been able to contact him since then.

With this, you work directly with Auret once you have placed the first thousand-dollar order and this helps Auret avoid anything besides working directly with clients that are ready to go.

I’ve encouraged her to set it up this way based on my experience. If someone really wants to work with you, they will drop the money and get started right away as I’ve seen myself.

Most of the other people that just have emails to send and stuff aren’t really serious, and you might as well just set it up. The point Auret is at in her career of designing is to just work with people that are serious and make deep relationships with them.

Meet Auret! Digital Graphic Designer for Jerry Banfield and

Now, this has been my opinion based on my experience with Auret.

I would recommend to fact check anything I’ve said with Auret in case I’ve butchered it. I’ve done this video out of a love for Auret and her business, and a desire to help her build her business because I love helping you and anyone else who wants to have a business online build a successful business.

I love being able to work at home. I’m in a shed in my backyard right now. A home office. I love being able to have this flexibility to be there with my family and that’s why my work life is devoted to helping you and those around you build businesses that are successful online, and Uthena is the platform where we are doing that.

Thank you very much for watching this or listening to it or reading it.

I love you.

You are awesome.

I appreciate getting the chance to introduce my digital designer, Auret, to you today, and I hope this has been as helpful for you as it has been for me.

When you would like to work with Auret, please use this link and you will go straight to her landing page where you can get started with her today.


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