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Growing your following has never been easier !

Our members have world class experience in building engaged audiences on YouTube, Facebook, Udemy, TikTok, Skillshare, Amazon, MailChimp, Teachable, Thinkific, and ActiveCampaign! Learn from us during daily group calls and share what you are doing with us for feedback!

Leverage our network to find the best opportunities for you today!

Our group coaching calls on Zoom empower you to ask questions, get answers, and find your most valuable areas for growth all while loving what you do and helping others! The magic happens when you hear what is working for your fellow members today and you get ideas about what can work for you!

Optimize yourself for conversions and turn your skills into higher profits!

Every single member that consistently shows up for calls, watches our video courses, and continues investing time in their business succeeds in building a bigger following and earning more money online each month!

What Happens During Digital Marketing Mastermind Meetings?

  • Each of our calls is hosted on Zoom which is a video conferencing software offering meetings on computers and mobile devices!
  • Every meeting begins with the intention that every entrepreneur attending the meeting learn something valuable to enhance digital marketing skills!​
  • We begin with an introduction by Jerry Banfield who shares what is working well with his business online and what questions he has that he is hoping for help with. Anyone with feedback or suggestions provides a quick response.
  • The meeting continues in the same format with everyone having a chance to share about their business online!

Success Stories!

5 Years ago I started creating and selling online courses. That’s when I found Jerry. With his expert guidance and mentorship my business has profited more than seven figures! I’m now serving 500,000+ students and I am absolutely living my dream. Working with Jerry has been the best decision I have ever made and I look forward to continuing working with him!

For the 6 years, we were looking to join a mastermind group for our business and struggled to the right one. In 2018, we joined Jerry’s [mastermind] and being a part of this has paid off immensely because the culture of this community is different. It is very much from a “how may I help you” instead of “how can I sell to you.”  Watch our YouTube video to see our full testimonial!


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