What If Doctors Got Paid To Keep Us Healthy?

Would you like to reflect with me on, “What if doctors got paid to keep us healthy?” because as it is now, doctors are paid to keep us sick?

What If Doctors Got Paid To Keep Us Healthy?

What’s up Jerry Banfield’s fans?

I got a big question that will help you a lot in your life today to stay healthy and to see what you can do to take your health to the next level and to take responsibility for it yourself.

What If Doctors Got Paid To Keep Us Healthy?

I got a question for you.

What if doctors actually got paid to keep us healthy?

What if the doctor only got a check in the mail when we were healthy and when we were sick, the doctor didn’t get any more money until we got better.

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You’re thinking, “Okay, why does this matter? Who cares when the doctor gets paid?”

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Here’s why it matters. Your doctor has an interest for the sake of their business in you being sick.

If the doctor only gets paid when helping you stay healthy, then the doctor’s business interest in terms of making a profit is there to help you achieve the same goals.

What If Doctors Got Paid To Keep Us Healthy?

But the problem is right now, doctors make, and the whole healthcare system we’ve gotten in the US makes money off of people being sick.

As long as we keep having the money to be made when people are sick, there’s a financial incentive to keep people sick. Think about it, all the people and companies that profit when you’re sick.

When you’re sick, you need to go to the doctor. When you’re sick, you need to take all these medications. When you’re sick, you need to pay a bunch of money for health insurance.

I dropped my health insurance. I’m healthy and I’m not paying any money. I cancel my doctor’s appointments. I am healthy and well, and I intend to stay that way.

The challenge is doctors do want to help people and there are lots of great doctors that do heal people. But if a doctor gives the absolute best information in the universe that is possible, then they’re also cutting themselves out of a job.

Think about this. If you went to your doctor and they gave you an exact plan that would work, and they said, “Here you eat this, you live this way,” then you wouldn’t be sick anymore. You wouldn’t need to go back to the doctor and you wouldn’t need to take any drugs. You wouldn’t need to take any supplements and you wouldn’t need to have any health insurance.

Think about all the money that was stopped flowing because of that, it’s a $4 trillion a year industry in the USA, alone, doctors, health insurance companies, pharmaceuticals. This is a huge industry that spends relentless money advertising.

What If Doctors Got Paid To Keep Us Healthy?

You see commercials on TV that are saying, “If you’re feeling like this, see your doctor, and get this pill.”

What they’re really promoting is a culture of sickness that’s much above and beyond the pill itself. What’s being promoted is a culture of sickness: “Oh, you feel a little symptom, go to your doctor, get this pill,” and lots of times the treatment you get actually keeps you sick for longer, and it keeps you dependent and going back over and over again.

This is because of how we’ve set our capitalistic society up. If we all paid our doctors to keep us well, it would wipe out a whole industry like health insurance, because there’d be so many well people that you wouldn’t need to even charge anything.

When somebody let’s say got in a car accident, the hospitals, the doctors would be so well funded by healthy people that you wouldn’t need to even charge anything when somebody did have a true emergency.

Even things like car accidents are often a function of people being in pain and not taking care of themselves. You are much less likely to get in a car accident if you are healthy and well, especially mentally because of the law of attraction.

So I invite you today to see that there’s a big profit incentive to keep people sick by this huge industry, and once you realize that, then for me, it has encouraged me to take personal responsibility for my health.

It’s not up to a doctor or a health insurance company or anybody else to keep me well, it’s up to me to keep myself well and I need to learn and I have learned to be my own doctor.

What If Doctors Got Paid To Keep Us Healthy?

If I have a symptom, I figure out what I need to do to treat that. I don’t look in Web MD to find what I’m sick with. I look at what does my body have to say to me by this symptom.

Guys, I have no symptoms. I have no sickness. I have no illness. And the most ridiculous thing in the world is a lot of people are offended by that like I don’t fit in or I should be sick.

I have nothing.

I take anything that happens, for example, if my throat has a little moment of soreness, I start thinking, “What is my body trying to tell me with this?”

For me, things like if I cough, I know if I cough, my body’s trying to tell me to change and I simply affirm I’m willing to change. I’m changing and the cough goes away immediately.

What’s up Kapil? Thanks for being here on the live stream today.

What if doctors were paid to keep us healthy?

I think we’d have a healthy world and it’s up to us if we want a healthy world to change it and to be the change ourselves, to be healthy people, to take care of ourselves and to lead by example and that’s what I’m doing here.

I love you. You’re awesome.

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Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.