Earn $100,000 Profit in 2020 With This Business.

What is the best business to start for $100,000 profit in 2020?

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If you are looking to make a business with the highest potential, in my opinion after almost eight years working online, what I see that has the highest potential is an online education platform type of business and that’s exactly what I’m building myself.

I’ll show you here the basics of how you can build it yourself including every key aspect you will need.

If you’d like to get any of these things, will you please check the links in the description of the video above on YouTube, because some of those links will help me earn and others of them will take you directly to where you need.

Let’s take a look at what I’m talking about.

This is what I’m talking about here on uthena.com. I’ve got my own online education business platform. This platform has hundreds of courses on it. I just launched it about two months ago.

It’s got course bundles on it.

These are some of the best I see making sales right now on video courses. Bundles or groups and bunches of video courses.

With course platforms often discounting to say $10 for a course, what can you do to get even lower than that? You can put courses together.

It also is a very easy buying decision for potential students. Therefore, putting up your own online course platform allows you to bundle courses together and then sell those course bundles which are very easy mentally to buy.

For example, the best-selling bundle I have on my website Uthena right now is the Ethical Hacking Forever course bundle.

This is a no-brainer to buy if you’re interested in learning cyber security and Ethical Hacking, because it’s got six hacking courses in it. The way I do a Forever bundle is you get all the new courses added for free. So you just need to buy this one bundle and then I’ll keep putting new courses in it.

We’ve got a Python hacking course, for example, coming out shortly in this bundle.

Then this is less than buying each course for $10. This also removes the decision making process out of, “Which course do I buy?” And then if you don’t like one particular instructor or course it doesn’t matter. You still got it cheaper than buying them all individually.

You can then do big bundles like the Jerry Banfield Forever all course bundle that can make you a lot in one single sale.

You can do more than just courses. For example, you can do services like I’m doing on Uthena.

You can even do something like a Uthena franchise.

You can have high level offerings all on a course platform. There’s a huge need for this because we’re witnessing a revolution in education. More employers are consistently needing these kinds of skills you can learn taking a video course online. How to use particular types of software. How to do very specific tasks online that you can learn anywhere in the world by watching a video course.

You can have the ability to earn a lot of dollars per hour freelancing online if you can take a bunch of video courses, learn all those skills, and then have the well-rounded capability to fully serve an employer.

That is why having an online course platform is a very good opportunity, because it offers a ton of value.

Now, here are some of the things you might be thinking. “Okay, Jerry. I don’t have any courses to offer, I don’t know how to get hosting for it, and how do you make sales?”

Well, I’ll answer all that right now for you.

First, where do you get the courses?

I’ve got the courses for you that you can start with and that you can literally build your whole platform up with. In my partner program it’s $1,000 one-time payment for life. You get access to this Dropbox folder where I currently have 141 online courses in this folder with 3,000 plus videos in here.

This one Dropbox folder will give you all the video courses you need to launch an entire platform all in one place.

The courses in this folder have sold millions of dollars in sales in the last few years and I am putting 100,000 plus this year into building this folder up. I’m paying as many freelancers that I can manage at once to make brand new video courses.

For example, I made a Master Ethical Hacking course.

There’s courses like this in here that are hot sellers that are doing great selling on Uthena and I’m making as many of these new courses as I can, because I want to sell all these courses on Uthena and anywhere else I can put them.

Thus, I have a very strong incentive to build this Dropbox folder. This Dropbox folder has all of my courses in it.

As a partner on Jerry Banfield Partners, which you can get access to on Uthena and you can go directly to at jerrybanfield.com/partners, I’ve got this folder for you.

You pay once and then you also get weekly group calls, you get a Facebook group where you can ask me exactly when you’ve got questions about how to do this. You get private label rights so you can put all of these courses up on your own hosting.

You also can collaborate with other instructors to get their courses up on your platform and you can make your own arrangements with instructors and affiliates to make a really lucrative platform.

This is way easier to build up than you’d ever imagine with the system I’m showing you here. Now, here are the next two key things you will need. “Okay, you get all those courses up, how do you host it?”

First, in order to host it you need online course hosting. What I use for Uthena is Thinkific although I’m imagining having a custom coded solution that has capabilities superior to Thinkific in the future.

For now as we build up a foundation and build up income on it and then have enough income to hire a team of developers to build a custom platform I’m using Thinkific. Thinkific has very powerful features that allow you to go through and host your online courses.

And guess what? When you get that partner program membership and you get all the courses in the folder I’ve got a video course on here showing you exactly how to use Thinkific as a part of the Jerry Banfield All Course Bundle.

You also get access to the course, Teach Full Time Online with Thinkific right here. It shows you how to go through and use Thinkific already.

If you’d like to use Thinkific I trust you’ll use my link. No one’s ever used it so far so I’m interested to see if it works. I get a little commission if you go through there. The pricing is pretty good on Thinkific as well.

Thinkific is the place where you upload all of the courses.

For example, when you’re looking on Uthena right here, this is basically a sub-domain on Thinkific that then is branded as Uthena.

So you can get the Thinkific hosting. The pro plan for $99 a month is plenty for you to get all the features you really need.

I’ve got the highest level plan so I can get all these course admins and site administrators.

But the pro plan here will give you two site admins so you can get someone else to help you with this. It’ll give you multiple course admins. You can do all these advanced pricing options and you get priority support.

That way you’ve got $99 a month for your hosting, $1,000 dollars one-time payment to get all these courses up there.

Then the last piece of the system you really need to have a strong foundation is to do ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign for your email marketing will give you the ability to set up all kinds of automation. The pricing is pretty good. The plus plan is a good plan before you’ve got a bunch of contacts. It’s $49 a month paid yearly or $70 a month.

It’s got these deep data integrations. You can do your own branding. You actually could probably start on the lite plan.

I use the plus plan.

You can also then put up to 25 users to help you with your email marketing, but you might even be able to start on the lite plan. Why I suggest ActiveCampaign, other than the fact that I can earn up to 30% lifetime commission when you use my link in the description, is that it has a direct connection with Thinkific.

When you have someone enroll or buy your course, for example, when you sign up for a course on Uthena, I’ve got my email marketing system set up that tells exactly what course you’ve enrolled in. I can trigger custom actions. When you finish the affiliate marketing course, for example, it automatically sends an email that you’re an affiliate. It then automatically adds you to a list.

ActiveCampaign’s got the powerful features you need to build and scale without having a huge price tag. Some of the alternatives will cost you a lot more for the same kinds of features. This scales up as you build your school.

So, let’s say you make 500 sales, then you would need to scale up to 1,000 contacts. It actually doesn’t even cost anything more unless you’re on the lite plan. Then when you start to scale up the plan scales up with however many contacts you have. You can do this and scale it up consistently. As you make more sales you’ll easily be able to afford a higher contact plan.

What you do then, you’ve got your Thinkific hosting, you’ve got your email marketing, then you’ve got a rock-solid foundation.

Now, the last piece of this system is, “Jerry, okay, I’ve got the courses up, I’ve got everything set, I got the email marketing, how do I get people to actually come in here and buy these courses?”

The easiest way to promote this is exactly what I do. What I do is render preview videos up on YouTube and Facebook.

I put parts of the course out there for free relentlessly on my channel and then what I do is pitch the full course.

So I say, “Hey, if you are enjoying this video if you want to take the full course go ahead and grab that.” And almost all the sales I get are doing this organic traffic strategy.

The beauty of this is, it builds on itself consistently. All you need to do is set up your Thinkific, set up your ActiveCampaign, grab that Dropbox folder, upload the courses and then take the course videos you want to promote on the newest courses.

You probably want to brand the courses a little bit differently so they stand out and you can get some organic search traffic. And once you then have that, then you can go through and just put a custom intro and a custom outro and send people to buy the course on your platform. For example, you can render your own introduction selling your platform. You could put a watermark with your platform on it.

As long as you make the video unique.

You don’t want to just upload the exact same video that I’ve already uploaded. You would make it unique. You put your own little intro and your own little outro and that makes it unique. Then you can put your watermark, your logo on it then you send people over to your course platform. The beauty of this strategy is, once you lay the foundation it will keep snowballing on itself.

One of the partners with me who went through and has worked with me for years on this, and who has access to the Dropbox folder, who’s a partner for life, he did exactly what I’m saying. He’s got hundreds of thousands of subscribers on his YouTube channel doing exactly what I’ve told you about. He sends and makes a full time income sending people to his own website to buy courses just like I’m telling you here.

I’ve told you this here, because yes, I’ve got my profit motives, but here’s how it makes a real difference.

I understand that if I want to make money, I need to help you make more money. If you are going to give me a $1,000 plus sign up for Thinkific and ActiveCampaign I need to help you make $10,000 or a $100,000 out of that to make it worth it.

The system I’ve shown here easily is capable of making you $100,000 plus in profit in 2020 when you literally follow the directions and apply a bit of your own creativity on it and then you get the same results.

I see other platforms doing basically the same kind of thing using their own creativity to sell course bundles making what looks like to me as an individual instructor millions of dollars of sales a month doing a system I’ve shown you here that’s been built up and built up and done over and over again.

I haven’t even mentioned you could do Facebook Ads or Google Ads and you could have some really good opportunities there. The beauty of this is, you don’t even need to film videos too. You can use mine, bring in anyone else’s videos you can collaborate with, put it all on a platform and you’ve got a really good shot to make $100,000.

Now, this isn’t just about you making $100,000 or me making a few thousand dollars. It’s about giving some true value. I really like this system, because what you see here gives people true value.

You ask, “Okay, Jerry, why does someone buy this Ethical Hacking Forever course bundle? Why does someone buy your Forever all course bundle? Why do people buy these courses?

People buy these courses, because learning these skills helps people make more money working online.

It helps people to have financial independence and financial freedom. Buying courses like this gives you a lot of value as a student for a very low cost especially if you buy and watch over and over and over again. That’s how I’ve got to the point where I won’t even work hourly. If I was to charge hourly for my time it’d have to be something like at least $500 an hour. Because I’ve learned so many of these different skills. I’ve watched tons of video course, I’ve read so many blog posts, I’ve watched so many YouTube videos. I have memberships on Skillshare on MasterClass and I’ve bought a bunch of courses on Udemy.

I’ve watched and learned and done a ton of different skills online and when you put all those things together now I have the ability to do things that few people in the world have that exact same ability. That gives you the chance to stand out.

If you really want to earn good, you need to be able to do things that are hard to find and that people need help with. Thus, buying these video courses is a really good investment as a student.

I love also the promotional strategy I told you where you just put out these courses on YouTube.

You’re actually giving away this information in order to make the sales. I give away a bunch of information in order to make this whole system work. I put up a ton of preview videos. For example, if I have a 30-hour course I’ll put up at least 10, maybe 15 hours of video from the course for free and that helps people who can’t even pay for things and who might pay for things to just learn and build their skills up.

That’s why this is a great business system, because everyone involved is helped.

You might say, “Well, who loses on this?

People who are not educating themselves on skills that are in-demand.

People who are just taking a more generic approach, who aren’t pro-actively going after their education in the places where it’s most needed.

People who aren’t taking time to learn cyber security and MATLAB and YouTube and Adwords and all these different tools online.

The people who are just kind of blindly not taking control of their education.

This system gives you the chance to help really educate people, because the world that we’re in is continuing to be more and more competitive if you don’t have very specific job skills. If you do you can get very specific job skills just by buying video courses and then doing what you’ve learned in the video course.

I even learned music production just watching video courses and playing music with no prior experience. I made three albums and even made some songs that people actually like just by buying video courses. Video courses are really powerful that’s why this is such a good business system.

I probably should have explained this at the beginning, but you’re all the way here to the end, I figured you might want the complete picture of why this an amazing system. I’ve given you everything that you can use. You don’t even need to give me anything out of it in terms of I’ve given you a system that you could work using different tools that I’ve suggested here.

If you’d like to collaborate with me I trust you’ll go through those links in the video description on Youtube, and if you want the whole system, one more time, you need the Jerry Banfield Partner program which you can get at jerrybanfield.com/partners. You need the Jerry Banfield Partner program which has access to the Dropbox folder which has 141 courses in it for you to start with plus new ones coming out all the time.

You need Thinkific to do your video course hosting, then you need ActiveCampaign to integrate with Thinkific to do your email marketing. Then you just use YouTube and Facebook to put the videos out there and you make sales that way especially if you advertise them and get clever with the way you do it.

Thank you very much for watching this presentation, I hope this is really useful for you if you’re looking to make an outstanding business as am I in 2020. And if this is helpful, I trust you’ll leave a like and go to work on those links.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

Thanks for giving me the chance to serve you today and maybe I’ll see you in the partner program soon or maybe I won’t.


Jerry Banfield.