Easy Unique Content Idea Generation System for Bloggers and YouTubers Using Google Search!

You will not believe how easy it is now for me to generate unique content ideas for YouTube and my blog at https://jerrybanfield.com by using my Google search history to create what no one else has and which I have already proven is needed! For inbound marketing, SEO, and organic discovery, this Easy Unique Content Idea Generation System for Bloggers and YouTubers Using Google Search will make a huge difference for you! You will get answers to these questions!

  • What kind of content should I create?
  • How to create online content?
  • How to make content to rank on Google?
  • Which blog posts and videos are the best to create?

Are you ready for an easy, unique content creation system that will empower you as a blogger or a YouTuber or content creator to make outstanding content very easily and simply in a short amount of time? I’m shocked how long this has taken me to figure out a system that’s so simple, so easy, and so effective. It works on a basic principle of if you spot an area that’s deficient, just create for it. I’m going to show you the system I’ve made here that I’m running now that I’m so excited about. It helps me define what to create and often it’s so quick and easy. It blows my mind. Now what I’m going to do first is show you an example of this. Here’s a recent example on my website I’m going to show you and see if you can figure it out and then I’ll reverse engineer what I did.

This is a newest post on my website that I use as an example here https://jerrybanfield.com/zapier-wordpress-kinsta-error/. This post took no more than 10 minutes to make from start to finish. I’ll click on this post here and show you. It’s a really simple post. It’s titled solved unexpected and have Jason input WordPress error, how to fix the exact error message here, updating failed error and WordPress when using the Perfmatters plugin. I threw a quick screenshot in here of the exact error message. Scroll down and explain to why I got this error message, what I tried to do to fix it. Specifically I got this error message when trying to update new WordPress posts. If you go up here, you can see when trying to update a post. I then say down here I tried disabling WordPress plugins to find the origin of the error. I said why needed to keep it and then I found a quick fix on how to disable Google fonts.

Turn that off and it works. Really simple posts here you might think, is that even worth creating and it, yeah, I know it’s worth creating because I Googled it and there was nothing. I Googled this exact error with the Perfmatters plugin and no one had written about this before and this is the content creation system to reverse engineer your own Google searches and if you’ve got a blog or YouTube channel, use your Google searches to tell you exactly what to create. Now, yes, you might say, well Jerry, that’s not exactly going to go viral is it? This is probably not something everyone needs to know. You’re right, it probably isn’t, but what? There might be 50 or a hundred Google clicks a month. I’m this one post. Now consider this and only took me 10 minutes to make this post. This post might help someone. This pulse might get someone reading my blog.

This post might lead somebody to buying one of my online courses, which can make me money. This might lead someone to going over to my shop and buying my all courses forever. Bundle for a hundreds of dollars. This might even be something we just sold this. I’m so grateful we showed a partner membership today and that might lead someone even to my partner program. Now think about it. It only took 10 minutes to make this, and I know this is worth making. To me, this is one of the keys. I’ve made almost 3000 videos on YouTube. I think I’m getting close to about 6,000 videos I’ve made total since 2013 one of the most key things is to make something that’s actually needed. There’s so many other people trying to compete for really competitive topics and they’ve got huge systems and lots of help. For example, making something like an SEO checklist and you go Google it, you’ll see a bunch of people trying for that.

No one’s trying for this. I’ve no competition I know it’s necessary because of it just happened to me. I’m sure it’ll happen to someone else and the amount of time it took versus a potential for my website to get backlinks for people to come to my website to discover my website and organic search is amazing. When I do this over and over again and I’ve got a very simple system. I’m amazed how often I Google things, I don’t find a good answer for them. What I’m able to do, this is inside my Google activity report here. This is an if you want to see your search results because I’ve noticed, I forget what I searched for that I didn’t find good results for and literally all I need to do is go through my Google search data and I find places over and over again more.

I did not find a satisfactory answer and that’s something that other people are probably looking for. Also. Now it might not be the whole internet is looking for that, but any one of these topics I make a great video on could make 10 20 a hundred plus dollars in ad revenue as well as bring people to my website, get subscribers for my channel, get people turning on notifications on and watching every single video. These are the kinds of searches that get people really excited and really thankful who are trying to solve a problem. In order to find all my search, I just go to my into Google Chrome. I just click on the more dots and I click on history and then I look at Google my activity over here and I look at the item view. Then I just controlF and look for search and what I see is a bunch of opportunities to easily create content where I searched and there was no satisfactory posts on that topic.

I, if you can see from these Google search results, I tried searching for converting from Imagify to ShortPixel. I Googled and tried a bunch of times to read things on this very specific topic and nobody had what I needed. I wanted to know what are the differences and now I’ve actually converted from this. I am in a position to make a perfect video and a post about it. Now for me, the key threshold given I do both YouTube and a blog is figuring out at what point do I decide to make a video on a subject rather than make a post about it and the key to that is how long is it going to take? A video is a much bigger investment of my time and the lots of times simple errors like this, people just want a quick WordPress posts.

You don’t want to go watch a two minute video when you could in 30 seconds read a WordPress post. Therefore, it depends on how big of a topic it is. Rather I create a YouTube video or blog post for this one, I think a video would be a lot better because the blog post for this needs to be more in depth and as you can see by comparing this one, I was able to throw this together in 10 minutes, but the normal system I have from making blog posts on my website is I make a video just like this. Then I have a team that gets it transcribed and put into a blog post, something like this where I didn’t actually do this myself. I have, I use go transcript. There’s an affiliate link in the description. If you want to help me out and join with my affiliate link and you go transcript for 80 cents a minute.

Once I’ve spent enough money on it, which I have go transcript, gets me a transcript for 80 cents a minute. Then I’ve got Michel Gerard. He takes these posts, the transcripts and turns them into a blog post. Therefore, the key for me is how much do I need to talk about a specific subject for this? I could easily do at least a five minute video on it, which would be maybe a thousand word posts. Therefore for me, it only take me maybe 10 or 15 minutes to do a video about that, upload it to YouTube and then it will cost another maybe $30 to get my team to get that transcribed and posted on my website is a blog post. Then I’ve got a video on YouTube which can earn ad revenue subscribers and notifications or a notification means that you get to notified via a little app on your phone or on desktop.

You’ll get notified when I actually put a video out. If you all thus a little video like that could get some subscribers and very valuable followers. Then the blog post also gives me an ability to get Google search traffic directly to my website and the beauty of it is I don’t have to guess rather this is worth doing. I’ve already validated it as an end user. I know there is lacking content on this particular term. I know exactly what terms need to be addressed. Now the key for me being able to do this is I’ve got such a fast video production setup. Then I can quickly film a video in five minutes and address a topic like this and then for another $30 have it pop up directly on my website for the long term. That is really good because the same person getting this error message might also run into this and the more times people find me and are doing the same kinds of things I’m doing, the more I’m likely to make some sales on my online courses.

Thus, I hope this is really helpful for you. If you’re struggling like I’ve struggled to figure out what is really worth creating as so many people are creating their so much of the exact same content and the exact same topic. It almost seems ridiculous when I go Google something and I can’t find an answer to it, and therefore I’m focusing my creations on where am I looking for things and not finding what I need and this gives me an influx of ideas that I can barely keep up with that over the long term. I imagine are finally going to give me a steady, consistently growing business. Thank you very much for watching this. I love you. You’re awesome. I hope this has been helpful for you and I’ll see you on the next video or blog post!


Jerry Banfield