Eckhart Tolle – Inspiration for Becoming More Spiritual Everyday


I am grateful Eckhart Tolle inspires me and fills me up with positive spiritual energy. I started listening to Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now and then his The New Earth, and then his retreat series after that. Eckhart Tolle shares a simple, powerful way, of looking at life through being present in the moment. Eckhart Tolle has been a huge inspiration to me, I’ve listened to nearly everything I can get from him on audible. Probably 50+ hours of his books and retreat series.

To me, finding people who inspire me is a critical part of my learning. I used to listen to one fantasy book, one fantasy  book or fiction book, and then one business book. Now all I do is listen to one inspirational book at a time. Right now I’m listening to Thich Nhat Hanh’s book Miracle of Mindfulness and I’m listening next to one of Eckhart Tolle’s retreats.

The Power of Now was the first book I listened to from Eckhart Tolle and Dan Harris’s book 10% happier mentioned Eckhart Tolle in passing and he also did an interview with him. I, at first, was a little surprised at how the book was set up. It was not like anything I had read before. Then it quickly started to make sense and I just loved it. My mom didn’t have quite the same reaction to it and my wife didn’t have quite the same reaction to either. That’s okay. It’s about inspiring and being filled up myself.

I recently talked with the leader of a local Episcopal church that I go to and spend time at everyday as a part of my support group and he said it’s important that you get filled up spiritually somewhere. Whether that’s going to church or going to a support group, or reading something, or participating in some kind of service work, wherever it is, it’s important to eat, essentially, in spiritual energy. We take in food, we take in water and we understand that as being filled up in the sense of filling our body with water and filling our body with nourishment. My mind is the same way. My mind needs to be filled up with positive spiritual things and then that’s what I put back out.

I spend about 20 hours every week filling myself with positive spiritual energy. I do a lot of that at the support group and I do a lot of that by listening to audio books and Eckhart Tolle is one of the main people I’ve been listening to recently.

If you get anything out of this it’s that I’m sharing the power of finding people that inspire you and then going through and using what they have in your own life. I hope this answers some of the question of how exactly am I able to make these videos or a podcast every day. How am I able to do this every day?

I have a lot of other people that I draw inspiration from. So I’m not doing this in isolation, I’m not doing this out on my own I am getting inspired, I am focusing, I am serving, I am being apart, I am doing my best and then, when I’m filled with all that positive spiritual energy, I’m able to share that back with you here. The cool thing is when I am filled with this positive energy, my unique way of sharing it may be something that works for you and may turn you on to other people that inspire me.

Today I focused on Eckhart Tolle because over the last several months Eckhart Tolle has been very helpful to me, everything he has created, his story of how he got to creating it. From going to a place of misery and suffering at 29 years old, much like I was a year ago and I found a lot of peace and serenity by listening to his work. What he shares is very similar with what I hear in my support group every day and I’m grateful that I found Eckhart Tolle, There’s a lot more inspiring spiritual books out there and I never would’ve believed how helpful self-help really can be.

For a lot of my life I thought self help was kind of ridiculous or pointless. I thought myself was already good. Why would I need to help myself? In fact, self help can be a miracle if you choose the right self help and authors for you.

There’s lots of self help I’m sure would work good for me and I tend to be attracted to what does work and that’s what has enabled me to be here with you and to create all these things with you. I’ve been working a lot on myself and if you take a lot of technical courses from me, you might be asking what difference does it make from all this inspirational, motivational, and spiritual stuff? It makes all the difference in the world. What I’ve created has gotten phenomenally better, since I started taking better care of myself.

I made some good information in the past, some useful tips. Even then, the motivational and inspirational was at the foundation of that. Simply sharing information is not enough anymore. There’s so many places you can get information. There’s so many people that are offering great practical tips, great how-to guides. The foundation, the manner in which you create it, that is where the magic is and for me, the way I’m able to create all this stuff is to spend a lot of time and energy essentially mentally consuming things that are positive for me, things that are good, spiritually founded, things that get me out of myself and help me focus on creating things that are for you and help me focus my voice on genuinely speaking to you.

Another book that helped me with this was Steven R Covey’s book, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. His second book, where he added the voice in, at the time I was having trouble with my own voice and it didn’t make much sense then about the voice department. Now I understand.

My voice is not really mine any more than what a computer outputs is unique to that computer what I’m able to share with you is a reflection of what I take in. When I take in good energy, books like Eckhart Tolle’s power of now or Thich Nhat Hanh’s book. When I take in good material, it’s the same as eating. When I eat good, my body looks good. When I don’t eat too much, my body looks good and the same thing with all these spiritual, inspirational things. About 20 hours a week is about the max right now that works for me.

I spent that much time, taking in, serving and I’m able to share and create about that much each week myself.

I hope explaining this is useful for seeing what’s going on in your own life and maybe you’ve been wanting to understand how do you do this? I get a lot of positive feedback. Thank you for all the thousands of nice things on my YouTube channel and across all the platforms I’m on that have been shared and to be fair, it’s not as much me as it is what I take in. When I listen to Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now and his retreats, when I am a part of a support group and I listen to what other people are dealing with each day and get outside of myself. When I take in good energy, when I’m filled up spiritually with positive helpful, servicing energy, when I engage in prayer and gratitude then I’m able to give you good things. I’m able to give you videos that are useful and inspirational. I noticed right away on the warrior forum one of the first things I posted that people really liked combined practical tips with inspiration.

If you want to create amazing original things, combine the practical tips with the inspiration. People have practical tips they want answered. If you can answer them in a spirit of inspired love and inspiration, then you can create remarkable things online. If you can build a system like I’ve got now for doing that that makes it easy and effortless, it only takes me about as long as it takes to make this to get this out to you.

If this is a 10-minute podcast episode and YouTube video, it only takes me another 5 or 10 minutes to get that uploaded and available to you. The better you can make your voice by what you take in, the better results you’ll get out of sharing with people and not just people online, but all of the people in your personal life.

The main reason I work and do all this spiritual work is not for my online presence. It’s for being a good husband, being a good son, being a good son in law, being a good friend, a good brother. Then all of that positive energy makes doing that effortless because then I’m just being who I am. I’m just genuinely sharing with you from the heart who I am and that way I don’t have to put on a roll or a face or an act. I’m just being me and I try and be the same me in all situations.

In other words how you see me being with my mom or my wife is very much how you see me being right here with  you now. People consistently share on my channel that they like the honesty and realness on my channel and if you’ve shared something like this thank you, it’s helped me a lot.  I’m able to do this because I don’t have to act with you and I don’t have to act with anyone in my life and I take in and consume good spiritual things and I’m able to put those back out.

This video is a thank you to Eckhart Tolle, it’s a thank you to you for following me and for consistently inspiring me to do more and it’s a thank you to the universe for giving me a chance to appreciate and love the life I have today. Today, I pray I can always be grateful for what I have and what I have is life, that’s all I have. The breath that’s in me I pray that I can always be grateful for the simplest, most powerful thing I have, which is life, which is now and I pray that I can always remember the people, places, and things that have inspired me like Eckhart Tolle and that I can give other people credit and not look at it as if I’ve done something out of self, but that what I’m sharing is a reflection of what other people before me have shared with me. So I pray that by doing this, by being grateful, and giving credit to the people that inspire me that I can get out of the misery of self and when I do it I’m sharing that energy with you, giving you the same opportunity right now.

Thank you for watching this on my YouTube channel, or listening to it on my podcast on iTunes or Stitcher or on my website. I’m grateful for every single minute you spend with me and you can count on me to consistently work each day to give you more.