$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

How do we combine our video gaming skills with video editing, to earn $500 a week?

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$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

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The first step is to imagine to see that it is possible because other people are doing it then to go forward.

Now, this sounds so obvious, and yet it can be really difficult. I am offering a job right here to you watching the video or reading this post for $500 a week to edit my gaming videos when you follow through with the path I’ve laid out for you.


Because I don’t have time to edit all of my own gaming videos and I need help from an experienced gamer who knows what to look for in the video, who maybe already watches my gaming videos and therefore can do something fun and earn money off of it.

That is the vision.

I’m grateful today that it’s my real life and that’s what motivates me to share with you. If you aren’t interested in editing my videos, but you do want to turn your gaming skills into $500 a week, I hope this will also be helpful for you as I lay out the path to using your video editing skills combined with live streaming in order to earn the most money from gaming.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

If you want to do like I’m doing and earn money all different ways from gaming, then what you really need is to live stream, and then edit the recordings of the live streams into shorter videos people can watch.

When you combine the two of those, you can make $500 a week when you combine ad revenue, donations, subscriptions, and partner deals or brand deals with your channel.

You can easily make $500 a week when you get videos out in shorter formats that build your audience, that make money themselves. Once you build the audience in your live stream, it’s full of opportunities to monetize from donations and subscriptions on your live stream. Then, it’s a positive reinforcement loop.

The more live streams you do, the more excitement you have got. The more videos you can put out, the more you can build your live audience. I went through that cycle over and over again.

To give you a bit of a look at what experience I have and what qualifies me to teach this, I titled it “$500 a week” because that’s the very clear result we are aiming for.

You might ask, “What experience do you have that qualifies you to tell me about making money online?”

I’m grateful that through gaming, teaching, music, blogging, I make about $10,000 a month right now online, and I’ve earned that online for years.

This is my income from January 1, 2018, to August 27, 2018, which is today: $185,000 in revenue.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

And $88,000 in profit.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

I’m making hundreds of dollars a day working online and I’m not special.

If you can learn an Easter egg in a video game, you can learn how to edit videos. If you can learn how to edit videos, you can combine that with your own gaming experience, your own gaming videos to make great videos.

You can also help other people out like me with their gaming videos, and earn directly as a contract laborer where you just edit videos and make money.

I will show you very quickly for 2017, last year, $223,000 earned.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

And a $115,000 net income.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

A little less than $10,000 a month profit.

I know what I’m doing with earning income online and the key to that is that I imagined I could do it first. When I first tried to do it, it seemed like total fantasy that there is no way I could possibly make money online.

In fact, I tried in 2004, I’ve gotten scammed a couple of times, and I gave up.

I said, “This is crap. No one can make money online that’s not a scam artist.”

I started trying again seven years later and I was inspired seeing other people honestly just share what they were doing online. I looked and said, “If this person can do that, I can do that too.”

I’m doing it today, and I’m here with the same message.

I’m doing this, there is no reason you can’t do it.

What you need though is help. You need to collaborate with other people. I don’t make $10,000 a month and more online just by doing it all myself.

I help you, I think about you every day.

“How can I inspire you? How can I give things to you?”

I do that in my gaming videos.

“How can I help other gamers out there? How can I make gaming live streams you will love and interact with?”

This is another iteration of that, I’ve got a course on the University of Jerry Banfield that goes into full detail about this. It has several hours of video lectures, and at the end of the course, you have the ability to apply to the job directly inside the course.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

Now, the course is $27.

This online teaching is the best way I’ve made money online, and it’s the best way I see to make money online, especially if you combine your gaming experience with teaching.

If you can play a video game and learn how to get a high kill death in it, you can absolutely learn other skills, and teach those skills, and wrap it all up with gaming, especially when you edit.

The course is $27, but here is a link where you can take the course for $9.

I’ve set it up this way because the course teaches you practical skills.

It shows you exactly how to edit videos including the hardware, the software, the workflow, the Dropbox, Airtable, exactly how to sync the video files up for another creator.

I show you in this course exactly how to do the job for me. The idea is, I’ve set a path up where you take this course, you go through the course, even if you don’t know how to edit videos to start with.

You go through this course, you follow the instructions, and then at the end of the course, you have got a link you put in to apply for the job offer.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

All you need to produce is a YouTube playlist representing $500 worth of work. You submit that playlist, give me your payment information, and when you do that, you have got a $500 a week contract labor position with me to edit my videos.

I’ve uploaded thousands of videos online, I do gaming live streams every day or so, I need help editing them. I have a family, I have two children. I go to an AA meeting every day. I get eight hours of sleep most nights. I talk to my family.

My brother says, “Why do you need to hire someone? Couldn’t you just do it yourself?” I don’t have time to do it myself, and that’s the opportunity.

Limitations help us reach out to other people.

If you’d like to enroll in this course, will you please go to the University of Jerry Banfield and just click on the “$500 a Week Gaming and Editing Videos” course, or click this link directly, which will give you a $9 coupon to take the course for $9 instead of $27?

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

I’m hoping this will be the best $9 you have spent in your life.

That said, if you are not going to buy the course, that’s fine.

I’ve put some free previews in the course of the things that I think will be most helpful, because if you want the editing job with me, I imagine you will be willing to buy the course and take it.

After all, I’m looking at paying you $2,000 a month to edit my gaming videos.

If you don’t want to buy my course for $9 to essentially get the training and the exact instructions on how I want it done, then I probably don’t want to consider your application.

However, I realize that I don’t know you that well.

I’m guessing if you are still here at this point of the video or blog post, probably 8 out of 10 people have already dropped out, but you have made it this far.

I’ve got something I think will be really helpful for you if you are trying to do your own gaming videos. It’s the lecture from the course named “Facebook, YouTube or Twitch? Where to Stream in 2018 and Beyond?”

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

I will show where the best places and opportunities are to stream gaming videos. That way, when you are looking to do it yourself, all you need to do is basically optimize your delivery strategy.

What I’ve noticed, my friends that try to stream online don’t optimize their delivery strategy. They take just enough time to get disappointed. They live stream their games on Twitch, they don’t edit any of their own videos, they put up their own clips, they don’t test out Facebook for live streaming or YouTube. They just kind of live stream on Twitch and don’t have much interaction.

Sure, if you enjoy doing that, why not?

That said, you are not likely to ever earn $500 a week from gaming taking that approach with it. If you want to earn $500 a week gaming all on your own without having to work with anyone else, then the ideal way to do it is to optimize your delivery, to put your live streams where you get the biggest results, to test out different live streams, and to see the different ways to deliver.

For example, I live stream on Facebook because of what I’m about to share in the video. I then upload the videos to YouTube.

Now, I’m also starting to upload the videos to Twitch because it’s good to have audiences in all places just in case let’s say, Facebook goes down the drain with the gaming, then I’ve still got YouTube and Twitch to stream.

If you would like the job, I’ve got it right in the course.

I ask if you do want the job, will you please go through every single video in the course, and then follow the instructions to apply, because I’ve hired hundreds of freelancers online in the seven years I’ve had my business set up?

What I’ve learned is, I don’t want a bunch of job applications pouring in. I set up a path that has a moderate difficulty to go down, that has gates and barriers that keep out most of the casual applications.

Then, I just want you to get all the way through the process, and to just show up and say, “Okay, you’re the only option. You’re the only one that made it through the path, there we go. Let’s see what we can do together.”

I also hope this will be useful for you.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

If you do want to just edit my videos, you don’t want to make your own videos, you may also be able to earn the money from your gaming skills by editing other people besides my videos.

I’m hoping that some other gaming creators will watch this video, and then come to me and say, “Jerry I need an editor for my gaming videos.”

In that case, you might be able to connect in the comments, because I know hiring a video editor is difficult, especially for gaming videos where you need someone who knows the game.

I’ve hired editors that don’t know the game and they make crappy video clips because they just don’t understand that this kill was ordinary and this kill was extraordinary. It’s a small difference if you don’t know the game to figure out which one is worth editing out of a two-hour live stream.

What we will do next here, I will share, “Facebook, YouTube or Twitch? Where to Stream in 2018 and Beyond?”

This is one of the videos in the course.

I hope that this will be useful for you then.

I will then do an outro and talk some more and wrap it up.

Facebook, YouTube or Twitch? Where to Stream in 2018 and Beyond?

Where are the best places to put videos and to do your live streams, especially for gaming?

Ideally, you want to capitalize on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch, especially getting started because each of these has unique opportunities.

It might be difficult to tell where exactly the best opportunities will come to begin with. This is what I’ve been doing.

I’ve been streaming on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

Now, technically, I believe you are only supposed to stream to Facebook exclusively. I’m sure for Twitch, if you stream to Twitch and you are an affiliate, you are agreeing to make it exclusive.

That said, especially when you are getting started, you can easily get away with streaming to all three at once. You can absolutely do YouTube and Twitch at once with no issues. Realistically, you can also probably do Facebook.

You can use things like Restream to stream to all of them at once. What you then want to do over time is just ideally putting your content on all three, because some people almost only watch on YouTube, some will only watch on Facebook, and others, you will only be able to get a hold of, on Twitch. Therefore, it’s ideal and what I try to do is to be at as many places as I can.

That said, once you have got a place that’s producing the best results, focusing on that primarily can be ideal.

Right now, Facebook is giving me the best reach. I’m amazed that in the last week, my posts have gone out to almost half a million people in the news feed. That is just incredible and a lot of the people watching me on my Facebook page are not watching anyone else live stream.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

I’m the first person they have watched live stream. That gives a massive opportunity for me to just not have any competition.

When you are on something like Twitch, then what you have got, you have got gamers on Twitch that are watching tons of other people live streaming.

I know the more people I’m following, the harder it is to fully participate in each community.

You want people that will exclusively watch your live streams.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

The best opportunity on YouTube is to give people to find your videos in the search.

When people go through and search for a specific topic, YouTube has some of the best organic and ongoing traffic.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

Therefore, I’m putting my videos actually on all three of these.

My videos on Facebook get a good reach in the news feed and my videos on YouTube have a chance to bring people in indefinitely.

Then, Twitch has the strongest live streaming community that I’ve seen. The number of viewers you have, in terms of dollars you earn, and the interaction is the highest on Twitch.

While on Facebook with 2 million likes, I’m very grateful to get $10 a stream in donations from 2 million likes, and a half million post reach. That same amount on Twitch would be the very top of the website.

If I had 2 million followers on Twitch, in terms of dollars, I’d probably make tens of thousands of dollars on every single stream.

Facebook is best in terms of getting an audience. It’s easy to stream on Facebook to the people that are already friends with you, and are already following you. Facebook is a great place to get started streaming.

YouTube is ideal if you are making tutorials and videos to just build an organic audience over time.

YouTube has recently gotten much better monetization features with membership and super chats.

Twitch is brutal to get started out on if no one is following you already.

My friends just stream over and over again, they try, they show up, but they don’t build hardly any of following because almost everyone that’s on Twitch already has a lot of people to follow. A lot of the new following comes from recommendations by existing streamers.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

Getting started from zero on Twitch is challenging, unless you have got a very specific angle of work, like if you are an attractive girl who is good at a video game, then you may be able to get started very easily.

If you are a normal looking guy who has a slightly above average skill, you might stream every single day and hardly build a following at all.

Therefore, it’s ideal to combine all three of these together when you can.

I have had success on every one of these. The most viewers I’ve ever had on a stream was on Facebook. 700 plus people were watching me on Facebook play “Zetsubou No Shima” on “Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies” a couple of years ago.

I reached the home page on Twitch a couple of years ago also streaming “Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies.”

On YouTube I’ve had the most success with building an increasing audience over time, but it tends to be very focused. When I did a “League of Legends” video, the one video got me viral on there, but people mostly just wanted to watch “League of Legends.”

Facebook, you can get a following that’s very flexible.

On YouTube, it often becomes very focused where you need to play the specific game for people to watch.

People aren’t often on YouTube as often as Facebook, and aren’t intentionally logging on for streams as much by the number of people that watch as on Twitch.

There is one unique timely opportunity, this is Facebook’s Level Up Program. This is something I’ve been focusing on streaming on Facebook, because generally, when you can get in on something new right when it’s launched, it is the best time.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

If I had stuck with streaming on Twitch, now I’d probably have a huge following because I had started streaming on Twitch in 2015, before it got so much bigger. I don’t even know if they had been bought by Amazon.

If you start on something when it’s early on, for example some of the early YouTubers who have been able to stick with it, have massive following now.

Someone doing the exact same things as them would never build that big of a following today.

Facebook in June 2018 just started trying to focus on getting gamers to live stream on Facebook. Facebook now has “Facebook Gaming,” which is available at facebook.com/gaming.

It’s got the Level Up Program, which gives creators customized support on Facebook, gives you transcoding. It allows people to send you money on Facebook with “Facebook Stars,” so you can get money directly through Facebook.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

You just need to get in this Level Up Program.

For example, you don’t have to become an affiliate on Twitch to unlock this feature. You don’t have to unlock it on YouTube as a partner.

Facebook may be the ideal place to start a stream from zero, because you can easily get your friends and family watching on Facebook, build that initial audience. The initial audience is so hard to build on Twitch ever.

Then, on YouTube, it tends to take a long time.

Facebook Gaming may be the best thing to get started out with today. All you need is a “Gaming Video Creator” page. You need at least four hours of the streams in the past 14 days in at least two different days of streaming, and a hundred followers on your page.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

You should be able to get this just by working with your friends and family, especially if you follow my Facebook marketing tips, and my Facebook marketing course.

You can check your eligibility immediately.

All you need to do is not have violated community standards, and meet the monetization eligibility standards.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

If I’m able to do that, I think you probably can do that too.

Now, this is not available in every region right now, and you can just check at fb.gg/streamer, and then it’s got frequently asked questions here.

I think of the three of these starting from zero, Facebook might be the best.

That said, Twitch has massive potential for growth, especially if you are on a certain niche.

YouTube has massive potential for growth as well.

Facebook seems to have less potential for upward growth, at least at the moment. Although, if you already have a big presence on Facebook, you can immediately apply that to gaming, which has been nice for me.

I appreciate you watching this, and I hope this is helpful in figuring out where to focus. I intend to put the videos that are edited for me on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch, because you never know what could happen.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

There’s not a lot of people that just upload videos to Twitch.

In fact, I’m not even sure I can upload a video to Twitch.

It’s good to have an audience on all three of these ideally in case something bad happens. For example, I get banned from Facebook, I want to have my audience to also follow on YouTube and Twitch.

It’s good to be able to build all three of these up, but the Facebook program might be the best to start from zero on.


Thank you very much for reading the edited transcription of the video “Facebook, YouTube or Twitch? Where to Stream in 2018 and Beyond?” from the course.

I hope this has been helpful if you are interested in making your own gaming videos, or if you are interested in getting a vision of where I’m looking to put my edited videos, how I do my live streaming to be most effective at collaborating with me as a video editor.

$500 A Week Gaming + Editing Videos?

If you would like to get the $500 a week putting your gaming skills plus video editing to work with me, will you please enroll in the course at the University of Jerry Banfield using this direct link to get the $9 coupon, because at the end of the course you get very clear instructions on how to apply for the job?

I imagine that when you get all the way through this, you will have very little competition. I’ve set this up to essentially take care of the competition for you.

You get all the way through this process, it’s very unlikely you will have more than one or two other people who make it that far.

In fact, you might be the only person that makes it that far.

If you found anything helpful that you have enjoyed in the video at the top of this post, will you please leave a like on it because you will feel good taking that little bit of extra energy knowing that you are helping other people find this video and you are helping me.

Ultimately, if I want help, I help you, you help me.

On a karmic level, that’s how it works. We do good for others, they do good for us.

If you would like to get connected with the other viewers, maybe find someone else to edit videos for, will you leave a comment because you might find another game creator who needs a video editor in the YouTube comments?

If you would like to see my gaming videos, will you please subscribe on YouTube or follow my Facebook page on Facebook, or follow me on Twitch.

You can see exactly how I’m creating my gaming videos and I’m making them really interactive, so I hope that’s fun.

I love you.

You are awesome.

Thanks for being one of the few to get all the way to the end.

I hope to see you soon in the course and in the comments.


Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.