Gaming Video Editor for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok Job Description

I am now hiring a video editing team to convert my Call of Duty Warzone and other gaming live streams on Facebook at into horizontal videos for YouTube at and Facebook along with vertical video highlights for Facebook, YouTube, TikTok at and Instagram at The purpose of doing this is to get the best moments of my live stream out for existing viewers to enjoy and to attract new viewers. The better the videos you make, the more I can earn and therefore pay you to make them!


I would like to start off paying about $10 per vertical video and $20 per YouTube video you create while giving previously finished live streams to whichever editor does the best work for the lowest amount of money. I also offer additional compensation where you can include a link to your channel, website, or contact information to grow your own followers/clients. If those combined are not worthwhile, this may not be the right job for you!

You can choose how you want to bill. For example, you could bill per video or per hour of live stream. What is important is that we both get what feels like a good deal. Naturally to begin I expect to pay less as I am spending out of my earnings and savings to fund growth. As we grow together, I intend to increase your pay to ensure you can continue working with me. My preferred method to pay is PayPal via invoice. If that does not work for you, I am flexible and can figure out different arrangements.

To begin, I will give you one live stream and I would like for you to make your best effort at creating horizontal and vertical videos for it. You can then set a price that your work is worth to you that you would be happy to keep earning at a similar rate for the next 3 months with a maximum of $100 on the initial project. Those that give the best videos for the lowest price will get more streams to work on while those charging more and/or providing less quality will be given streams only if the best performers are not available. If you consistently provide quality edits over time, I intend to raise your pay consistently to ensure we can keep working together! This means if you charge $50 while someone else charges $100 for about the same work, I will ensure you always have work while the other freelancer will only get a stream to edit if you are busy.


  1. To be a successful video editor with me, you will need to have at least a basic understanding of the game I am playing (currently Call of Duty Warzone) and I prefer in depth knowledge so that you can create the highest quality videos. I also try new games occasionally and may switch my main game at some point meaning you will want to keep an eye on what I am playing and consider trying it for yourself.
  2. I expect you to watch the entire live stream to ensure you catch the best moments and you understand the context of everything said. If you plan to edit as fast as possible by skipping to kills, deaths, and end game communications, this job is not for you. Many of the best moments on stream happen outside of the obvious places such as tutorials, stories, answers to viewer questions, and tips on how to play the game.
  3. I maintain copyright to all videos created by your editing and you confirm this upon accepting payment for each video produced. Meanwhile, you maintain a license to use the videos yourself for any purpose. The one condition is that you agree to wait to upload any videos to any third party platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram) until I have uploaded and published them first. Given I hold 100% copyright to any video you accept payment for, you will not be entitled to any ad revenue or other earnings resulting on my channels from videos I upload. I may, at my discretion, give you a bonus if a video you create does very well. For example, if you make a video that goes viral, I may give you a percentage of the ad revenue as a thank you for your outstanding editing!
  4. Any videos submitted need to be 1920 by 1080 for horizontal and either 720 by 1280 vertical or 1080 by 1920 vertical with the bitrate matching the original file.
  5. I suggest using Adobe Premier Pro or Final Cut Pro X to edit.
  6. While no graphic design or thumbnail is required, I would love for you also to be able to make a thumbnail out of any videos you submit using a screenshot from the video and text/images added onto that screenshot. For horizontal videos, this image should be a stand alone JPG less than 1MB while for horizontal videos you might have the first frame be the thumbnail or have the text desired on it. See the examples below for reference on TikTok.

Types of Videos?

I am looking for three primary types of videos created either in vertical or horizontal form with vertical videos being a maximum of 15 seconds while horizontal videos can be any length.

  1. Educational or tutorial videos have consistently performed the best on my channels. If you find me giving any “how to” tips during the game that a viewer could learn something from, these are my top priority for edits. For example, if you see me explain how I won a gunfight with a specific tactic, that might make a perfect 15 second video to clip. If you see I am doing a long easter egg with complicated steps, creating a longer YouTube video showing all the steps and the results from doing it is ideal.
  2. Game highlights with great plays can all be clipped together for a longer YouTube video and be taken individually into vertical videos as well. For example, a sniping montage, a win reaction, all the kills/deaths from one stream, etc. The idea with highlights is to ensure viewers in just a few seconds or minutes can see the best parts of the stream.
  3. Stories or answering viewer questions can also make for good videos. For example, if I tell the story of my first date, answer a viewer question on the best way to grow my stream, or engage in an interesting discussion on aliens, these all could make good videos to create. I will provide and explain examples below!


Easter egg tutorial

Juggernaut easter egg tutorial

Stream highlights video example

Viewer question example

Warzone solos loadout tips

Quick Kill Highlight

Stream sniper highlight

Gulag win reaction highlight

Warzone first win reaction

Start Now?

  1. If you are interested in communicating about this position, please text if you are in the USA/Canada or WhatsApp 1-813-647-3918 with your name and desire to work on my editing team!
  2. Once you are in contact with me there, confirm that you understand the requirements to work together and let me know whether you want to start with a full live stream or a shorter individual game to edit. While now I have individual games, after the initial trial on a single game, I will only have full length streams to edit.
  3. After you have confirmed you are ready to start, I will send you a link to a dropbox file you can download with a game recording or full stream recording. You will have exclusive access to edit this for 7 days. If you have not finished it in 7 days, you can send me what you have or I can give it to another editor.
  4. When you have finished your editing, you can give me all the files via Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft One Drive along with an invoice via PayPal for each video with a maximum of $100 and a minimum price at whatever rate you are willing to work for the next three months at. For example, you could set a flat rate of $50 per stream regardless of the videos you send or $15 per hour of video I send. If we work together on a second project, I will setup a dropbox folder for you to use that will allow me to drop new streams in directly for you and for you to upload videos you provide in the same folder.
  5. I will review the files you sent and give you feedback on every aspect from your price to the usefulness of the videos. Next, I will give you any additional streams I have available with a maximum of one unedited stream per editor. I will give whoever does the best job for the lowest rate the next available stream and work my way through the editing team until I have no more streams. I generally do a stream every day meaning you could in theory do one stream a day if you outperform everyone else.