Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

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Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

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Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

For years, people said, “Jerry, you should build your own Udemy.”

I finally listened and this is something you may want to do also. It’s easier than you would think. It’s much easier than you would think.

Let’s go.

First, what is Udemy?

You may say, “Okay, what? I don’t even know what Udemy is. Why do I even care about this?”

Udemy is an online video course hosting platform. It’s ranked, according to Alexa, it is 232 in the world. It’s one of the top websites in the world. It has over a hundred thousand online video courses.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

The most successful ones tend to be about the most in-demand subjects. Things that are really useful for you to learn, and then use those skills to work on a job, to work online, to be a freelancer, to get an in-demand high paying job. is a place I’ve made millions of dollars in sales as an instructor. I’ve earned over two hundred and fifty thousand in sales in a single month before on Udemy.

Udemy is very profitable just to be an instructor on, but imagine if you had your own version of Udemy, where instead of having to teach courses, you could simply run the business of Udemy and you could then have all the profit from it and you could do things that you can’t do on Udemy.

That’s my vision and I’ve got my own Udemy today.

I’m so excited.

It’s called Uthena.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

Yes, it does sound just enough like Udemy to have a similar ring to it, but significantly different enough that you could say it’s definitely not Udemy.

It’s called Uthena.

My own Udemy.

“The power of an educational marketplace with the freedom of self-hosting.”

It fulfills a huge demand in the market to be able to sell top to bottom with full-pricing control and we are doing amazing things already on Uthena.

I am so grateful that this is my main project today and I’m building this up from start to finish, and what we have got on Uthena already are lots of courses, and huge growth and expansion plans for 2019.

What I love on Uthena is that you can put anything on there. Udemy has some huge downsides. For example, Udemy controls your pricing. If you put your course on there at $199, Udemy discounts it.

The first thing, you might ask, “Yeah, okay, well what opportunity is there to make your own Udemy?”

There is a huge opportunity to make your own Udemy because Udemy is so restrictive, and then Udemy bans instructors, Udemy prevents certain course topics, Udemy takes full control over pricing and discounting. It leaves what I would see is the majority of the money on the table that with your own Udemy, you can do things like have a coaching and mentoring program.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

You can allow instructors to collaborate in ways like to affiliate sell each other’s courses. You can bring an educational marketplace to a country that isn’t currently served well by Udemy.

For example, I’ve seen in my partner group that Nigeria is a huge opportunity for an educational marketplace, and Udemy doesn’t seem like it’s very accessible in Nigeria in terms of people actually being able to pay for courses there. That’s just from my outside look.

Udemy, in the Wikipedia, has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. It’s a very successful and established proven business model.

When you have got a proven business model, that is the good indication you might want to have one yourself. Thus, the first question you might ask is okay, “Well, how do I make my own Udemy?”

There are tools online that you can use to handle the hosting end of Udemy. This is the first critical thing you need to be able to do to make your own Udemy type of website. You need to be able to host the platform on it.

You might ask first, “Well, Jerry, is there money in having your own version?”

I will show you.

Yes, there is a lot of money that can be made.

For example, I will show you

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

I single-handedly have earned over a hundred thousand dollars with just teaching courses on has over 2,700 courses on it, hundreds of thousands of students. I estimate it makes anywhere from two hundred thousand to five hundred thousand a month at a minimum in sales based on what I’ve sold myself on it.

StackSkills is a perfect example of there is huge potential in making your own version of Udemy and I’ve actually figured out from my time on StackSkills exactly how several of the key things on StackSkills work.

Number one, StackSkills uses Teachable to host the courses. You can literally make your own version of StackSkills with a Teachable enterprise plan.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

Then, you just need the courses and you need to sell them.

Now, that at first might sound intimidating, but that’s not actually as hard as you might think either.

So, the first thing you need is some kind of hosting plan.

Now, while StackSkills uses Teachable and while I used Teachable and made lots of sales on Teachable self-hosting my own courses there, you have got lots of others that use Teachable.

I personally use Thinkific, and for Uthena I am using Thinkific.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

If you would like to use Thinkific, will you please use my link because you will feel good helping me earn a commission on whatever you do when you sign up with Thinkific?

Thinkific is what I use for Uthena. My friend, who did Teachable for his own self-hosted solution, has just moved over to Uthena and he says that the interface is much better.

I love the landing pages you can do on Thinkific. For me looking at StackSkills, the Teachable interface limits StackSkills significantly.

The Thinkific interface is really powerful and Thinkific is a complete hosting solution where you can put all your video courses and you can even do things like I’ve got on my Thinkific, I’ve got free courses, I’ve got services, I’ve got course bundles.

What StackSkills has done really well is selling course bundles. That’s something you can’t do at least as far as I know on Udemy. You can’t do course bundles because Udemy’s whole business is set up with just buying one course individually.

A huge opportunity to sell is to do course bundles. You can even do monthly subscriptions as I have. You can do forever bundles that you keep adding new courses to.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

Almost all the sales I’ve made on StackSkills are a function of being included in many of their course bundles. If you click “Course bundles” on StackSkills, you can see all of these different bundles they have, and when you have got all of these bundles, you can see this one bundle over here has 23,000 students.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

What StackSkills does then, is discounting these bundles and offers sales to publishers, and that’s all done on the Teachable interface, which Thinkific you can do the same thing on it as I’m doing with Uthena.

The second key part you need, you need some sort of powerful email marketing that you can use to promote because once you get someone to sign up, you need to have some kind of email marketing.

What I’m using with Uthena is Active Campaign.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

If you would like to use Active Campaign, will you please use my Active Campaign link because you will feel good knowing that I earned 20% of whatever you put into Active Campaign indefinitely?

I love knowing that my friend who sold me Active Campaign is about to get a massive commission when I upgrade to the enterprise plan. He’s going to be blown away how much money he makes from single-handedly referring me to Active Campaign.

I love helping other people out like that.

You can use Active Campaign very well with Thinkific. It has a direct integration if you are on a high enough plan, and what’s really nice is Active Campaign scales with you. You can actually have different user accounts.

For example, you can have your different instructors all within one Active Campaign account. One thing that absolutely sucks, whatever you want to suck, on Udemy, is the lack of instructors to be able to connect with students via email marketing.

Udemy forces you to use their tools, which are often not very effective for promo announcements and things like that, and then you get no direct access to your students on Udemy.

You have to play this awkward game of trying to get them off Udemy on to a YouTube live session, and then on the YouTube live session, you are doing another awkward thing trying to sell your own course hosting platform.

For example, if you are on Uthena, you try to sell them over to Uthena, then you can get their email address there.

One thing that StackSkills has that is awesome, as soon as you sign up anywhere on StackSkills, they have your email, and then can sell you all the new bundles that I imagine from what I’ve experienced being on StackSkills, a lot of the money that’s made is from those email marketing campaigns.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

So, the two key pieces you need to get this setup up, you need an online course hosting platform, then you need email marketing.

I recommend Active Campaign because it has got that enterprise-level power, but if you just want to start off with Active Campaign, it actually doesn’t cost as much. You can start off and have a small list to begin with, and then your cost scales up well with you along with really powerful features.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

On the Plus plan, which is $49 a month if you pay yearly, you get up to 25 users on this and you get SMS marketing, that can send you a text message after a student enrolls in your Thinkific course.

So, what I’ve got, when you take my coaching and mentoring program, I get a text message saying that you have enrolled, because I’m not going to monitor every student who enrolls in one of my regular video courses, but you go drop $3,636.36, then yes, I want to know immediately that you have signed up for that.

So, with Active Campaign, I’ve got the ability to cut and integrate that with Thinkific. I can get text messages for specific events. I then have up to 25 users I can put individual instructors on the account, segment their email lists and allow them to email their students directly.

This is something lacking on StackSkills and while it does great at course bundles, it is also lacking as an instructor to be able to connect directly with your students.

So, there is a huge opportunity to make something like Uthena that does that.

Active Campaign, the price is low to get started with, and then as you scale up your business, you get up to where I’m on pace to get up to a hundred thousand contacts by the end of 2019.

The price goes up pretty heftily for that, but that’s good because I’ve got the income to afford it.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

It’s nice with 10,000 contacts, and with Active Campaign, you don’t need to upgrade past this Plus plan until you want more than 25 users.

You can see at 25,000 contacts, you can make a lot of sales every month and the Active Campaign cost is $319 a month if you pay yearly, or $399 a month with that.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

Active Campaign and Thinkific together, you have got your foundation.

Now, there is one key problem or situation or challenge.

“Okay, Jerry. Well, I’ve watched this far into this and maybe you’ve got your own video courses, maybe you don’t.”

If you looked at Udemy or Stackskills and say, “Okay, Jerry. That’s nice. You’ve shown me how to host it. You’ve shown me how to do the email marketing. How do you get a hundred thousand video courses on there?”

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

That’s what you really need, right?

You may say, “If I had a hundred thousand video courses and I could just dump them on a Thinkific or a Teachable campaign, sure. I can make lots of money.”

StackSkills has two thousand seven hundred plus courses.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

You think, “Of course. I’m sure StackSkills make good money with that.”

How do I get the video courses?

Now, that’s where you and I can work together because I’m facing the same thing with my website.

How do I get the video courses?

Because once you have got the video courses, you can do everything else. You can sell the video courses. You can make Facebook ads and sell the video courses. You can put YouTube videos up to promote the video courses.

Once you have got the video courses, then everything else falls in place.

The key that I would imagine almost anyone can sign up for a Teachable plan and Active Campaign plan, but how are you going to get those video courses?

In particular, you might not even have any. You might have just been fooling around watching 15 minutes of this and you didn’t even have any video courses.

You say, “Where is he going with this?”

I’ve got the video courses for you.

I will let you use all my video courses. I’ve gotten over 3,000 videos and that’s enough for you to immediately put up 80 or so video courses, and I’ve got a $100,000 budget this year that pay for new video courses to be made for me by others.

Because as you will have noticed, most of these in-demand courses on Udemy, the bestsellers with a hundred and something thousand reviews, these are coding and development courses.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

You have Docker, iOS 11, Swift, Python and Python Programming.

What else?

The top courses on Udemy are development courses because development is an extremely valuable skill. There is a huge demand worldwide for developers. Developers command high salaries. If you want to come work in the USA, get really good at being a developer and I’m sure you can find a job in the USA, if you are very good at being a developer.

If you will look on Udemy, you can see these design courses, these business courses, and IT. Most of these courses have nothing in terms of enrollments in comparison with the development courses.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

The courses you really need are the coding courses because a lot of developers just aren’t motivated to go teach these things.

Thus, there are a lot of people that want to learn. There is not a whole lot of people who want to teach, and there are always updates. You always need new versions because you make a course, then it goes out of date as there are new changes.

Now, certainly, some things last longer than others, but you always need new courses to have the newest updates, the newest language, the newest interface and that’s where you need video courses.

Well, I’ve got that covered. What I’m doing and the single most profitable thing I’ve ever done online is hire freelancers to make me in-demand courses.

What I’m doing is I’m putting a budget in of a hundred thousand or more this year to hire more developers and coders to make courses for me than ever and I’m putting all those on Uthena, and then I’m promoting that with all the tools I know how to use like Facebook ads and YouTube.

I will just dump all the traffic into my website and I imagine will make more than a million dollars in sales in 2019 alone, even though I literally just got the domain online a week ago after moving my previous self-hosted teaching setup into Uthena. We literally just put the logo up yesterday on it.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

This is a business system that can grow fantastically fast. What I’m doing is paying a bunch of instructors in coding and development classes to make brand new courses.

I don’t need to compete with Udemy. All I need to do is have my own brand new courses, promote them and sell them.

That’s it.

There is always a demand for the absolute newest all the time and with me hiring and paying people, I can have the newest all the time.

So, you are wondering, “God, that’s a long-winded explanation. How does this impact me?”

Well, now the grand offer. We have worked 18 minutes. The grand offer is here to get your own Uthena franchise today.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

What I’m doing is I’m giving you all the courses that I pay to make. When I pay someone to make what I’ve already researched and verified is an in-demand topic, that I expect I can advertise with Facebook ads, that I expect I can upload preview videos on YouTube, send them to Uthena and convert sales, I am giving you all of those videos I make this year.

Yes, when I pay for people to collectively make thousands of videos in what might be 50 or 100 courses this year, it’s amazing how little time it takes me to hire someone, and then have them produce a video course.

I’ve got a system down that works pretty well, and in fact, if you want to do it yourself, I will show you my system that you can do, but why even make it hard?

You get your own Uthena franchise.

Imagine having your own Uthena franchise.

I’m making this as a video for the landing page of it.

Guess what?

You can have all my courses. All the hundreds of thousands I spend to pay to have those courses filmed, you can have them all within your own Uthena franchise.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

That solves the biggest problem for you.

Now, I’ve got a massive motivation and this comes at a once lifetime price. Once you buy the franchise, you get access to these courses indefinitely.

As I continue to make more and more of them, you maintain access through the library of courses. You get all these new updated courses and when I put them on my website and on Uthena, you can put them on your own version of Uthena.

I am imagining this is the investment of a lifetime for you because I can’t imagine anyone else is this crazy, willing to give you such valuable information, to give you access to something like this.

Because I can. I have enough money. I have a wonderful life.

And for $9,876.54 I will give you access to the library of courses indefinitely.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

I will show you exactly how I do all the details of the Uthena system. I’ve already got three thousand-plus videos. I’ve already got that for you and a lot of these are mine, and then there is something like five or ten courses already by others that I’ve paid for and that have collectively sold millions.

I will give you all these videos to start and I am continuing to load up this library. I see the number one asset I have in my business is this library of three thousand plus videos for online courses.

Then, when you see something like StackSkills and you reflect on getting your own Uthena franchise, then you realize, “Wow, I can single-handedly get a massive library of in-demand video courses.”

All you need to do is put them up and have a system to sell them. I will even show you with your franchise, and I will work with you one on one to help you uniquely sell the courses.

Because once you have got the hosting, once you have got the email marketing, once you have got the courses, all you have left to do is sell them and support the students. That’s it.

I can help you set that up with what already works for me. You can have a Facebook group to support the students. You can have a Discord server to support the students. You need someone to handle customer service if not you, and then Facebook ads.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

You can use Facebook ads to sell these courses because with Thinkific you have got integrated tracking.

So, you have got the ability to see exactly how much it cost you with Facebook ads to sell one of these courses. You test your Facebook ads, you use videos from the courses, sell them and bam!

You have got a business system right there and you have got a library of new videos coming in all the time.

See, how this works for me is, I sell a few franchises in 2019, that pays for me to build the library of courses out.

Now, I spend the money first because I know it’s coming back in. You buy the franchise, you help me to have the money to buy all these courses from all these freelancers that make the courses, then I sell them all on Uthena and you can sell them all wherever you want to, it works out well for all of us.

It works out well for all of us because these courses are in demand. These are courses that help people get really valuable skills to not have to work some low-paying job, but to learn something that is in demand and that’s valuable.

As it announces in the Udemy Wikipedia, this is a part of the growing movement, the massive online open course.

We are in the middle of a very exciting transition out of this traditional university enrollment system and into having something like a Uthena web franchise where people buy courses with you and learn from you or learn from me, learn really valuable skills online, and then go straight to a job.

Someone in India can take video courses online and be extremely well prepared to earn well the rest of their life just from taking video courses online with no need to drop hundreds of thousands into student loans like my family did.

I give you also with this, ten one-on-one coaching calls where you can talk with me directly. I’m the founder of Uthena, as you might have guessed, and you can talk with me directly to ask me very specific questions about implementing your business system, and this to me when combined with everything else is extremely powerful.

You might say, “Jerry, how do you recommend I set this up on Facebook Ads? Do you know anyone I could hire to do my Facebook ads? Jerry, do you know anyone I could hire to do my customer support?”

Or, “Jerry, I’m trying to promote this on YouTube. How do you recommend going about that?”

These one-on-one coaching calls combined with the videos, combined with the courses, will help you succeed.

What I technically have done with this is I’ve just put up a quick pre-launch course. There is nothing, but a text document. When you actually buy this, there is nothing but a text document right now that gives you my Facebook profile where you can add me as a friend to get started.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

But as soon as you buy this, then guess what? I will go through and film the most up-to-date recent videos showing you everything in here.

That’s when the first person buys it.

Every time someone buys it after you, then I go back through, check what’s up-to-date on it.

So, the more people buy franchises, the more I’ve got an ironed out video course that is always up to date.

Therefore, the more people buy after you, the more I keep this course updated showing exactly how my business system works if you want to copy this.

This is the only place I’m showing how the entire Uthena business system works because the magic that I’ve gotten available on Uthena is doing the entire business system.

The whole business system of how to execute all the details is really powerful along with the back end.

I think I’ve gone on about this for long enough, 25 minutes now.

If you would like to get your own Uthena franchise and build your own version of Udemy, StackSkills and Uthena, will you please join us?

Get started today for $9,876.54.

“An investment of a lifetime begins with a single click.”

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

I’m imagining you easily can make six figures profit in a year doing this business system within the first year of it as long as you are willing to put the time and energy and effort into it.

Ask for help, spend the money first, hire people, get it set up, get it off the ground, get it running, and once it runs, then you are all set. You just need to maintain it, build your relationships with the people working for you and you are set.

So, thank you very much.

This is what I love about also.

It is the ability where I can offer my video courses, where we can put up free offers, have coaching and mentorship, membership programs, and reviews, and then I even have the ability to put a franchise on Uthena where you can buy this directly in Uthena.

Build Your Own Udemy! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!

Thank you very much for watching this.

I love you.

You are awesome.

I trust you will use the links in this post when you want to use Thinkific or Active Campaign. I’m grateful for any compensation I receive.

I’m committed to giving back the majority of the money I earn in my life. I’m committed to helping others every day, to simply pay my bills, have a prudent reserve in case of emergency, and then give back.

So, thank you for helping me give back.

Thank you for helping me educate people with this.

I love you.

You are awesome and I imagine I will see you with your own Uthena franchise one day.

My mind says, “No, you won’t. Nobody’s going to buy that Jerry, You are dumb.”

I’m smart.


Jerry Banfield

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