eLearning Networking, Webinars, Mastermind, Coaching — Earn More on Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific!

Are you excited about the eLearning Networking? Do you teach courses online or are you trying to set up a place where you can? If you want to increase your sales and get the best results, I’ve got the mastermind which is the best eLearning networking and coaching group for you to join based on my experience earning almost a million dollars for myself.

eLearning Networking, Webinars, Mastermind, Coaching — Earn More on Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific!

I made millions of dollars in sales teaching online and don’t even make online courses anymore because I just do webinars and then I have an eLearning networking mastermind where I help those that are teaching or trying to teach online to get the best results.

Today, I will introduce you to the eLearning networking mastermind to give you an idea of what we’re doing and I imagine you will love being a member. Go to jerry.tips/partner at any time to join.

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Why listen to me talk about it? I’m grateful that one of our members, Auret, has made a testimonial for the group. This is what she said in her testimonial.

Auret: Hello Hello, it’s Auret here. We’re going to talk about a weekly mastermind group for entrepreneurs. It is the one that we have been a part of towards the end of last year. This weekly mastermind group has paid off immensely.

It was an investment at first. We paid $1,000 U.S. which is more than $1,000 Canadian due to the exchange rate. We paid more than $1,000 to be a part of this exclusive group and we saw a lot of value in it. We could see who was a part of the group. We trusted Jerry.

Also, we have already established a connection with Jerry a few years ago. So, we already knew who Jerry was and read some of the bios of people who are in the partner group and we just got a sense that the culture within this group is different.

It’s from a “How can I help you?” kind of standpoint and not “Let me sell to you” standpoint.

So that $1,000+ investment has been paid back and more. We’ve already made more than $10,000 in sales just from being a part of this group alone because of how great it is. It’s not something that we expected.

eLearning Networking, Webinars, Mastermind, Coaching — Earn More on Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific!

We didn’t instantly see that $1,000 was going to turn into $10,000. We joined the group and then we were like, “Okay, where is our money-back kind of thing you know?”. It’s not like that. You really get what you put into that group.

We joined and we were like, “Okay, we’re committed to attending these calls”. We knew that the more that we were present and the more that we were able to provide value to other people, it naturally comes back to you and that’s the case not just with this but with anything.

You really do get what you put in. This group has paid us back more than $10,000 in sales from design work with the other partners as well as one-on-one coaching. It’s been really great as it’s an investment.

eLearning Networking, Webinars, Mastermind, Coaching — Earn More on Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific!

It’s not something that you pay for and that’s it. You have to nurture those relationships and it will pay you back in growth, sales, and long-term relationships that you can foster and take benefit from in the years to come.

It’s amazing what just eLearning networking with other like-minded people and talking to them on a weekly basis can do for you. If you don’t seek out new information and new ways of doing things, you’ll be operating in this the same bubble that prevents you from seeing new solutions to problems.

It prevents you from seeing new information that can be a value to you, seeing better systems, better ways of doing things and experiencing new growth. All of these things are what contributes to your success and you as a person.

You might hear this from a lot of other places “It’s good to go to eLearning networking groups, to meet people, and to hang out with like-minded people”. There is merit to that but it can also be completely wasteful and go the other way.

A few years ago we used to go to a lot of these eLearning networking groups. Some of them are really great and we made such good connections out of them. Most of them were quite superficial.

It was just all about just being there, listening to one person talk and not really much happening except for people giving you their business cards but no real connections made.

So, it’s really important to find a group of people that you can connect with on a weekly basis. It’s one thing to just go to one eLearning networking event and then make a connection there.

It’s up to you to make a connection to that group, to follow up with that person and continue to see how you guys can work together if there is something there.

To be a part of a group like a group of members is completely different because you gradually get to know people. You still have to put in the work to attend a weekly call or a weekly video, but it’s different because you’re all there with just a sense of being around other like-minded people.

Join Jerry Banfield's Partner Program

You’re okay with listening to whoever talks about what’s going on in their life, in their business and you learn from that indirectly. You get to hear what other people are doing, start to see creative ways for how to solve problems in your own business, make some great connections, partnerships, get hired to do services and coaching.

All of these things and more were outcomes of this weekly mastermind that we’re a part of and this is a partner group or a mastermind group that was specifically created by Jerry Banfield who is a fellow YouTuber, a friend, and a great person to connect with.

We have interviewed him on our channel. You can watch the video below so you can get to know him a little bit more but Jerry has created this community of partners where we meet on a weekly basis.

He owns the group, sees different ways of how you can be of service to them, help them out and vice versa. People get to know what they do. Some of you might know that we do one-on-one YouTube coaching.

One of the partners was talking about how his mom is starting the YouTube channel and he referred us to that business. He got the package for one-on-one coaching with us for his mom and we got the business out of that.

It’s not even just about that. It’s so easy for entrepreneurs to get so stuck in your way because we’re working almost like we’re in a vacuum and we’re doing the same things over and over again.

We get into a groove where we don’t see what’s going on in the peripherals, what other entrepreneurs and people are doing unless you go actively to seek those things out.

This way, you’re just generally kind of starting to see how other people are working, what’s working for them and what’s not working? You’re part of this culture where everyone’s helping each other and that’s really hard to find in just an eLearning networking event or some other group.

You have to put in the effort to attend those calls and to be active with the other partners in order for it to come back your way.

Jerry: Thank you very much for reading Auret’s testimonial. I suggest you subscribe to her YouTube channel also she’s featured on the home page of my channel.

I love Jewel and Auret’s channel. They have incredible informational videos living in Canada and are full-time YouTubers and teachers online. I’m very grateful they made this testimonial for the mastermind in June and now in October I’m putting it out here.

Auret has just explained the value of it better than I can because it’s my group and obviously I want to sell it but you can see what it does for the members. I get a tremendous amount of support from this group.

I put my ideas out, get feedback, get support and know that there’s help whenever things go right or go wrong. I’ve got a list on jerry.tips/partner hereof 7 reasons you would love to be a partner.

Weekly Video Calls With Jerry Banfield & Friends

We have weekly video calls on Zoom. They’re currently at 4 p.m. Wednesdays eastern time the USA. That is very important. I highly recommend you be able to make it to those calls.

Priority Access To Webinars

We also have webinars where partners get priority access to be featured, share, talk to me and share their experiences on the free webinars. Thus, as a partner, if you want to feature and to get to connect, the webinars are also a very good opportunity for you.

Members-Only Facebook Group

You get access to our Facebook group as well, which is full of experienced entrepreneurs, influencers and people like me who’ve earned money in all kinds of different ways online. People who can tell you about all kinds of different websites you might be using, give you tips, suggestions and we’re there to help each other.

eLearning Networking, Webinars, Mastermind, Coaching — Earn More on Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific!

Someone’s consistently getting banned or having classes removed because of all of our work online There’s always some challenges that’s coming along and we groove together really well to help each other.

Private Label Right to 144+ Video Courses

I also have private label rights available to my courses.

Employment Opportunities

First, I look to my partners when I’m going to hire anyone as you can read Auret talking about. I’ve now paid $18,000 to her and her partner Jewel with Essetino Artists. I have paid $18,000 to them since they joined the group and here’s how it happened.

eLearning Networking, Webinars, Mastermind, Coaching — Earn More on Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific!

They were talking about doing graphic design on Fiverr and I said, “Well, I need some graphic design” and from there they’ve designed almost a thousand thumbnails for me on YouTube, designed shirts for my merchandise, and designed book covers.

It’s been an outstanding collaboration and I will work and pay more to my partners then I could even go higher, for example, I got an email from a guy saying, “Hey, I can do thumbnails for $5 for you” which is much less than Auret does thumbnails.

I said, “No, thank you”. I’d rather pay several times as much to have one of my partners do the work who put in money with me and trusted me first. I’d rather give back through my relationships with my partners than I would to just try and save some money working with somebody new.

eLearning Networking, Webinars, Mastermind, Coaching — Earn More on Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific!

Therefore, there are outstanding employment opportunities in a partner group. Partners have collectively earned over a hundred thousand dollars working with me. Jewel and Auret earned $18,000 for themselves and I’ve hired a bunch of partners to do a bunch of things with me.

50% Lifetime Affiliate Earnings

You get 50% lifetime affiliate earnings. If you want to help Jewel and Auret out, please go to their testimonial video and join the weekly mastermind group through their link and they will get 50% of the sale instead of me getting a hundred percent.

It’s always good to help someone else out. It’s $48 a month for a monthly membership. I’ve tested a lot of different price points with it. I’ve taken it off and put it back on $48. People love the $48 a month monthly membership and I love it.

While we have about a 50% churn rate in the first 3 months, a lot of people sign up, don’t do anything and then leave understandably. The people that make it past the first 3 months tend to stay for years, which if you add $50 a month for years, that adds up more to me than $ 1,000-lifetime partner membership.

Jewel & Auret joined at a $1,000-lifetime partner membership level. That one really gets my attention because most people sign up for the monthly. The lifetime one is the best value because then I know you’re staying you’re not going anywhere and my mind says, “I want to figure out how I can help you make at least $10,000 dollars back from giving me a thousand”.

My mind will come up with incredible solutions like graphic design, email marketing, video editing, etc.

eLearning Networking, Webinars, Mastermind, Coaching — Earn More on Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific!

I’ve also now got monthly coaching programs and these are new. I have almost a $300 monthly coaching program. This gives you all the partner benefits plus you get a one-on-one call with me every month.

One of the partners started off-putting almost all the money in his bank account at the time into starting coaching with me and he now has over $50,000 in his bank account based off of starting the coaching with me and following all of the suggestions along the way and he’s increased his sales fantastically.

That is good if you want a long steady approach which is ideal in most situations. If you need some intensive work, I’ve got a new 12-week coaching program where we have a one-on-one call every single week. I will make a custom-designed curriculum for you. It won’t be fixed like do this on week one and do that the next.

I will see exactly what you’re needing to do and I’ll give you exact resources, books to read, courses to watch, videos to watch and actions to take. Once I get to know you, I will make a custom program just for you. Those 12-weeks will get you closer to your goals.

I am so excited to start running that program because I’ve just started offering this based on what I’ve done on monthly programs and seeing that some of you need some real intensive hands-on help.

On the partner’s page, you can get all the BIOS as Auret was talking about. She said — it’s important for her to see who is in the program and who you can network with.

eLearning Networking, Webinars, Mastermind, Coaching — Earn More on Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific!

We’ve got outstanding people in this program that have just been a miracle for my business. Michele Gerard is the right-hand man in my business. It’s incredible for all that he’s given and done. He was one of the very first partners to join when I first did the program back in 2017.

eLearning Networking, Webinars, Mastermind, Coaching — Earn More on Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific!

Joe Parys is the owner of Joe Parys academies. He has hundreds of thousands of students online. Check out his YouTube channel and his website.

Tomas George and I have done fantastic work together. We filmed a video course together. Tomas is the one I was talking about with the coaching who joined right when he started teaching online.

He said, “Look, I want the kind of results you’ve got. What have I got to do for that?” and I’ve figured out exactly specific to him through coaching for years.

I said, “Look, this is what you need to do based on where you’re at and this is what not to do based on what didn’t work for me. Do this and then each month we will talk”.

Now we talk each week. Tomas has helped me get my first three albums out on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Joseph Delgadillo has built a YouTube channel that’s getting close to mine for subscribers. He was there when I started my business. Joseph has very successfully applied what we’ve talked about and learned in the partner program together.

AJ Brockman has helped me out a lot with several different things I’ve done with my business online and I’m currently planning to have an event at his venue and that’s what I’m really excited to work on with AJ.

William has collaborated with me to share my videos and to get some new clients for some new sponsored videos.

Jewel and Auret, you can see the video they have just done. We’ve done a ton of collaborations together and where we’re constantly helping each other.

I try and help my partners out as much as I can and naturally as Auret said, I focus on the partners that I see in them around the most. Therefore, the partners that come to the calls every week and talk to me, I’m focusing the most on helping those partners.

I figure the ones who aren’t coming around don’t need my help as much. Jewel and Auret have posted 2 videos on their YouTube channel.

eLearning Networking, Webinars, Mastermind, Coaching — Earn More on Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific!

I’ve also got a Frequently Asked Questions on the page. We’ve got 40 active members. The group is growing the fastest it has ever grown. We’ve got 10 new members or so in the last month and that’s why I’m finally stepping up and doing a post that specifically talks about and promotes the program.

You can cancel anytime or resume anytime you want to. If for any reason you are not happy, I’m happy to give you your money back. This is a program for helping you succeed and that is what I care about.

If you’re not succeeding and if it’s not for you, I’m happy to give you a refund.

You can also become an affiliate by joining this program on Uthena. If you have more questions, feel free to drop them as a comment or go to jerrybanfield.com/contact.

You can get to jerry.tips/partner and it’ll take you to the landing page which is the entrepreneur mastermind.

I’m extremely grateful that you’ve read this eLearning networking and YouTube mastermind. This is the mastermind I needed for myself which is why I built it.

eLearning Networking Mastermind

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Therefore, I struggled on eLearning networking myself and wasn’t willing to go make all the mistakes she talked about going to eLearning networking groups where people are just passing business cards around and it’s a waste of time.

I hardly network with anybody and literally created this because this is what I need and I’m so excited for you to join us and be a member.

Thank you for reading all the way to this post. I love you. You are awesome. I’m so grateful for the time you’ve invested. Make sure to drop a comment and let me know if you’re one of the few that read all the way to the end so that I can connect with you and recognize you.

Thank you and I’ll see you in the partner group.

Jerry Banfield