How to Remain Peaceful in an Election Year!

Would you like to learn how I remain peaceful in an election year because this might be useful for you to go through this year?

How to Remain Peaceful in an Election Year!

How can you remain at peace during an election year? Imagine going through another year of politicians and speeches without getting upset.

How to Remain Peaceful in an Election Year!

This is how I experience elections now and I’m so grateful for that because I used to get so upset and frustrated during election years, and that’s why I’ve made this video here to share my experiences to how I stay peaceful during election years.

I see lots of my fellow human beings feeling like they have to get so upset, as I used to feel, when this politician says that, or this party does that.

Today, I’m grateful, I don’t have to play that game.

What I’ll do is tell you my experience with what I used to do and how I’ve made this transition and some beliefs I have that can help you to have the same thing. The goal is to remain at peace. No matter what’s going on.

Some of us feel, “Well, Jerry, I have to get out there and fight. I can’t just stand by while this politician says that or this politician does that.”

The real challenge or opportunity for us, you might say, is to remain at peace. Think about every problem you can imagine in the world. It would either all be completely eliminated or solved with people being at peace.

It’s people being upset, people being frustrated, people hating each other, people fighting that causes every single problem we have.

That’s how wars start from people feeling like they have to go fight, that they have to have power and control over another, and that’s what all politics is about. It’s about having power and control over other human beings because if you trust, love and respect your fellow human beings, you can allow them to create the world they want to.

And if all of us love and respect and trust each other, we can create the exact world we want to without bothering or hurting other people.

Thus, simply being disturbed and being out there and fighting, from my view, is part of the problem.

That’s part of whatever I couldn’t stand before.

How to Remain Peaceful in an Election Year!

I’ve made lots of posts and rants on social media against particular politicians.

I’ve made lots of speeches.

In fact, I even wanted to get into politics myself.

Let me share what I used to do during election years and my track record.

My track record is that I have voted for the loser in every single US presidential election. It’s as if on some level I knew who was going to win and I had to fight against them regardless of what party it was.

Every single presidential election, I voted for the loser. That means every single presidential election, except the last one, I found very disappointing.

I would say that the country’s really going down the drain because they voted this person in as president. Four years would go by and suddenly I had a totally different idea of what it meant for the country to go down the drain.

2016 was the only election that I did not get bothered at all, and I simply voted for whoever my wife told me to vote for.

I delegated the politics to her because she likes to be involved in that, and I trust that she can handle all the politics for both of us. My involvement in politics is not going to contribute anything useful to the human race.

Why? How did I get there from feeling like I had to get out there and fight?

I remember I went to an election party one year with my friends. We were all out at the bar and I didn’t realize I was the only one who voted for the other candidate.

Everyone else, when the results started coming in, was celebrating and having a party, and feeling great, but I felt like I’d just been punched in the face, kicked in the stomach and thrown out in the street.

I was disgusted with who was elected and I had to leave. I couldn’t even stand to be out with anybody else because I was so mad about who got elected as president.

That’s what I used to experience.

I used to watch the results and the polls and the debates, and I would talk so much.

“Well, this guy, he is horrible and she, there’s no way” and I would get all upset. I’d get in these arguments with people and I damaged my relationships with people.

In fact, I couldn’t be friends with some people because of their politics or we would just have to avoid talking politics at all.

What I realized is that me being disturbed, or me being not at peace is the fundamental cause of all my problems and that I have a choice.

I have a choice as to how I respond to the world.

It doesn’t matter who’s elected for whatever office. I have a choice as to how I respond and when I trust my fellow human beings, I see that in the short term, one president or another might look better, and in the long term it will all work out just fine regardless of who’s president.

In fact, when you think about so many human beings on this earth, one person or another being president doesn’t seem like a big deal.

I started watching a lot of documentaries, things like ancient aliens and UFO hunters and all these history channel shows. I also remembered my dad who went to Vietnam and had all these ranting and raving about the government, and how the president didn’t even know what was going on.

How to Remain Peaceful in an Election Year!

I’ve looked at a lot of things presidents have said that seemed to indicate the president’s not really even in control of the military.

This has given me more peace of mind and from what I’ve seen at least in the USA, which is one of the bigger countries of the huge armies in the world, it appears from what I’ve seen that the military has actually quietly taken control of the government, and the president actually just takes orders from the military.

It’s not the other way around that there is some kind of secret military government that makes all the real decisions and the president simply answers phone calls and does what he or she is told.

This also helps me have peace regardless of rather, it’s actually true. You could certainly say, “Well Jerry, there is no evidence of that” and I’ve seen a lot of evidence of it and at the same time I’m sure there’s lots of evidence in a different direction.

One of the presidents said that he really wanted to go to area 51 to take a look and find the alien bodies, and the military said, “No, you can’t go to area 51.”

Think about that.

The president’s supposed to be the commander in chief and they tell the president, “No, you’re not going to this military facility.”

That helps give me peace that it doesn’t really matter who’s president because whoever truly is pulling the strings is not the president.

Thus, I don’t care who gets elected president. It is to me more like a TV show or reality show.

In fact, it would seem, if there is a secret military government, they would prefer a president that is causing a big distraction, so that people don’t get to looking for who’s really running the country.

Before I was aware of this, I had these feelings that it didn’t seem to matter who was president.

Sure, the president certainly can get some limited objectives accomplished.

However, it felt like whoever was making the real decisions seem to decide them beyond party lines. It didn’t seem to matter who was president. The country felt like it was moving in a certain direction anyway, and that’s because there are billions of people in the world and it’s truly the people who have all power,

For what I see, real change happens from person to person, and when I love and respect my fellow human beings, I don’t have a need to control my fellow human beings.

Therefore, yes, I certainly have opinions.

I certainly do have opinions on things.

I think generally we should have no rules and laws, and simply be trusted to take care of each other. I think that putting a bunch of people in prison, there’s got to be a better way than that.

I think criminalizing things like drugs, there’s got to be a better way than that, and yes, I have opinions about things.

I don’t get all hot and bothered about them though because one of the big life lessons I’m here to learn is the art of allowing my fellow human beings to create their reality as they’d like it to be.

How to Remain Peaceful in an Election Year!

When I consider the law of attraction, I consider that people are drawn to environments and circumstances, and people that are on their same wavelength.

When you tune a radio to a certain frequency, it will give you that particular station, and if you’re tuned into a frequency of hate and frustration and controlling others, then you will be drawn into people in circumstances which support that, but if you are on a frequency of peace and love, joy and connection with others, you will be drawn into circumstances that support that .

Therefore, it’s not appropriate and my opinion for anyone to be dictating over all other human beings what the rules and laws should be.

That said, I realize there are practical realities, things like militaries and how people act towards each other, different countries having different laws and policies.

I see that there are a lot of things I don’t know and that gives me peace, and the big picture in the long term, I don’t know who is best for the country to be president.

In fact, I see that sometimes things becoming worse helps them get better. I’ve noticed in my personal life, I could often tolerate a small level of discomfort or even a moderate level of pain and just continue to go about my life without needing to make change.

Sometimes it’s good to get what you might think of as the worst person in there for president to help change go the other way. Lots of times we need to see the extremes, the very worst of humanity in ourselves in order to get motivated to do better.

I’ve certainly needed to see that in my personal life. I’ve needed to be the worst version of myself to get a very strong motivation to be the best version of myself.

What I see is that all the change I’m hoping for in the world, I can lead by example and the more of us do that, it doesn’t matter who’s been elected to office because we, the people, influence and you might even say almost totally control the people who’ve been elected to office.

The people who are elected to office are a reflection of the consciousness of the people who’ve elected them.

At a sufficient level of consciousness, we wouldn’t even need people elected to represent us.

At a level of consciousness close to that, we would elect people who ironically might be the absolute worst and might do horrible things to help us see the necessity of raising our consciousness.

Or we might elect people who are very loving and kind, and would help everyone make a transition to a peaceful state of joy and connection with each other, instead of hatred, instead of violence, instead of pointing fingers and arguing on social media about whether this law should be this way or that law should be that way.

Sure, I have feelings about specific issues and I’m grateful I can watch my friends on social media post something that might totally disagree with a particular feeling I have on an issue and I don’t feel anything negative.

All I feel is love, compassion and understanding.

True peace comes from understanding both sides and when I can understand where both political parties are coming from and where all the political parties in the middle are coming from, and where all the people are coming from.

I even can have peace watching people in my life disagree with each other. Watching one family member disagree with another about a subject. What I’ve noticed is people rarely around me get into any political discussions.

That’s what’s really cool, when I have peace with everything going on around me, very rarely do people arguing get into politics around me because I don’t participate.

If someone asked me, “Well, who do you think should be president?”

I don’t care. It doesn’t matter.

How to Remain Peaceful

Or I’ll say something depending on the person.

I’ll say, “Well, the secret government runs everything anyway, so it doesn’t matter who’s president, whoever’s president will just be taking phone calls from the same person.”

I say things like that, and then people don’t have any interest in talking politics with me after that.

It’s great!

I’ve never been to any secret government headquarters. I’ve just heard stories, and thus, what I do is I choose beliefs that support the result I want.

The result I want is peace.

The result I want is faith that whoever the people elect will work out just fine for all of us.

I realize there have been elections in the past where dictators have been elected who’ve done incredibly awful things you could say to fellow human beings, and what I also see is sometimes things like that can help raise our collective consciousness, that as all of humanity we look and say, “How could we do this to ourselves,” and then we’re motivated to make some changes.

We see things like disobedience is not such a negative thing, but as a virtue that people who are willing to be disobedient in the face of atrocity would prevent the atrocity from happening.

It’s people who are blindly obedient to whoever’s elected that allow for all of the tragedies to happen.

If you get someone like me, I would not go perpetrate a tragedy because I don’t care who’s told me to do it.

I won’t do it.

I have my own morals that are more important than whatever anybody else tells me to do, and that allows me to be at peace with whoever’s elected.

I have confidence that I have my own moral compass inside, it doesn’t matter who’s telling me what to do, I will do what I feel is right regardless of who else is telling me what I should think and what I should feel, and that helps me have peace.

What I’ve shared all of this with you is to give you a look inside my mindset that helps me to have peace no matter what’s going on.

It helps me stay out of all of those arguments and all that negative energy and I’ve shared that because I imagine you must want some of that if you’ve experienced all of this and got to this point.

What I’m saying is, you must have some interest in going through, maybe not this year, maybe the next one, but at some point in your life to be able to transcend the drama of an election year.

I don’t watch any of the debates, I don’t pay attention to any of the polls and I have a peaceful life today, and I have serenity.

That’s what I was looking for so often in my life. I see today the only way I lose that is from my own choices.

How to Remain Peaceful

If I suddenly go out and say, “That’s wrong and this person’s wrong and that policy’s wrong,” then I’ve lost my peace.

Now, there is a way to change the world peacefully and to say, “This is what I feel is right and this is what I’m going to do.”

I believe there are policies that can be changed that can help us. I also see that every time you change something, there’s good and bad that happens with every single policy, that even in things that seem the most awful, if you change them, there will be different awful things that will come up.

That’s the nature of this reality that every situation has good and bad, and up and down, and to me, I like what Blaise Pascal said, that all of our problems as human beings stem from our inability to sit quietly in a room by ourselves.

I appreciate you experiencing this with me and I hope it’s helpful for you to have peace in the election year you’re coming up to.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

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Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.