How to Have Peak Energy All Day Long

How do I maintain such a high daily energy level and how can you maintain the same? My brother asked me this question the other night and I’m grateful to have the change to share it with you and think about it today. The main way I maintain a high energy level is to take care of myself each moment. I try and do what’s best for my body, mind, and soul each moment. That is a constant task every day all the time.

There are parts of that task I can share with you that will help. If you don’t have the energy you want, if you’re feeling apathetic, if you’re feeling tired. All of this is based on the understanding that you have choice in your life. You have choices about what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. If you don’t feel like have choices. If you feel helpless, if you don’t feel like you can change anything in your life, it will not matter how many tips you get. It will not matter how many things that are told to you because you’ll consistently come back with doubts. In order to get that high energy all day long, I first had to stop having the victim mentality. I had to stop feeling like everything I do in my life is because I have to or because I can’t do something else.

The fact is I have a choice each moment about what I am doing. In order for me to change anything else in my life each moment and I still have to each moment. That means living in the now, living one day at a time. That means not what you did yesterday or what you might do tomorrow but just doing your best right this moment and trusting that yesterday went how it’s supposed to and tomorrow will go how it’s supposed to also from that one moment at a time.

That’s crucial for a high energy level because all of the other things I’m going to share with you are practical tips, but the practical tips won’t work if you are in a victim mindset where I have to do this so I can’t apply that or I have to do this or I can’t apply that. If you’re  in that mindset, no amount of tips will help. You can get out of that mindset right now by just making a choice that you have this moment and you have the ability to choose what you want to do this moment.

Once you are in that mindset where you feel like you do have a choice where you are empowered to look at and restructure your own life which is the first step I had to do to give up the idea that I was a victim and I was helpless and I was simply rolling through my life. Once I did that, then the following practical tips that I’m sharing with you were very helpful and I continue to benefit from them a lot.

The number one thing of getting enough sleep. I get nine hours of sleep every night because that’s what’s good for me. My body likes to sleep, it recovers, it heals itself. It’s full of energy when I give my body plenty of time to sleep. That really is the number one thing in terms of energy is getting that sleep. When you’re in a position to say I can’t get enough sleep then you can’t benefit from it at all. You can’t get into any opportunity. If you want to try these you have to be in a place to look at what you can do.

When you look at what you can do, for me, getting more sleep was one of the first things I saw that I could do. I can do that, I can go to bed earlier and even get up a little later. The reason I didn’t’ get enough sleep before is because I was rolling through my life trying to do too much and rolling through life thinking about the things I have to do. I always rolled into bed at the very last moment and then thought I had to and saw that I would get only six hours of sleep lots of time and then I would be tired the rest of the day.

Getting enough sleep solves fatigue greatly and no matter where you’re at in life you can always get more sleep. My wife is pregnant and she’s sleeping as much as she can. She’s sleeping most of the day sleeping a lot. She’s towards the end of the pregnancy now, the baby’s getting pretty big and she sleeps a lot. She takes naps almost every day or gets in bed at a reasonable time most days and get’s at least 7 hours of sleep a day even though she has a full time job with an hour commute she has to go to. She sleeps extra on the weekends and she takes care of herself. That’s the power of sleep.

I have an even greater opportunity so I sleep a lot. There are lots of days I’m only up 14 hours. I sleep about 10 – 11 hours some days and then if I have a day when I have a day where I sleep 6-7 hours it’s not a huge deal. My body has gotten enough sleep for months now, it can handle one day. Getting sleep is the number one thing I do to maintain my energy. Outside of what I told you first about the empowered lifestyle. What can I do? and when am I going to do it?

What can I do is what’s in front of me. When can I do it is now or not now. That is the gateway to applying the rest of these practical tips. The rest of these tips are all smaller that’s why I focus so much of this on those first two things. These rest of these are all smaller and help.

Eating right helps a lot. What do I mean by eating right. Fat, carbs, and protein – a balanced diet. Eating less processed foods and more fruit and vegetables. I also try not to eat large meals because I feel really tired after having meals more than 1000 calories because my entire body is so I try not to eat big meals. I also try to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day on average. Even if it’s just a walk or cardio at the gym or personal training. I do 30 minutes of activity every day that get’s the heart pumping and that gives me immediate energy for that day and the next day.

You’ve got to balance all this energy because it gets out of control if it’s not managed through the lens of taking care of yourself. It will turn into anxiety and into stress. I also get a massage every week to help manage my energy and keep my body relaxed. People look and say that costs so much, but I have a very high energy level that’s balanced which is amazing thing to have. These videos take a lot of base level energy for me to make.

I’m sitting here talking fully engaged to my computer like I’m talking to you. It takes a lot of energy for me to do that and to appear here with you. All of the things I do allow me the chance to do what I’m doing here with you. It allows me to do it with no script, it allows me to do it with almost no planning. It allows me to be of service. The point of doing all of these things and taking care of myself each moment is to be of service.

The last practical tip I offer is related to being of service and that’s not poisoning myself and that’s not poisoning myself, that’s not holding myself back; making myself miserable. When I’m trying to be of service it makes clear sense not to do that. Things like drinking too much alcohol or even exercising greatly excessively or getting overly anxious or yelling and screaming and getting frustrated at things. I stay away from anything that poisons my well being. I don’t do things that make me feel shame or make me feel like a bad person. I’ve done a lot of those in my life and now I’m grateful that I’m free of that and all of this works together and it all starts with that empowered lifestyle, feeling like you have a choice that moment.

It doesn’t matter what the choice is. You can say yes to this moment or you can say no to this moment and that choice is integral to integrating all these practical tips in my life and that’s how I have such a high energy level and the energy level that’s maintained and doesn’t go and wreck when I’m not making these videos and one that’s balanced and consistent.

I’m grateful I’ve learned these things. These have been given to me by other people in my community who understand these thing for themselves. I didn’t know these things for myself. I learned these things from the people around me. I’m sharing this with the hope that you can get the same things I’ve gotten from the people around me and if you don’t have people around you that are sharing these things, you can use what I’ve shared with you to go down that journey.

Today I pray to maintain my high energy level. I pray to maintain the care and love I’m showing myself. Taking care of myself and not making things worse and consistently seeing the choice I have each moment  in my life so I can apply all the practical knowledge I have. I pray that in sharing this with you, you have the same opportunity. I hope you have a great day today.