Enfold Header Colors Not Loading? Solution for Menu Stuck on White!

If you’re using the Enfold theme and you’ve got your header stuck in this white color, even though you’ve tried to customize it, I’ve got a solution here for you.

This is the latest challenge I’ve had online that I’ve mastered by doing some googling, and I’ll make it a bit easier for you than it was for me.

Enfold Header Colors Not Loading? Solution for Menu Stuck on White!

If you’re new to the Enfold theme or don’t know what I’m talking about. This is the WordPress theme I use on my website.

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I’ll show you how to fix this issue with the Enfold header colors.

We’ll go over to Themes and we need to go to Performance on the theme options. The main thing we need to edit is this CSS file merging and compression.

For some reason, this setting messes up the loading of the header.

If we go back to the homepage, you’ll see the error I had earlier.

Enfold Header Colors Not Loading

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You can see the whole header was not loading up here at all, it took away all the custom colors, and it did not make a significant speed increase on the page load either.

To fix this we go back there to Performance, we go over to CSS file merging and compression and we disable it.

Enfold Header Colors Not Loading

If you’re having issues with a different WordPress theme or something similar, you might try it. Just see if these make a difference on your page.

When we disable it there. We see the header loads properly here again.

Now I’m seeing that my website is taking longer than I would expect it to load. If you are having other issues on your page, you can play around with the settings. See what takes the longest to load.

I see this Active Campaign form is taking the longest to load. All I can do on that is go down here down to widgets, go over to the footer column here, and just kill this widget over here.

Go back to the Homepage and see if it loads any faster without having to pull that form.

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Enfold Header Colors Not Loading

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Thank you very much for seeing this quick solution if you’re using the Enfold theme and you’re struggling to get your header to load the colors properly.

I hope this is helpful and I hope it saves you some time versus what it took me to figure this out today. If you want to see more videos like this you can look at my tutorials playlist on my YouTube channel.

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I love you, you’re awesome and I’ll see you in the next one.

Jerry Banfield