What is Ethical Hacking? Free Guide To Beginner Hacking


You will learn about ethical hacking and get introduced to the course itself. You might have noticed that ethical hacking is made of two words: ethical and hacking. The definition of hacking is quite broad and encompasses a wide range of activities. If you go to a dictionary and look up hacking, it will say it has something to do with computers.

While this is true, it is not accurate. Hacking is having any system, not just a computer or digital system, do something that you intended it to do as opposed to what it was designed to do. Here’s one short example that has been cited over and over again.

You have a door lock in your house and the purpose of that lock is to prevent intruders from entering. Sometimes people without a key enter anyway because they pick the lock. That is itself is an act of hacking, also an act of burglary, but that’s another subject.

An example of ethical hacking is when automobile industry manufacturers hire burglars to test their locks. They pay them good sums of money to go into their factories and try to unlock their cars. This doesn’t need to apply to your door locks. The ethical side is when you have the permission to do it and it is within the restraints of the law.

During this course I will teach you how to penetrate networks,  explore systems,  break into computers and much more.

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During this course I will show you many examples and methods. You will need some prerequisites over which I will go in the next tutorial. You’re in for a ride so sit and be patient.

It is not like in the movies where hacking takes 5 minutes in front of a computer. In the real world, people spend countless sleepless nights trying to do something, get access, or bypass password-protected files on a server, trying to escalate privileges, trying to inject a sequel injection. They spend a long time planning and getting a general idea of how they can execute an attack. These are not things that you will be able to do within 5 minutes of sitting in front of your computer.

You will need time, you will need patience, but above all you will need curiosity. You have it by using this tutorial, you just need to build on it and you will be where you want to be. In any case, I hope to see you in the next tutorial.

Disclaimer: After you finish this course, you will gain the ability to do some serious damage. I do not encourage illegal activity, furthermore, I advise against it . You do not have any need to do anything that is against the law with the knowledge in this course. You’re going to get some pretty good knowledge and can abuse it . The opportunities are everywhere. They’re endless because people use insecure systems or they use secure systems but they don’t know how to operate or configure them and in turn those secure systems become insecure. If you want to do it for money or something like that, you can do it in a legitimate way. People will pay you to test their networks to see if you can find any vulnerabilities in them and report them. , If you do decide to do something against the law in any country, I am not responsible for it. I do not claim responsibility for it as I have stated I am doing this for educational purposes. I do not advocate the use of this material for any sort of illegal purpose.