Everyone Deserves Love and Happiness, Even Enemies

There is nothing I have today that I would deny anyone else from having also. That is a spiritual thing to say that I would not look at someone else and say that they don’t deserve to have the love I have. If I do look at someone else to do that, I pray that I would have a more loving and understanding view.

There’s no one that doesn’t deserve to have what I have. I’m talking about peace, serenity, a positive, healthy attitude. When doesn’t this come into play? This comes into play when fear of other people pops up. For example, you see some people you don’t like and you start thinking negative things about them. You start thinking about things you’d like to do for them or things they should do for themselves. You think about places they should go or things they should be doing right now.

The other day I saw a guy that met some of the expectations in the past I have had as homeless and scary person. The thought that helped me feel closer to him was that there’s nothing I would deny him that I have. For example, a home that’s peaceful that’s air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. I wouldn’t deny him that. I wouldn’t say that he shouldn’t have a home and he deserves to be homeless. I think it’d be great that he had a home if he wanted one. I wouldn’t deny him a loving wife or husband if that’s what he wanted. I wouldn’t deny him a loving family. I wouldn’t deny him enough food to eat. I wouldn’t deny him enough food for the day. I wouldn’t deny him happiness or love or peace. There’s nothing I would do to deny him any of the things that I have.

Thinking that especially helps me to have a good attitude in that situation. When another driver does something I don’t like. I used to think that I wished that person would wreck their car, but now the same kind of energy comes up. This is a person just like me. If I have expectations for what that person should have, those ultimately come back on me. When you have enemies or people you don’t like, you work to deny them things like love, a peaceful life, enough money, or having a roof over their head.

When you work to do things like that you end up doing them to yourself, too. It can come in a similar form such as you trying to take someone else’s house and someone comes and takes your house. It can come in a different form, such as you try to get someone put in prison and then you feel like you’re in prison. I did that al lot in my life. I tried to deny people things. I tried to take from other people. I felt like other people didn’t deserve what they had as if I should be the only one with happiness. I felt like everyone else should have nothing

It’s amazing to see the power of having a loving thought in the face of people you don’t like. You must remember deep down that you wouldn’t deny them anything that you have. If they don’t have it, that’s up to them and the creator of the universe. It’s not up to you to try and manage the life they have, either.

For example, the guy that was homeless was in a place he was told not to go. He has been trespassing and had been arrested there before. It’s a place I go every day and all I needed to do was not cause a problem and not give him a hard time. That’s what I did. If he was violent and denying other people of things, then that’s of good and service to other people. That’s the reason I do things, the motivation tends to produce the outcome. If I work not to deny anyone else anything and I work to be of service to other people then I end up having more. That’s the cool thing.

This came to me through pain and suffering. I was laying in bed one night and there was this guy I see. I go to my support group. It’s AA and it’s for drinking. This guy had been coming in drunk lots of times and I just had this dislike for him and this “get away from me” attitude. I thought he shouldn’t be at AA, he shouldn’t be allowed to come here. He should try to be better before he comes here. I had a negative attitude towards him and I asked why do I have this attitude towards this guy and he’s never done anything to me.

Finally I could see it’s because I’m scared of him. I’m scared that somehow he’s going to get me sick as if it was the flu or something was going to get me sick. I felt like he could come in drunk and I would catch my own drunk because he was drunk. Once I saw that, I saw how ridiculous it was. My getting drunk or sick or any form you want to take it rarely has anything to do with another human being. If I’m taking good care of my body, it will be resisted even if I’m around other people with it. Someone else doing a behavior has nothing to do with me. Once I could see that, then I could see the real problem.

The real problem was deep down I thought he didn’t deserve the things I had. He didn’t deserve a loving home. He didn’t deserve motivation to get sober. He didn’t deserve a place he could live so he couldn’t be homeless. Once I could see that, it brought me to tears to see the way I was acting and thinking vs. the way I wanted to. I wanted to be loving and understanding and I couldn’t see the problem then that thought came to me. Doesn’t he deserve everything you have? Would you deny him any of these things you are so thankful to have?

It was a strong, direct thought. Would you deny him the love you have in your life? No, I would not. If that’s the case, what’s the problem with him? There is no problem with him. I love him the same as I love everyone else and I hope for the best for him just as I do everyone else. There’s no need or reason for me to be afraid of him anymore.

Would you deny anyone else any of the things you are grateful for? The answer is no. In that sense there’s nothing to be afraid of because that fear is based in the idea that someone could take something from me. They don’t have it, therefore they don’t deserve to have it. Therefore, they couldn’t find it for themselves. You have to look within yourself to get that peace, happiness, and motivation. Then the things will come or you will see them in the outside world. Once you’ve looked within and found it within you will see it mirrored to you in the outside world.

If you find love and understanding within yourself, people  will be more loving and understanding towards you. It’s amazing to see how that happens. I’m thankful for this thought today. I’ve shared it with you so you can pick this lesson out in your life as it comes along.

I pray today to remember that there’s nothing I have that I would deny anyone else from having. I pray to remember that my love for other people is based on the idea that I have everything within. I would not  afraid of anyone else who could not go in and find all the inner beauty and love they have in their own life. I would not distance myself from another suffering person out of fear that I might become more like them. I would be open and loving so they could become more like me. I pray that you’ve received  this message as I’ve received it and felt it myself when I was suffering . Thank you for experiencing this with me and I hope you have a great day.