Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial to Maximize Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

You are about to experience an awesome review and setup tutorial of Ezoic, which is intended to help you earn more as a publisher through Google AdSense and more advertising revenue!

Executive Summary!

  • Ezoic makes integrating AdSense and speeding up a website (essential for SEO) a lot easier.
  • Ezoic earns money by taking a percentage of ad revenue which is worth it with the boost in earnings!
  • You can sign up today and help me earn 3% (from the Ezoic percentage) using my link at http://ezoic.com?tap_a=6182-5778c2&tap_s=596881-e980ff
  • If you have your own products or services on your website as I have with WooCommerce at jerrybanfield.com/shop/ you might want to limit your use of Ezoic to the site speed accelerator option and avoid Google AdSense or other display ads because having ads may distract viewers from your products and services.

Complete Ezoic Signup and Installation Tutorial!

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Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

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Why did I do this review video about Ezoic’s setup?

On my website, Jerrybanfield.com I’ve got thousands of visitors every day. These visitors currently are not making any money for me unless they’re clicking on affiliate links.

I’ve not had any ads on my website, because when I first set up ads, the earnings on it were so low, I figured why it bothered why even fooling around with putting ads it was only earning like $1 a day.

I thought I might as well just have a clean user experience and not have ads.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

As my web traffic is growing, I have thousands of people coming to my website every day off of the 900 or so blog posts I have on my blog.

Now I’ve been thinking. Well, how do I do advertising on my website?

Fortunately, I just got a direct sales email from an Ezoic representative that allows me to setup and get started with Ezoic, which you can go sign up for today.

Ezoic allows me to immediately go from having no ads on my website to one of the best advertising platforms that seems to be out there for publishers to help get the most AdSense revenue from the best user experience on my website.

The basic way Ezoic works is this.

What I did as a publisher, I just sent my name servers meaning I edited the name servers with my domain hosting, told them to go to Ezoic and setup those nameservers there.

Ezoic setup is really simple, they pull from my website and lays out the content into the ads in a way that is matched for the specific user, the user’s location, the user type of device, the Users page, on my website, the users expected browsing behavior.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

Ezoic then tests all of these different combinations to find me whatever my goal is. Either the best user experience, maximum ad revenue or some combination of that.

What’s awesome about the Ezoic platform setup is instead of going to my website and putting ads that don’t look good and show up on different devices. For example, I had tried a direct sidebar ad that no one bought, and I had an awkward footer too down here at the bottom that also no one used.

With Ezoic what I’m able to do is just drag potential ad placements into my website.

Ezoic will test those out with its machine learning algorithms among all the different possible placements. The more visitors that come through my website, the more optimized the ad experience is for each individual user based on location, device and page on my website.

This way, I get the best possible ad placements based on the user’s unique environment instead of generically throwing AdSense ads all over my website.

This is why I’ve decided to start giving this Ezoic’ setup a shot. Because I am now at the projected earnings, it looks like I can earn hundreds of dollars a month immediately just by putting this on my website and beyond my way of earning thousands of dollars a month in ad revenue

Ezoic helps me increase my user experience by testing different layouts, and then matching the ads based on those layouts and devices.

I’ve given you a basic look at what it does and let’s take a look at a few other specific things. I’ll give you a detailed tutorial of what it takes to set this up. Because this is the kind of information when I’m researching stuff, I’d like to know.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

If you want to look at the pricing, the pricing is pretty straightforward and there is an affiliate program, I trust, if you want to sign up, you will use my link because you want to help me to earn 3% up through Ezoic.

To my knowledge, it won’t take them away from youa nd I’ll just give me a percentage of the earnings. I imagine it comes out of Ezoic’s percentage

This will help me to continue to make more videos like this for you.

Let’s take a look at how much does it cost.

You can have this setup for free, there’s just an Ezoic ad unit at the bottom of the page that looks like a really good deal.

My intention is to use the professional plan with no ads at the bottom of the page. It’s per amount of ad revenue, the minimum is $49 a month, if you use it without Ezoic’s own ad at the bottom of the page.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

Therefore, I will be able to earn up to $1,000 a month and it only cost me $49 a month to have this on there.

… and then all the ads are mine and I get access to all the apps

However, you can use it totally for free and then he so it just earns based on having his own ad unit at the bottom of the page. It all starts out with a 30 day no obligation free trial as well.

So if you’re an enterprise, if you’ve got a massive website, you want custom integration, then there’s the enterprise option.

If you’ve got the pricing down, then you might want to wonder, well, who is this for?

What’s really nice also is Ezoic has it setup to give very insightful what they call big data analytics to give you detailed information on what pages people are visiting, how long they’re on those pages, similar to Google Analytics, and even the ability to put a GDPR consent app like notice customized based on where users are.

For example, I don’t want to show those two people are in the US. It’s not required, why bother with it and I do want to show them where it is required.

You can also look at the “about” page if you want to get to know the company. It’s got the name of the founder here and a little bit of a story.

Google’s certified publishing partner means Google has certified that Ezoic is a partner that can help you maximize your AdSense earnings and work with you. That’s the real short version of it.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

I think I’ve given you a good look. At the basics, Ezoic also has some helpful blog articles to help you with the setup and I found a couple of them by googling specific questions.

Once you’re sold on giving this a shot as it’s taken me about a month or so to think about rather, I want this on my website.

The main thing slowing me down from wanting to use this is wondering what exactly am I going to need to do to go through and set all this up.

What I will do now is show you the actual steps you need to take to get this up on your website and what it looks like inside the account.

When you’re ready to sign up, I hope you’ll use my link which will help me earn probably out of Ezoic’s percentage, a little bit of the ad revenue you get each month and then you’ll feel great using my link fro yout setup.

Once you sign up using my link, we will go through and I’ll show you all of the pages what it looks like the key steps to get started, I have links in the description of the video to anything I recommend you read also.

I imagine that you want to set aside an hour or two at least, when you’ve got a clear day and you can do this.

I understand there may be some mental resistance, as for me it has obviously taken weeks of me thinking about this and putting this off until I go ahead and do it today.

The key thing if you think about the hours per dollar you can earn even if like I was four years ago, you’re thinking well, this isn’t worth my time, it’s only going to earn $1 a couple dollars a day based on my web traffic.

I’m only earning $30 a month or $50 a month from AdSense, why bother with this?

If you look at your dollars per hour, in the amount of time. This takes, let’s say even it takes five hours to set up. That to me seems a little pessimistic. But let’s say it takes five hours to set up. And to get it all working.

In those five hours. Let’s say your ad revenue according to the data I’ve seen goes up to maybe 50% plus your user experience goes up which brings more traffic, which brings a bit more ad revenue, let’s just say 50%.

Let’s say that’s extra pessimistically, maybe $20 a month for you, and that’s $20 a month all year, you’re looking at the time you spend getting that extra $20 a month worth several hundred dollars over the course of the year.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

However, if you consider that your users are having a better experience potentially ranking higher in SEO as I’ve seen some write ups about this from all the user testing and the formatting. This might be worth much more even if you don’t have much web traffic than a few hundred.

For me, what I’m looking at is me taking an even pessimistically five hours to set this up might be worth at least $5.000 over the next year.

So I’m essentially earning about $1,000 an hour to get this setup for the time I’m spending on it.

This gives me the ability to truly earn passive income, where I don’t have to do anything except just keep making more videos to keep bringing my website traffic up.

Therefore, when you think about the dollars per hour, your potential earning over the long term, this is a very valuable use of time, which is why I dropped everything else I could be doing today to get this done and I’m making a tutorial to help you have the same ability to optimize and increase the earnings on your website.

You might think well, you could get 3% maybe according to my data only about 20% of the time or less do I get anything.

What I know if I help you make more money, it all works out really good for me. Therefore, let’s do this.

After you’ve signed up, maybe using my link, you will look and see your dashboard.

This is a dashboard, you will see their key thing to start off with is integrating your site, you’ll also see a warning that says no payment address, there are several different payment methods available. We’ll look at that in a little bit.

The first thing to do is integrate your site and this can take a while if you do it the way I’m doing it however, the way I’m doing it is the recommended installation. There are other ways you can do it, but I’m using the recommended installation.

Therefore, click on “Integrate Your Site” to start with as the first key thing to do after you’ve signed up. Then you’ll see three different site integration options.

There’s one for name servers, one for code snippet and one for WordPress plugin.
Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

It says the WordPress plugin is the easiest option. However, I’ve learned the hard way and a lot of things don’t always just use the easiest option. If there’s a recommended option, go with that

I do not recommend using the code snippet. I am using the name server integration.

Now this appears to take a few hours to actually change over. But there’s very key things here on this
  • Your site runs faster.

Ezoic wants you to make the most of your income as a publisher and has this set up to test different layouts, meaning being able to move your content and move your ads around.

Therefore, when you’ve got the name server integration, this is able to help your entire site run faster.

  • There’s a free content delivery network provided which can help reduce the bandwidth you’re using. Again, help your site load faster.
  • It says this option makes more money
  • It takes less than a minute to set up and
  • you can switch it on and off at any time.
Ezoic Setup site integration

Ezoic setup was very easy. However, it does take a few hours once you set it up for it to fully switch over.

Therefore I recommend doing the name servers as I’m showing you. I considered the WordPress plugin and I decided after reading this, just use the name servers.

Therefore you click on “View Instructions” and the next thing you’ll see is something like this:

I’ll say the name servers for Jerry Banfield,.com.

I originally had my name servers on GoDaddy and they were under this ns38.domaincontrol.com What I did was I went into my GoDaddy hosting, went into DNS in my domain, went to name servers and copied and pasted both of these nameservers in.

Basically the name servers direct everything else after that GoDaddy, when someone is typing in and we’ll go to these name servers which have my website IP listed as to where to send it.

Once you change these, you will see the option to click on “Manage My DNS records”.

What Ezoic, it pulls all the existing DNS records you have and keeps them directed there, which is important to know up front.

Because if you just change your name servers without having something like this setup, you can mess everything up on your website. So changing the name servers is a big step.

Ezoic has this setup and you can verify your DNS records when you change your name servers. That Ezoic has everything ready to transfer over to it.

Essentially mirrors whatever you have set up before with now the ability for Ezoic to do everything it needs to do between your website and the user.

I set these up and it’s about an hour after I set these up, and it still has not confirmed I’m integrated and that appears to be normal.

I intend to film another one of these tutorials to go and show you once everything’s fully set up and operational. But this is already looking to be 30 minutes long. And therefore, this is enough for one tutorial.

Once you’ve got those set up, the next thing to do is set up your payment.

There are several different payment methods. I’m choosing PayPal, because that’s one of the main ways I already get paid among all the different programs I’m a part of and it makes my tax reporting easy. Because the payments go directly to PayPal, technically, therefore PayPal sends the IRS and accumulation of all my payments instead of me getting a bunch of 1099 from a whole bunch of different providers.

Therefore I choose PayPal and minimum payments $20 then I get my payment somewhere every month.

Note that different methods are limited to different countries and can have different fees.

I put my Ezoic information in, my address and then I hit Save. The setup completes my payment method.

I suggested to do the name servers first because then what you can do is go through and do all the rest of this stuff to be prepared for one at all does switch over.

The next thing to get to know is the Settings tab.

The settings tab is where you can go through and get to work on each of these tasks that you’ll need to do to be fully operational.

You’ll need to link your AdSense account if you intend to use AdSense, which I highly suggest, you will want to use AdSense to monetize your site.

You’ll need to link an Adexchange as well, this will help you to get an ad inventory that’s not available on AdSense and to maximize earnings.

There’s also a “Webmaster tools authorization”, which can help with search terms and optimization. I linked that.

There’s also the ability to turn Ezoic ON or Off and a few other things that we’re not ready to setup yet.

What I did was I immediately went over to link AdSense and link Adexchange because each of these takes some time to get everything set up as well.

This one is the Google AdSense Certified Partner Program.

This is a new link your AdSense you’ll access an invitation that you’re confirming with Google that you’re allowing Ezoic to manage your AdSense account.

I clicked to accept the invitation, and then that says I just need to wait for that to be finished. I took the other step so I clicked on the link Ad Exchange and you’ll get an email like this from double click saying you’ve been invited to partner with Ezoic on Google Ad Manager.

I clicked on the registration, filled that out and got this.

As you can see, it can take a little while for approval. So I went and did these things immediately. To get all of this setup.

The next key thing to do after reading through the AdSense Terms and Conditions again, and looking at my adsense account, there’s now this new ads.txt document, which is right up here.

This helps Google according to the documentation, minimize fraud and have websites use the AdSense code without permission. This ads.txt document is kind of like a robots.txt document, which is telling the search engines what to do.

This ads.txt document is telling Google Ads what to do with this information.

Therefore, the ads.txt document, according to Google’s AdSense information, said this was strongly recommended, otherwise, that you may not maximize your ad revenues.

The next step I took was to go up into the app store the Ezoic App Store.

If you go back on top, click on App Store, then go over to ads.txt, I went in and installed the ads.txt app over here, and you can see what happened next when it said the app was successfully installed

Then because I have not run AdSense for years on my website, I have not updated this new ads.txt practice.

Therefore, I downloaded the installed app and this is all done within Ezoic it doesn’t download onto my website.

When I click on this link over here to sign up for an Ads.txt Manager on https://svc.adstxtmanager.com, I grab my account link and stick that in and this sets me up so that the Ads.txt file will be placed and updated on my website.

This verifies to Google and any other publishers that I am intentionally allowing these ads to be run on my website that there’s nothing fishy going on with my ads.

In order to get that what you do is you click on the link they supply here, you’ll see an option to create an account at the bottom, a live login by default, you click on “Create an Account”, then you put your site name and your info in here,

After that you will have this overview here: The ad txt manager with your website in the top left

  • When you click on Get Started, then what it gives you It gives you your account number.
  • If you go back here and put this in into the ads.txt manager account, I’d click on Plus account ID and you also need to authorize Ezoic here.

When you go over to get started it will have different publishers to authorize you authorize the Ezoic on your account, go back over here and put that in “Add Ads.txt Manager Account ID” and then you’ll be ready to have your Ads.txt file automatically added to your website if you haven’t done it already and you’ll be fully set up with that.

The next thing to do is if you want to refer to anybody, just join the referral program, it gives you a username, which is the email you use and a different password when you hover over it, it will give you a different password to use,

If you are interested in inviting anyone else to share. As you can see, you get 3% of the new publishers earnings for as long as they use these, which could make this an absolutely outstanding passive income system for you to set up which certainly was part of my motivation to get this out there.

Although I didn’t know if there was an affiliate program or not prior to signing up, I can see since there is one certainly a good idea.

After you’ve set all of the rest of this up, then the next thing to do is get prepared to put different ad placements on your website.

Once you’ve gone through your Ads.txt file, you’ve got to register with each of these other networks. Now you’re ready to be prepared to place ads holders on your website and placeholders.

The way Ezoic works is you put potential place ads could show and Ezoic handles the work of figuring out which ad should show where, to which user on which device, in which location.

Therefore you cannot put tons of place hold on your ads, Ezoic recommends between 5 – 10 placeholders and then Ezoic will figure out which of those to use best and therefore how to earn the most money and give your users the best experience.

I did this after I said everything else up. However, as I found out by watching a YouTube video by Ezoic you can’t place the ads and test them until your name servers are fully switched over and all the caching has gone through.

Therefore, you can get set up and learn how to do all this now. But you might need to wait as I’m waiting to finish setting all this up and I’ll do a separate video on that which will probably be linked in the description.

What you do for step one is take a look and see if you have existing AdSense slots on your website.

I recommend just take out any existing ads, I have two direct ads on my website.

A direct ad is where I have the “your ad here” banner, basically and then a link over to where you can buy it.

I’ve taken those out because I’ll just let Ezoic do all the work with all the ads on my website. There’s no reason for me to have my own ugly looking “your ad here” when Ezoic could ease though.

Therefore, why would I want to do it when I could have publishers immediately on my website and have Ezoic, if I want to sell direct ad inventory. There’s a build-in integration to do that.

See if you have any existing ads on your website and decide what to do about it.

Ezoic provides instructions for placeholders on your website to wrap up your existing ads with Ezoic placeholders. However, I just recommend for simplicity, just take out your existing ads and let Ezoic completely handle all the ad placements and don’t even bother with trying to set these up.

I took off all existing ads on my website, I don’t need to wrap any existing ads. However, if you do want to wrap your ads, if you do want to leave existing ads, then you need to wrap them.

If you notice, if you It says that if you fail to wrap your ads, they will show up on both the original on the test layouts, which could violate AdSense policy therefore, simple solution, just take off your existing ads.

Next thing after you go through that it will show you this panel where you can put display ad placeholders and all other different placeholders.

These are potential spots where ads could show up.

What I would recommend is to have the Ezoic Chrome extension setup. It says it makes it easy to preview all of your ad placeholders. That’s what I did, I simply clicked on the Add to Chrome button and I went over here to the Chrome store I clicked on Add to Chrome. You’ll notice it says there’s 4000 users here right now on it.

You can put all these different placeholders here where ads can potentially show.

Now that we’ve got that setup, we are ready to integrate with these, like once the name servers have changed over we’re ready to place ads.

However, before we placing the ads, there’s three documents that we want to read through.

And make sure we’re doing this, right? Because if we just go crazy and throw ads on our website, wherever we want we are could potentially get violations of our adsense account and run into problems that we can look at and prevent beforehand and prevention is always ideal.

The three links to look at are:
  • First there’s a view of Getting Started instructions, I’ll go over that page.
  • There’s a wide best practice guide.
  • There are also AdSense terms and conditions.

Therefore, we want to look over all of these different websites.

First, the Ad placement policies on AdSense

If you want to go through this page, make sure you’ve assimilated the information on it. For example, you don’t want to encourage accidental clicks, draw unnatural attention to ads, any of these on here and some of these are not exactly immediately intuitive.

If you want to read through it and you can always ask Ezoic any setup related questions about, for example, I have a scheduling page that I use on Jerry banfield.com – and this is a function of reading through this – if you click on my contact page, you’ll see I’ve got an embedded This is an iframe. It’s code from a different website.

Therefore, this is not on my website. This is an embedded a framed website from my scheduling calendar. So when I read this last thing down here on the I read all the way to the end it says -displaying a third party site on your page- when a site displays someone else’s site within a frame or window, which that’s what this is.

This is on a different site within a frame or window, this is against those that are framing content, placing Google ads on such pages strictly prohibited. So what I need to know is, does that mean I can’t have a header ad that goes on all pages of my website? Because I have a framed page right here? Or does that mean I can’t have an ad on the framed page?

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

What exactly does that mean if I’ve got a header and a footer out and on every page? Is it because I’m framing one part of my website? Or does it mean I can’t have an ad or proximity to it? I don’t know.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

Fortunately, so Eric from Ezoic, I imagine, can help me with the setup placement and if you recommend something like โ€”Oh, just exclude that page. Or, if you’ve got a header ad on that page, it’s not a big dealโ€” or whatnot.

This is what’s nice about having a Certified Partner to help you as a publisher with things that you might accidentally get in trouble with yourself.

Obviously, there’s lots of things you can’t do with ads, you may have seen other websites doing them. But those websites may have got suspended. Since you saw them as well.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue
For example, you can’t have something that says click here, right below and add unnatural attention, I recommend checking all the bad examples. So you’ll know what not to do.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue
Some of these are not exactly logical. For example, you can’t have an ad below your menu, because someone could try and click on your menu and accidentally click on the ads.

Does that mean for example, on my website, where do I need to put the header ads so that it’s not in violation of any of the Google policies?

I’ve really taken a good look at these AdSense policies, I’ve come across a lot of people online about their Adsense account being suspended. And as a guy that’s been an entrepreneur online for eight years, I understand it’s easy to do something that you didn’t mean to cause trouble, you weren’t trying to scam or mess with the system and then you got your account suspended somehow, therefore read these policies, and you’ll know what not to do.

The next thing to complete this setup is the “Ezoic Ad Tester – Getting Started Guide”

This explains that the main thing you’re doing with Ezoic is getting these ads in potential spots on your website.

I read through this guide as well, you need to “In order for the User Ad Tester, your website must be fully integrated with Ezoic”, which means the name server change setup needs to have taken effect. And then you need to apply for Google’s Ad Exchange.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

It also says, “Once you’ve integrated your site, you’ll be able to fill out the application for Google’s Ad Exchange”, I already did that ahead of time.

Then it you can set up your ad testing, we talked about wrapping up your ads, I’m using the Chrome extension to place the ads. Note that you have to have your integration successfully done before you can do that and setup, Ezoic puts the same thing I just mentioned and make sure that you have your ads compliant with AdSense.

They specifically say:
  • No ads under pictures that mimic a slideshow.
  • No ads are too close to the next buttons or menu items,
  • No ads that look like content or large ads on the first screen of mobile devices.
Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue
Make sure you put these placeholders in spots that are compliant and ask questions.

One important thing to note while completing Ezoic’s setup – the number of people that need to visit your website to get your tests running.

What Ezoic does is test out all these different combinations of placeholders and sizes of ads and user devices. Consider that the more of these placeholders, the more people are going to need to come to your website.

Therefore, if you have like me, I’ve got 1000 visitors a day. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for me to put more than 10 or 15 placeholders at this point on my website, because as you can see the the amount of combinations required to test these balloons very rapidly as I put more and more placeholders.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

There’s no point in me saying putting 50 or 70 placeholders on a website because you need billions of page views to really test all those. And at this point, I have about 1.000 to 2.000 page views a day on my website.

That means that at this rate it will take months just to test 10 different placeholders, let alone 15, or 20. Therefore, there’s no reason to really go insane with the placeholders. It says that it assumes three possible ad sizes for each placeholder, therefore, you get three sizes for each one. Thus, you probably don’t need to put more than 10 or so on a page.

The final thing to look at to complete this setup is the “Ezoic Ad Tester – Best Practice Guide”.

This shows you what it’s worth doing essentially.

“Understand where users spend time on your website”

If you’ve got more than likely, you’ve got pages on your website that account for the majority of user traffic.

The number one page on my website, which is JerryBanfield.com/FreeCourses, I’ve got a long list that’s updated almost every single day that has free Udemy coupons on this list.

This is the number one page on my website, there’s 500 or so people that come to this one page every day, which is anywhere from a third to half of all the traffic on my website.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

This page is worth me putting some more time and effort potentially, into testing different ad units on it, maybe put a little more time and effort into placing ads on this specific page since it’s so popular.

Whereas on the majority of the pages on my website, I’ve got something like 1500 pages on my website, the majority of the pages don’t have that many people going to them. Therefore, they’re not worth doing individually.

“Use LOTS of Placeholders”

This says understanding where users spend time on your website, getting to know where those top pages are and Ezoic can also collect this for you. Says “most publishers see the best results with at least 15 placeholders per page.”

Now keep in mind, what was said before about the testing. So this is suggesting we put maybe 15 or so on there.

Now this, say most publishers, is probably an average of all the different amounts of visitors. On mine, probably about 15 placeholders should do just fine. Now that’s just on the top pages and on similar pages.

It also says that you can auto detect similar pages within the ad tester Chrome Extension here, which also suggests “use placeholders of every different position type and select multiple ad sizes” and “put placeholders above the fold”, but be careful with top of the page and under the page placeholders.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

It has a few more suggestions, and a good one for about everything in life – “Be Patient”

Understand, it can take a while to test and get some of the optimal layouts, especially the more placeholders you put in the lower amount of people visiting that particular page, it can take a while to test it.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue
“Deleting Placeholders”

Finally, it says don’t delete your placeholders either.

If you delete your placeholders, it says long story short, it can mess up the system because it already has. The idea is that placeholders that don’t work should automatically not be shown very often. Therefore, there’s no real need to delete them.

I think we’ve gone through this in a lot of detail today.

Make sure that once you’ve got it checked so that it’s integrated, you set up your ad testing, make sure that you’ve turned it on and then applied for Google’s Ad Exchange and you will be all set to I hope to earn at least 50% more on your website and ad revenue if not much more than that.

Ezoic Review Setup and Tutorial for Maximizing Google AdSense Publisher Revenue

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