Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Review — Results!

Would you like to see the Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator results I have on my website after installing it because you will definitely like it?

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Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Review — Results!

Once you’ve done your settings with Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator, then you’re in a position to test before and after.

Read the previous blog post where I show all the settings.

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Review — 100 Google PageSpeed Insights Scores on Mobile and Desktop?

I should have mentioned this, make sure before you put any new plugin or make any significant changes on your website, always back up your website beforehand. If you’ve got Kinsta like I do as a web host, it’s super easy, they create backups for me automatically and I can create one manually.

Thus, before I installed this plugin, I backed my website up and I did speed tests of my website before I put the plugin on and after I put the plugin on.

Now I’ll go through and show you how fast my website loaded before and after the plugin.

This is before with already me having probably spent 20, 30 or 40 hours at least trying to get my website to load faster. I worked my way up to a 95 page load time on the homepage.

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Review — 100 Google PageSpeed Insights Scores on Mobile and Desktop?

This is a key number Google looks at, the First Contentful Paint. That means when something worthwhile actually loads in, someone can see it.

That’s a simple version of it, I have 2.3 seconds on mobile and on desktop 0.6 seconds with a 100 page speed load time.

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Review — 100 Google PageSpeed Insights Scores on Mobile and Desktop?

On the surface, you might think there’s not much room for improvement here, actually the lower I can get that First Contentful Paint, that is one of the numbers Google pays attention to a lot.

Therefore, any amount we can reduce this will help because Google does page speed by an average of a Chrome user experience report.

This means while this speed test on mine might say 2.3 seconds on mobile and 0.6 seconds on desktop, it’s an average of everyone accessing my website.

Thus, anything that we can do to reduce these, it’s not all just about the score,

That is before the Ezoic page speed update on my homepage.

Then, I’ve got my top post, which is the Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020!

I’m grateful this is getting hundreds of clicks a day from Google, from people looking for ideas. It’s important when you’re speed testing to test both something like your homepage and most importantly to test the pages on your website that are actually getting the most traffic.

It doesn’t matter if your homepage, your contact page loads quickly, but the pages that are actually getting search traffic load slow, you want to make sure to test the pages that are actually getting people on them using something like Google Analytics to see where people are going.

This page has 95 on mobile with a 2.3 First Contentful Paint.

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Review — 100 Google PageSpeed Insights Scores on Mobile and Desktop?

This is 100 on desktop with 0.6 seconds.

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Review — 100 Google PageSpeed Insights Scores on Mobile and Desktop?

Let’s take a look after.

How much of a difference do you think this plugin made considering I already made a bunch of speed optimizations, already paid for other plugins, already subscribed for things like Critical CSS Power Up, Autoptimize and Perfmatters.

Let’s take a look: 100 on the homepage after putting the Ezoic Speed Accelerator and not just that, but look at that number 1.3 seconds.

It shaved off one whole second from the First Contentful Paint.

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Review — 100 Google PageSpeed Insights Scores on Mobile and Desktop?

That is massive.

That is a huge difference because if you look at the Chrome user experience, the average on my old website before this over the last 30 days was 3.6 seconds and this one plugin just shaved off a second on the mobile loading time, and therefore over the next 30 days, this means my website is on a path to get the average down a second, which will give me a huge boost in Google for how fast my website is.

Thus, while the score itself only went from a 95 to 100 when you take a second off the First Contentful Paint and apply that to all the users that are on my website, I’m looking at having a lot more search traffic coming in.

On desktop, it took off 0.2 seconds, which considering those 0.6 seconds, it took off about a third of the page loading time, which again when I’m looking at having the First Contentful Paint down, anything at all is good for higher ranking and search results, and I’ve taken all these screenshots and did the plugin.

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Review — 100 Google PageSpeed Insights Scores on Mobile and Desktop?

My numbers in the user report are quickly starting to skew towards green instead of like on this one, skewed towards yellow and red and that is a huge difference, especially if you don’t have to apply as many of the plugins as I already did and you can get straight here.

That’s really nice.

On this post, this one got a 99 page speed score, the First Contentful Paint is down almost a second as well, which is again, really important for getting the fastest user experience and most Google search clicks.

Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Review — 100 Google PageSpeed Insights Scores on Mobile and Desktop?

Thus, my top post is now significantly faster on both mobile and desktop.

That leaves me with the verdict.

This is a very good plugin to use for speeding up websites, especially because it looks like you could get these results without using several of those other plugins I’m using. I spent enough time testing this beforehand.

I didn’t test that out, but I think you could skip straight to these results without having to use several of the other plugins I’m using because this plugin has several of the same features as the other plugins.

Use it!

Thus, I highly recommend, this is a very good way to speed up your website.

This is a plugin I was looking for, why didn’t someone just have one plugin that really speeds everything up well?

This is at the cutting edge of that.

I am giving you a summary here of the tips to get started.

Again, create a backup before adding any new plugin or making any changes to your website because one time I added a different plugin or updated a plugin on my website and it broke the whole thing and I had a backup right before that. No big deal.

Always be on top of the backups and always on changes, have a good backup in place before doing anything.

Getting started

Then, especially on any page speed plugin and on this one as well, check for any differences in your website and how things are loading.

Makes sure the cart page, the checkout page, the product pages, top posts on your website, make sure any of those key pages and high traffic pages are looking and loading the same, and if there’s anything different or unexpected, you can test some of the settings and you can email the Ezoic team for help.

They were very responsive on my checkout page. I was having an issue with Stripe. They fixed that within 48 hours, which was very impressive.

You also want to look on different browsers and other devices, and sometimes you might need to give this a little bit for the changes to take effect.

It’s usually instant, but check it on other browsers and devices. For example, if you’re using Chrome, check it on Safari if you can, if you’re using Firefox, check it on Chrome, if you’re using desktop, check it on mobile, check it on your laptop, make sure your website looks good on all different devices, and that’s just general practice, you ought to be doing that already.

Thus, I’m very grateful for Ezoic to sponsor this.

I’m so grateful to have a sponsorship for this video on something that was so helpful and that I already needed anyway.

If you’d like to continue learning with me on this, it is a part of my complete WordPress course going through and showing all the plugins, all the setup on my WordPress website at Jerrybanfield.com.

Thank you

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Thank you very much for watching this entire video or reading as a blog post.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.